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Leaving the GOP

I have been on a number of sites recently that have large numbers of Cruz fans there.

One theme keeps running through the narrative; Now that Trump is in they are leaving the GOP. I understand their disdain for Donald but I do have something that I would like to ask them.

Why choose now to leave? Because the GOP was just a-Okay up until Trump?

So you were good when Bush senior passed new gun control legislation ,signed us up for globalization and “The new world order” then drove us into a recession that ended his career?

Or maybe it was great under Bush the Junior. He gave us medicare part D, no child left behind and after swearing that we would not be nation building, embroiled us in 2 decades long wars that cost thousands of American lives.

Under the Bush tenure we were also given DHS, TSA, warrantless wire taps and most favored nation status for China.

During the GWB administration the size of our national debt and federal government doubled. Yeah! Good times!

So now ,i f we flash forward to 2010 we can see how much better the party is by then. 2010 gave us the takeover of the congress by the TEA party; A majority that was squandered by the party leaders. It was not only squandered but TEA party members were actually penalized by the party regulars for trying to reign in Obama’s out of control administration. They were removed from, or denied places on committees and given no power positions whatsoever

This continued into 2012 when the majority in the senate was regained. Now fully controlling both houses, the Republicans led by Mitch “The turtle” McConnel  and the illustrious John “Yellow stain” Boehner, sold out their constituents and handed every single thing to the Obama administration that it wanted.

They funded Obamacare, They funded legislation for naturalizing illegals, they funded legislation that stopped deportation and did nothing at all to stop the tide of executive actions flooding out of the white house.

And then under Paul Ryan they sold out on the budget to the tune of 1.1 trillion dollars allowing the administration to fund whatever it wanted.

The Republicans during this time also gave us the super committee, the Corker bill and that most onerous legislation of all; The NDAA 2012 which has provisions for the indefinite military detention of American citizens

And now the Cruz voters are telling me ” That’s it, I’m leaving the party”


Now you think the party has gone to hell?




A lot of Ted Cruz fans are going to be crying in their Cheerios this morning

But for better or for worse the Trump train is rolling

I would call this a punitive action by the GOP voters for the betrayals of past elections

I think the Ryan budget was the final straw for many

If the GOP wants to survive as a party it had better take heed

Hey Reince how is that “You can just go sit down”  Thing working for you?

Head of Co. GOP in hiding after deaths threats



Yep, they have gone and done it

Many of us already knew that the candidates were pre-chosen and the vote rigged

But now the mask is off and the whole country gets to see what’s going on

They are so afraid that a candidate who won’t play ball with the NWO is going to get in that they are in full blown panic

“It’s our party and we choose the candidate”

Wow, they really threw back the curtain there and exposed the great Oz for who he is

Both sides have made it clear that have no care whatsoever about the will of the voters

What they didn’t realize is what a downright surly mood most of our nation is in

They in their ivory towers have been insulated from this economy and have not been through what a lot of the country has

They have also misjudged how pissed off people really are at being lied to when they elect a so called representative to government

Now even the guise to representation is gone

I think this firmly puts us into the second stage or revolution


Reince Priebus:By the way, this is a nomination for the Republican Party, If you don’t like the party, then sit down


“Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus cautioned supporters of Donald Trump who vocally disapprove of the GOP’s delegate allocation and selection process.

“By the way, this is a nomination for the Republican Party,” Priebus told 620 WTMJ in Wisconsin. “If you don’t like the party, then sit down. The party is choosing a nominee.”

Priebus said he does not think Trump will run as a third-party candidate, and added that he expects all remaining Republican candidates to support the party’s nominee.”

“Asked by radio host Charlie Sykes whether the nominating rules would change from those set at the previous convention, Priebus sounded disgruntled.

“Well that was the last convention,” Priebus replied. “The rules that people are talking about were the rules adopted by the Romney delegates in 2012. So I find it amazing that people would like to adopt the Romney rules to apply to the convention, which will largely be made up of Cruz and Trump delegates. Now, I don’t think major changes are going to take place, but I don’t get to write the rules.”


All right let me start by slipping a joke in

Rinse Penis what you do when you feel the Bern.

Anyway old Rinse is talking tough today

I don’t think he has any idea how disenfranchised and pissed of conservatives really are

They have been screwed the final time for free

Donald Trump is a political grudge fuck

And if they put someone else in, say Paul Ryan, a lot of them will defect

There is even talk about voting Bernie Sanders if Trump doesn’t run

Go Bernie!

I want some free shit too……..


The dark side VS. the GOP


GOP is going to learn that selling out the base is no longer for free

Just like JEB said “We don’t need the base to win”

How do you like us now JEB

Sit back and watch the disaster

MMMM!! Popcorn

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

It is hilarious watching the media and the GOP go into full blown panic as the reality of Donald Trump sets in

Yes, you are going to have a man who rivals any WWE wrestler for boorish lunacy

Yes, Marco Rubio did say, in not so many words, that he is a better candidate because he has a bigger dick

Black men dressed up as Klansman at Trump rallies

The NYT, who is majority owned by a Mexican national, leaking off the record stories

A full blown frenzy about not disavowing David Duke

Senators coming out and saying they won’t vote for him if he is the candidate

Talk of Trump causing a nuclear war, just by being Trump

A brokered convention……..

Man , I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with an election

Being outside of the political process and not giving a crap really is a lot less stressful


Happy Monday

This is a response to an Email that I got from an organization pushing the republican party
It’s Monday
I am hung over because I was medicating with Vodka after getting hit by a 16 Ft. 2″x6″ yesterday
I am an asshole
Happy Monday

Steve, I am a former political activist who has given up on the system. I am hard core 3% and believe that the system is so far gone that voting no longer matters. The republicans are no better than the Democrats and they are content as long as they are co-rulers.
The Republicans are doing nothing more than slow walking us to the Democratic end game. A Republican majority in both of the houses has done absolutely nothing but further the agenda of the Obama administration.
At this point, to put it bluntly and frankly, the Republican party can go fuck itself.
The party itself has now become an enemy of liberty, freedom and the American way of life
We now exist in a de-facto police state that is only going to get worse as time goes on.
My last vote, which I did very begrudgingly, was for Romney
It is, as I stated, my last vote
The political process is so broken that no choices remain
Never again will I vote for the lesser of two evils because evil is still evil no matter what
All the Republican party is doing is slow walking our republic to the gallows instead of the Democratic fast walk
It no longer matters who wins
Our freedoms are gone
Our independence is gone
Our way of life is soon to end
Being an American no longer has a meaning
Go ahead and vote
It won’t count anyway
Best regards and happy Monday, Jay

The dead elephant party

Compliments WRSA