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Going to be a short weekend

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Yuletide greetings!

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The reports of Swift’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Over the weekend news and video surfaced that the former HSV Swift, which had been leased to MSC for 10 years from 2003-2013 and is currently owned by Emirates-based UAE Marine Dredging Company but was chartered by the United Arab Emirates military for coastal transport, was sunk after a missile attack by Houthis rebels. Well, […]

via The reports of Swift’s death have been greatly exaggerated — laststandonzombieisland

Too damn funny


I couldn’t pass it up

I lifted it from Wirecutter over at knuckledraggin


There is something simplistically funny in it’s use of irony

I had to add a humor category to post it in

I guess I am getting soft

Just because I am not going to start Monday on a foul note.

From Walter Zoomie- My neighbors and I enjoy overlapping fields of fire… and kitties

If you don’t know who Walter Zoomie is you should check him out at http://walterzoomiesworld.blogspot.com/      In addition to III kitty, if you find any cool III % or patriot digi art on the web it will invariably be Walter’s. I finally had to post his III kitty because I chuckled every time I saw it. It seems that he is embarking on a series that features III kitty as the centerpiece.