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And it’s …….


And not a day too soon





It’s Friday and now I am feeling it



Almost Friday


Friday and not a day to soon


Long week

There is nothing more cruel than waking up on Tuesday

And thinking it is Friday

Lighten up it’s Friday


For once I heed my own advice


Friday, and not a day too soon


Things I shouldn’t know

Possums not only smell nice, but if they really like you, they will put your hand in their pouch and groom you

Cold raccoon hands on your butt are creepy

A rattlesnake will bite the hand that feeds it

Flying squirrels in your bedroom are hard to catch, but cute as hell

Deep down inside, a wild rabbit will always think you want to eat it

What it feels like to bounce off the ceiling when a house explodes because of a gas leak

It is frightening when a squirrel goes into your mouth after peanuts and they are already gone

When you get hit by lightning it sounds like rock and roll

Lightning will strike twice

You must feed a baby rabbit “Special poop” from an adult for it to survive

When you jump from a third floor roof, your legs will go numb….Until the pain hits

It is really bad if a rattlesnake wraps around your steering column while driving

You can walk almost half a mile with a broken hip and pelvis

What pee tastes like

The sound your neck makes when it breaks

You can catch a water moccasin 3 times by the neck before he catches on  and bites you

A woman will make you carry her through a mud puddle, even after you have been bitten by a water moccasin  through an act of your own stupidity