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To serve: Fox lake cop tried to hire hit man to kill mayor

“Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz sent text messages to an unnamed woman asking her to help find a motorcycle gang member to kill Anne Marrin, the village manager who was auditing the Fox Lake Police Explorers unit, police said. Investigators later found Gliniewicz embezzled some $50,000 from the youth training club over a period of seven years to pay for travel, gym memberships and adult websites.

Gliniewicz also mentioned the possibility of planting something on Marrin, police said. Packets of cocaine were found in his desk, but it is unclear if they were to be used on Marrin.

“It’s very unsettling. My concern is my family. It’s quite unbelievable and almost surreal,” Marrin said. “It’s a very scary thought that an officer sworn to uphold the law would even think to do that to an administrator.”


Yeah, I caught all kinds of flak on the news sites when this guy bought it

I was accused of being a leftist, an occutard, an anarchist and worse

I actually had one cop sucker wish the death of my family while I frantically called for police who would never come


Because I thought people were a little out of hand saying that whoever shot this hero should be summarily executed

Shot down like dogs, hung from the nearest tree

Who needs a trial, just kill them where you find them

And this from people who purport to be on the same side as I am

They would not even look at the fact the Fox lake police chief resigned while under investigation along with another just days before

They felt re-assured by the overwhelming local and federal police response

See? This is what happens when a cop is gunned down

One of those heroes who puts his life on the line every day

We must keep them safe

Except for the fact that all during that response they already knew that he was under investigation

So, to all you cop suckers out there who will never see the truth because you are so busy defending someone just because they put on a uniform


Happy Friday everyone