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Ford’s new car won’t allow you to speed

“Much as we’d like to emulate our NASCAR heroes, breaking the speed limit often comes at a price. Ford is hoping to prevent accidents and speeding tickets by introducing cars that can see what the speed limit is and preventing heavy-footed motorists from driving any faster. Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter tech will first appear on the new Ford S-Max that’s launching in Europe that could just change the way that we drive.

A camera mounted on the windshield scans the road signs on the sides of the highway and, when the vehicle enters a 20mph zone, the system reduces the top speed to match. Rather than controlling the speed with automatic braking, the car limits its own velocity by adjusting the amount of fuel being pushed to the engine.”


Of course it will be tested in Europe. Everything is better in Europe didn’t you know?

One more reason not to buy from Ford and support the Commie UAW.

But as a side note, I wonder what a little nitrous injection would do for that?

Ford using GPS to track customers

Mike Dana ,Fierce wireless

Ford has come under fire over concerns the company and other auto makers are tracking motorists’ movements via GPS data derived from their automobiles, a situation that has pushed one lawmaker to ask Ford to disclose exactly what GPS data it obtains from its cars and what it does with that information.

The situation stems from a GAO report that found auto makers including Ford don’t effectively disclose what location data they collect and exactly what they do with that data. It was exacerbated by statements a Ford executive made to Business Insider last week that “We know everyone who breaks the law. We know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.”

Another reason to buy American made foreign cars. I personally will not donate another single dime to the Communist UAW.  I do currently own a Ford though and a GPS blocker that stays plugged into my lighter socket. I have looked numerous times for the offending device without any luck. If I can ever find it I am going to make some modifications to it with a ball peen hammer. In the mean time the blocker will have to do.