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Screwed the pooch

Well I think I may have done it

If you haven’t seen what I did to my ankle go to here: https://eatgrueldog.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/zombie-foot-back-on-the-injured-list/

I am a week and a half in and it is worse instead of better

On Sunday I finished up the deck I had been working on

By the end of the day it was swollen again and had fresh bleeding into the bruising

Yesterday I paced out the spacing for a sprinkler system and all of a sudden she started to shimmy and shake

Something started to pull and burn

This morning I can hardly walk on it

Man, I hate going to doctors

I am going to try limping for another few days to a week

Seems like I have had nothing but an unending stream of injuries

I am going to start saving up for one of thoses bubbles


Zombie foot : Back on the injured list

zombie foot

This is what happens when a 16′ 2″x 6″ falls and the corner of it catches you right in the round bone that sticks out of you ankle

Yeah, it smarted