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There are 3 ways into a womans heart

1. A paid off house

2. Strawberries covered in hot chocolate

3. What I have listed below

Trust me, this one is worth doing. Not many things in life are so simple and so easy and so good. Don’t let her see you make it and she will think you are some type of genius. Start to finish it takes 3 minutes tops.

One  small flour tortilla- 6″ or so

2 slices of cream cheese 3/8″ thick

2 Tsps. Dried Parmigiana  cheese

1 1/2 Tbls. Cherry or raspberry preserves

Enough Canola oil to fill a small pan 3/4″

Put the listed ingredients into the tortilla shell and fold into a square, being sure to overlap the closure.

Flatten the whole thing, seam side down, using gentle pressure with the palm of your hand

Heat the oil to around 325 to 350 or in other words pretty hot

Lift the square up on a fork keeping the seam held closed , and gently slip it into the oil, seam side down

Fry about 45 seconds or until golden brown then flip and fry on the other side

Remove from the pan and drain on a paper towel

The inside should remain just a little cool while the outside should be hot and crunchy

If it absorbs oil, then your heat is not high enough and you need to try again