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And so it begins

Florida “Hero in blue” arrested on 16 counts of perjury for lying on reports

Remember this guy when you hear sworn testimony in court. “Hero” is an action, not a color. Countless citizens are arrested and convicted on false testimony sworn to by LEO every year. The courts will often times overlook tainted testimony because it keeps the revenues flowing and their paychecks rolling. Whether a prosecutor, […]

via Florida “Hero in blue” arrested on 16 counts of perjury for lying on reports — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Welcome to Florida : 3 Lying cops charged with evidence tampering after fatal shooting



“JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Three undercover narcotics officers in Florida have been suspended and charged with evidence tampering after authorities say three beer cans were removed from their vehicle the night one of them fatally shot a man during an attempted drug buy.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said during a news conference Thursday that the shooting remains under review, but an attempted robbery that prompted the Feb. 6 shooting of 22-year-old Jerome Keith Allen appeared to have happened, and wasn’t made up. The sheriff identified the officers as Brian Turner, Kyle Kvies and Lance Griffis. It wasn’t clear which one shot Allen.

Williams says no blood tests were conducted after the shooting, because there was initially no evidence of alcohol being involved.”

From here: https://deborahleejarrett.com/2017/02/23/welcome-to-florida-3-lying-cops-charged-with-evidence-tampering-after-fatal-shooting/

With an additional compilation of lying cops from 2017

Florida: Cop gets busted robbing people by his own body cam

“Volusia County, FL — Body cams, according to some studies, may serve to reduce corruption and violence from certain police officers. However, as a recent body camera video out of Florida illustrates, a camera on this cop didn’t even deter his desire to commit theft. Deputy John Braman, with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, has […]

via Welcome to Florida: Lying cop robbing motorists finally caught on video — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Yeah, I know a hurricane is coming


But at least I don’t have to worry about this

Florida police activist Ticketed for Walking Around Debris on Sidewalk

“A Florida man was ticketed $113 for the crime of stepping into a quiet, residential street from a sidewalk to avoid walking through a pile of debris.

It was an apparent case of profiling considering Joshua McKnight is a local police accountability activist who records police in public, shows up to city review panels and files complaints against officers for not wearing their name tags.

One of the two Fort Myers police officers who stopped him has arrested him before on a questionable charge that was later dismissed.

That cop, officer Vasquez, was training the other cop, officer Zarillo.

McKnight recorded the entire detainment, refusing to provide identification until a supervisor showed up. When the superior showed up, he sided with his officers and McKnight was cited anyway.

It all started on April 28 when McKnight was walking down the sidewalk when a Fort Myers patrol car with two officers pulled up behind him.

“What’s the problem?” McKnight asked.

“Uh, you were walking back there in the middle of the road where there’s a sidewalk,” said officer Zarillo.

“I didn’t walk in the middle of the road,” McKnight responded. “If you look on the sidewalk, there’s an obstacle with debris on the sidewalk.”

Officer Zarillo then asked McKnight for his identification.

“For what?”

“Because I’m asking you for your license.”

“I don’t have a reason to show you my ID.”

“This is a lawful stop,” said Zarillo.

“A lawful stop for what?”

“For walking in the road where there’s a sidewalk provided.”

“There’s debris on the sidewalk, and I walked around the debris. C’mon, I’ll show you,” said McKnight as he began to walk towards the debris.

“No, no. That’s great. I can see it from here,” said Zarillo.

“So what are you stopping me for then?” asked McKnight

“For walking on the street where there’s a sidewalk.”

Officer Zarillo continued to pester McKnight about this ID and McKnight continued to explain the reason he stepped into the street is because the sidewalk was obstructed by palm tree debris that he had to walk around.”

And this is not his first run in with the law or the officer involved

He has been arrested multiple times under questionable circumstances

” It’s doubtful any of the officers really did not know who McKnight was, since he’s been know to do things like call them out for not wearing name tags while on duty.

He’s also been arrested by Vasquez, the officer training Zarillo, on a previous occasion when he pulled up to his mom’s house and knocked on the door.

While he was knocking on the door of his mother’s home, officers drew guns on him and ordered him to get back in the car.

Then they arrested him for driving on a suspended license.

The state attorney refused to file charges after reading the evidence in a case where McKnight wasn’t even driving when they pulled up to him with their guns. He was only knocking on his mother’s door.

On another occasion, they came to his grand mother’s house and arrested him on charges of selling to an undercover officer and possession of drugs after they alleged he was selling drugs on February 2.

But they didn’t arrest him until June 19.

“But here’s the thing,” said McKnight. “I didn’t live in the city at the time, and I didn’t sell drugs. I was in Tampa at college, and I was working two jobs. They said they had video and photo evidence. But when it went to trial, they said it was a transcribed copy and paste verbiage that they forgot to remove. And that they never had video evidence; it was simply a mistake.”

“No drugs, no documents to show, no video evidence. Yet how did I serve 67 days in jail before I was exonerated because there was no evidence? They said they had video evidence, then they lost it, then they never had it in the first place.”

McKnight later filed a pro se civil rights complaint on that case, but the state argued his claim past the statute of limitations requirements.”

Please call and let the Ft. Meyers police know what you think about this

Interim Chief Dennis Eads (239) 321-7771.

Oh, and by the way, he is the interim chief because the police chief was fired in 2015 for lying about an NFL player whom he said exposed himself to a child.

Pass this around and see how many calls we can generate to Ft. Meyers finest

Here is the original and video : https://photographyisnotacrime.com/2016/05/florida-man-ticketed-for-walking-around-debris-on-sidewalk/

Florida declares medical emerency in four counties due to Zika virus


“TAMPA — Gov. Rick Scott declared a health emergency in four counties Wednesday after at least nine cases of the mosquito-borne Zika illness were detected in Florida.

Health officials believe none of the cases originated in Florida. All involve people who contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries, they say.

Scott signed the order to cover Miami-Dade, Lee, Hillsborough and Santa Rosa counties. That’s where all of the cases were detected.

The order allows the state’s agriculture department to use mosquito spray more in those areas. It also directs the Florida Department of Health to make its own decisions about what’s needed from the state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Zika virus, which is linked to a birth defect that causes brain deformities, primarily spreads through mosquito bites and rarely causes a severe illness in adults.”

The rest here:http://www.orlandosentinel.com/health/os-florida-zika-virus-20160203-story.html

It shoud be a great mosquito season here in Florida

I am in Central Florida and we have had virtually no winter with only one frost to date

It hit 88 in the house yesterday and we had to kick the AC on

Without a hard freeze the mosquito population is going to be through the roof

Judge declares that death penalty does not exist in Florida

Pinellas judge rejects death penalty request after Supreme Court ruling

“In an order filed Friday, judge Michael Andrews rejected prosecutors’ notice that they intend to seek the death penalty in the case of a Pinellas Park father, Steven Dykes, accused of fatally shaking and striking his 3-month-old daughter in February of last year.

“This court concludes that there currently exists no death penalty in the State of Florida in that there is no procedure in place,” Andrews wrote.

The order is the first of its kind in the state following the Hurst vs. Florida decision on Jan. 12, said Pinellas-Pasco public defender Bob Dillinger.

In an 8-1 opinion, the Supreme Court found Florida’s death penalty procedures unconstitutional because juries play only an advisory role in recommending life or death. Judges make the ultimate decision after giving “great weight” to jurors’ recommendations.”

From the Tampa bay times, the whole story here :  http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/criminal/pinellas-judge-rejects-death-penalty-request-following-scotus-ruling/2262761

Good for him and I hope they keep it that way

I am strongly anti death penalty

When they started DNA testing death row inmates it was incredible how many people were freed

In Illinois alone they had 13

That doesn’t sound like a lot except to the families of these people and they themselves

The system can be wrong and death is something that cannot be taken back

A dead person cannot ever be returned to his loved ones

I know, I am a real conundrum aren’t I ?


Funding for Shaylyn

So this is where it all started

I was at work on Oct. 21st when I got a call from my wife

I was doing irrigation service right around the corner from home (Thank God) and it was the call that no man ever wants to get

Her son who was 38 had just been killed in a high speed car accident outside of Tampa

I say her son because even though we have been married for 26 Yrs. I did very little raising of him

But anyway, that was the start

Then, the week before Christmas our Daughter Shaylyn who is 36 calls to inform my wife that she has adrenal cancer

Bear in mind that she has 2 children and just lost her brother

I say ours because even though she is not my blood, I have raised her since age 8 as my daughter

Anyway, she also has tumors on her kidneys and spots on her liver that are most likely also tumors

She was hospitalized for 2 weeks because her blood pressure was out of control and she was seen by a specialist

She was supposed to have laproscopic surgery to have the tumors removed immediately

That was weeks ago

Unfortunately she is uninsured and medically needy and no doctor will touch her

She will have to wait until an endocrine surgeon  decides to donate his charity

Or not

I live in Florida in a county that has the highest unemployment rate in the state and own a business that has been drained over the past 6 yrs. to nothing

We as a family are in dire straights

Without treatment Shay is destined for a short life with a lot of suffering

I don’t know if it is pride or denial but she will not quit working to go on disabilty

And at this point the process is probably too long anyway

The surgery may or may not save her

I don’t even know

To tell you truthfully I don’t even know what it costs

But I can’t sit and do nothing

I haven’t asked her approval yet and don’t really care

I have a link below for paypal to donate

I don’t know how to get a button so it is just a link

I don’t use paypal for anything other than buying so any funds donated will be earmarked

Even if you don’t donate I would sure appreciate you passing this on

If anyone needs my contact info to verify the the veracity of this leave me a comment and I will send it to you



Update: Here is a go fund me link if paypal doesn’t work: gofundme.com/p5kymvxe

Update 1-23: Apparently there is an intermittent problem with the pay pal link. If it does not work, my email is Eatgrueldog@yahoo.com. Leave me a comment if you need USPS. I no longer care if I am anonymous. If you don’t have paypal send me your email and paypal can invoice you.

Update: I have been trying to individually thank those that have donated but my e-mail keeps screwing up. If for some reason I don’t get back to you know that what you did was greatly appreciated and you have my most heartfelt thanks.

Update : Shay found out about this site an hour or so ago and was ecstatic that people were helping her out. So far, minus snail mail, $ 1545.00 has been raised. I thank you all. I now have a plan since an insurance agent left me a comment and contacted me. Instead of some crazy some, I am after enough to get her insured and pay her deductible.

I am still waiting on numbers and will post them when I have them. So far it is looking like $420.00 a month and a $1600.00 deductible.

Even if another dime doesn’t roll in, I am eternally grateful to those that have found the kindness to help us out. One way or another we will make it work.

Update: I do have an asset if anyone is interested in land in Florida

I have an 80′ X 120′ lot on a 6 mi. long island in the swamp with a delapitated mobile on it

I will sell it for half the value it is listed as or for whatever




Scumbag Florida cop assaults disabled vet, smashes his phone for filming him

“Florida man Isiah James served his country for 10 years. He survived two trips to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

Riviera Beach cop G. Wilson took less than 10 minutes to decide that the Army veteran Isiah James didn’t deserve a handicapped sticker.

Isiah’s $800 iPhone 6+ didn’t survive a trip to the Walgreens.

James had family in town on vacation, and father doesn’t drive, so he took father to the store. On his way home, the two man stopped at a Walgreen’s liquor store.

Cop followed Isiah James into the store before running the handicap space.

Isiah was getting ready to pay, when the officer entered the store and demanded that he leave. Another 20 seconds and he would’ve paid and left.

The Florida cop put on his doctor’s hat and declared that, “You’re walking, you’re not handicapped, someone else should use this space.”


This hero in blue is named Sergeant Gary Wilson

If you happen to live in the neighborhood, please compliment him on his fine behavior as a public servant

Things like this should not go unanswered

It is a damn shame that we don’t have the stocks anymore to publicly humiliate pigs like him

Florida cop Fires on Unarmed Man and His 6-Year-Old Daughter on Their Way to Get Asthma Medicine

“Jacksonville, FL — Brian Dennison, 29, was rushing home to retrieve his 6-year-old daughter’s asthma medication Monday night when he was stopped by Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputy, J.C. Garcia.

Upon exiting his cruiser, Garcia immediately drew his sidearm and fired into the car of unarmed Dennison and his 6-year-old daughter.

According to the police report, Garcia spotted a green Ford Focus driven by Dennison speeding through a parking lot near West University Boulevard and St. Augustine Road. Garcia began following the car, and said it blew through a stop sign as it turned onto DuPont Station Road, nearly hitting another car and heading the wrong way toward St. Augustine Road.

At this point Garcia turned on his lights and pulled over the car as it turned into Plantation Apartments.

At a media briefing Tuesday, Assistant Chief Chris Butler told reporters the officer initially believed the suspect was armed so he pulled out his own weapon and fired.”


No, these cops aren’t out of control at all.