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And this is why you wear a suit



Is it a blonde thing or a Monday thing?


Oh , the weather outside is frightening…

Culture fail fall falling meek mill

Go ahead, sing along

It’s fun….

Monday again

And it’s extra special because it’s the day after New Year


Hillary voters

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Monday at the stadium

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It has to be a bad uncle


Even as a kid I hated Mondays

kid fail fail kids swing playground

Now you know it’s bad : France FM says U.S. Surrendered to Iran’s Last Minute Demands at Nuke Talks

“The French delegation in Switzerland felt the outline for a nuclear deal with Iran was “not solid enough,” and wanted to improve upon the deal before signing off on the accord, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told Europe 1 radio on Friday.

However, the Iranian delegation threatened at the last minute to leave the talks entirely, which persuaded the American delegation to capitulate to the demands of the Ayatollah’s regime, Fabius revealed. The French Foreign Minister said he wanted a strong, comprehensive deal that dissuades “other countries in the Gulf such as Saudi Arabia from embarking on nuclear proliferation.”

Fabius’s remarks add evidence to Friday’s Wall Street Journal report that the delegation led by Secretary of State John Kerry continually conceded to the demand’s of the Iranian regime throughout the course of the talks. What started in September of 2013 as a chance to dismantle a vast swath of Iran’s nuclear program, turned into America making major concessions as the agreement was finalized, the Wall Street Journal explained”


Talk about the world being Bass Ackwards. The French busting on us for surrendering?

Jimmy Carter must be thanking his lucky stars that this incompetent ass wipe came along.

Let’s hope that this Iran deal is as much of success as Yemen Libya Syria Iraq Somolia… Well you know, one of his big foreign policy successes.

Maybe a Reset? Crap, no good there either.


Homemade cannon fail

And I thought I was stupid. In all these cannon fail videos they are measuring out powder by the ounce or the inch. “Well we just put in 3″ of pyrodex….” WTF? 1200 grains is less then a cap full and is sufficient to lob a 1 Lb. projectile 1/2 a mile out of a 3″ bore. To top it off these geniuses made it out of PVC with cinder block reinforcement.