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Complete handbook of Vegetable seed saving. How to do, how long they last, breeding etc.

Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook

Check it out, print it out. Your life could depend on it. Breeding tips on things like avoiding inbred corn depression.All the links below work. And NO I AM NOT JACK. Jack is the guy with the book.I am sure he will be quite surprised if you talk revolution with him

Specific Seed Saving Instructions for Common Vegetables

Amaranth    Arugula    Basil    Beans    Bean Family    Beets    Beet Family    Broccoli    Broomcorn    Brussels Sprouts    Cabbage    Cabbage Family    Cantaloupe    Carrots    Carrot Family    Cauliflower    Celery    Chinese Cabbage    Chinese Mustard    Chives    Collards    Cilantro    Corn    Cotton    Cowpeas    Cucumber    Dill    Eggplant    Fava Beans    Fennel    Garlic    Garlic Chives    Gourds    Kale    Lamb’s Quarters    Lettuce    Melon, Honeydew and Musk    Mustard    Okra    Onion    Parsley    Pea, Garden and Snow    Peppers    Pumpkin    Radish    Sorghum    Squash Family    Sunflower    Swiss Chard    Tomatillo    Tomatoes    Turnip    Watermelon