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Edward Snowden: Becoming an ‘international fugitive’ was worth it

“I think the most liberating thing about burning your life to the ground, and becoming an international fugitive, or so I’m told, is that you no longer have to worry about tomorrow, you think about today,” he said. For me that’s been a great experience, I’m actually quite grateful for it.”

“Although he can “no longer see my family” or live in the US, Snowden said “the things I’ve received personally and we’ve all benefited from publicly, make it all worth it.”

“It has been incredibly rewarding, incredibly gratifying,” he added, pointing out that newspapers around the world have published stories about government abuses and courts had acted to stop them.”


I think that Snowden is a bona fida hero and should have a memorial erected to him. The man has gone as far as he can without sacrificing his life.

If the Fed.gov does end up with him in it’s clutches then I think that it should become the mission of every red bloodied patriot to free him.

I am not talking about protesting on the capitol lawn either.

Live updates from Breitbart: Rand Paul filibusters the Patriot act


Paul “calls for “rebellion” against government over this, and people should be saying “enough’s enough.”

“Where is the outrage?” Paul asked. He noted that he thinks “young people” in America tend to get it, as well. He also asked Americans if they want the government to know everything about everybody all the time.”

One of the most onerous and Un- American laws ever passed. I can’t believe the response I get from everybody when I bring it up.

“I don’t care, I’m not doing anything wrong”

Most people can’t stop texting or posting on facebook long enough to care. I guess ignorance truly is bliss.

Call me paranoid…


So, here is where things stand with me…… I have told a couple of people who have contacted me to exercise due caution because I am fairly certain that all of my communications are compromised. This all started in 2010 after a trip to DC, which was our 5th within a year.   On this particular trip we had been photographed and filmed and had some up close and personal time with a Fed who was pretending to be a conservative activist. It was very obvious who he was by his questioning and the fact that all he was filming were peoples faces instead of the event.   We had a meeting with Michelle Bachman and an aide afterwards about organizing some  further events. While in the building, there were capitol police snapping pictures of everyone who came in and we once again got our smiling faces on film.     After finishing our business in DC we returned to Florida and got back to life as normal. About a week after coming back my business was mysteriously broken into. According to the Sheriffs Dept. they responded to an alarm call and found the building unlocked. They stayed in the building for 4 hours because they couldn’t find anyone to lock it up. Around 7:00 A.M. they finally contacted our office manager who came in and locked up. They said that they had called all kinds of numbers, including a couple of our customers, to find someone to lock the building up.    So, here is where it goes south. There are 2 numbers that the alarm company calls before they call the police. One is the office manager and the other is mine and neither one was ever called. In their panic to secure the building, they didn’t do what the citizens on patrol routinely do. They try the door and if it is unlocked they go in, lock it behind them and go out the back door with the alarm screaming.   When I arrived at work I found that my computer was booted up and logged on.This is the computer that all of my nefarious anti .Gov work is done on and it had not been left on the night before.   I started checking my security settings and found that my router was wide open and anybody in the world could jump on my network; no password or WEP key needed.     Judy, our office manager must have been told something by the cops, because she acted like a freaked out cat in the following days and quit 2 weeks later. She was really frazzled and started bringing her cross and bible into work with her everyday and looked like she was having a nervous breakdown.     So now let’s fast forward to 2013. In late 2013 the power company called our office and informed us that they would need to shut the power off to the building because they were installing a smart meter. They did not give a date for the shut down but said it would be in the next month or so and would only be for an hour.  A couple of weeks later, the device pictured above appeared on the power pole in my parking lot. It had been installed sometime during the night and greeted me the following morning.   I of course checked the power  meter and the same one as always was there. It even had the over spray on it from when the building was painted.  In the following weeks I had all my men, and myself, on the look out for another such device as I have, and to date not another one has been spotted.  It seems that I own the only one in town.    About a month ago I had a big wig tech guy from the cable company out here and asked him if it was their hardware. He assured me that it was not and told me it was a 3G capture device.  He also commented that I must be a pretty popular guy. Hmmmm……   So has it stopped me? No, it has not even slowed me down. Does it mean that I am on their list? Yes, I believe it does, but I will not stop speaking the truth.  Will they get me in the end? Well they may, but then I will have a captive audience to speak truth to and truth is a powerful thing.    If I am correct about this, it could explain why 9 squad cars showed up when someone called the cops on me one night. The whole street was lined with squad cars.  Made me feel kind of special, you know ? All of this for me? I must be a dangerous man…….

Edward Snowden : “Every citizen has a duty to resist”

From U.S news and world report- Steven Nelson

Complete article here: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/04/30/edward-snowden-bashes-james-clapper-offers-advice-to-would-be-whistleblowers

Exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden accepted the Ridenhour Prize for truth-telling Wednesday, given in celebration of his disclosure of the National Security Agency’s massive phone and Internet surveillance programs.

“A year ago there was no way I could have imagined being honored in this room,” Snowden told an audience at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., via a choppy video feed from Russia. “I realized the most likely outcome [of giving classified documents to the press] was that I would spend the rest of my life in prison.”

“We haven’t won the day … but we will get there,” he said.

Danielle Brian, a member of the selection committee, prefaced his speech by saying some people associated with the prize were “uncomfortable” with giving it to Snowden.

“I’m certainly not one of those who is uncomfortable,” declared investigative author James Bamford as he took over the introduction.

[READ: Lights Out for NSA? Md. Lawmakers Seek to Cut Off Agency HQ]

Before Snowden’s leaks, Bamford said, the intelligence community had nearly relapsed to its abuse practices during the reign of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The NSA was a “runaway surveillance train,” he said.

Now, the electronic spy agency once jokingly referred to as “No Such Agency” is known as “Not Secret Anymore” among NSA workers, Bamford said, citing confidential sources.

Throughout his acceptance speech Snowden hammered Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for lying to Congress on March 12, 2013, about whether the NSA was collecting information on millions of Americans.

Snowden said he asked a co-worker at the time why nobody would expose the truth, and co-worker told him, “Do you know what happens to people who do?”

The whistleblower said it was ironic that he faced three felony charges within 24 hours of revealing his identity while the perjurious spy boss wasn’t punished, and contrasted his violation of an employment contract with Clapper’s oath-breaking.

[ALSO: Rand Paul’s NSA Lawsuit May Be Heard Alongside Klayman’s]

“We watch our own people more closely than any population in the world,” Snowden said. “That is not hyperbole.”

He repeated a previous claim that he could tap the phone of anyone – even the president – if he was provided a personal email address.

Laura Poitras, the documentary filmmaker who disseminated documents that Snowden leaked, was also honored.

“I’d like to share this award with my beloved colleague Glenn Greenwald,” she said, also via video feed. Poitras and Greenwald, formerly of The Guardian, are reportedly the only people will access to the complete trove of Snowden-leaked documents.

In April 2013, Poitras recalled, she received an email from Snowden saying he planned to claim credit after the press reported his leaks. Two months later – after the bombshells dropped about the NSA collecting all American phone records and directly accessing information from major U.S. technology companies – he did so before flying from Hong Kong to Moscow.

[MORE: 10K Encrypted ‘Snowden Phones’ Sold in 12 Hours]

Following their speeches, Bamford, Snowden and Poitras took turns asking each other questions.

Bamford asked Snowden to give advice to future NSA whistleblowers.

Editorial cartoon on NSA phone call collection

See Photos

Editorial Cartoons on the NSA

“If they’re going to do it they better have encryption,” he said, and avoid using their home IP address. “Ideally, work with Congress in advance to make sure we have reformed laws and better protections.”

“Every citizen has a duty to resist” government actions that are immoral or unethical, Snowden said. He then asked Poitras for her opinion on whether the NSA should be divided into two parts, one offensive and one defensive.

“If we were to separate those things I’m not sure what oversight we’d have,” she responded.

Snowden also asked Poitras how confident she was in the House and Senate intelligence committees’ capability to reform the NSA, compared to the chambers’ respective judiciary committees.

Clapper: We should have told you we track your calls

Via: Daily beast

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Clapper said the problems facing the U.S. intelligence community over its collection of phone records could have been avoided. “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will. Had we been transparent about this from the outset right after 9/11—which is the genesis of the 215 program—and said both to the American people and to their elected representatives, we need to cover this gap, we need to make sure this never happens to us again, so here is what we are going to set up, here is how it’s going to work, and why we have to do it, and here are the safeguards… We wouldn’t have had the problem we had,” Clapper said.

“What did us in here, what worked against us was this shocking revelation,”


He just doesn’t get it. It’s like tell me that you’re screwing my wife. Doesn’t help dude, knowledge afore hand only goes so far. He is making it out that everyone would have been a OK with it if only they had known. Not so, some of us are still concerned about our rights

“For, remark you this . . . that somewhere, somehow, and by somebody, a beginning must be made; and that the first act of resistance is always, and must be ever premature, imprudent, and dangerous.”

Via: Sipsey street irregulars

James Fintan Lalor

1807 – 1849

From the newspaper, The Irish Felon, Issue #5, 22 July 1848.


by James Fintan Lalor.

It is never the mass of a people that forms its real and efficient might. It is the men by whom that mass is moved and managed. All the great acts of history have been done by a very few men. Take half a dozen names out of any revolution upon record, and what would have been the result?

Not Scotland but Wallace barred and baffled Edward. Not England but Cromwell struck a king from his seat. Not America, but six or eight American men, put stripes and stars on the banner of a nation. To quote examples, however, is needless. They must strike at once on every mind.

If Ireland be conquered now or what would be worse still, if she fails to fight it will certainly not be the fault of the people at large of those who form the rank and file of the nation. The failure and fault will be that of those who have assumed to take the office of commanding and conducting the march of a people for liberty, without perhaps having any commission from nature to do so, or natural right, or acquired requisite. The general population of this island are ready to find and furnish everything which can be demanded from the mass of a people the numbers, the physical strength, the animal daring, the health, hardihood, and endurance. No population on earth of equal amount would furnish a more effective military conscription. We want only competent leaders men of courage and capacity men whom nature meant and made for leaders not the praters, and pretenders, and bustling botherbys of the old agitation. Those leaders are yet to be found.

Can Ireland furnish them? It would be a sheer and absurd blasphemy against nature to doubt it. The first blow will bring them out.

But very many of our present prominent leaders must first retire or be dismissed. These men must first be got rid of utterly. They must. There is nothing else for it. They are stopping our way, clinging round our arms, giving us up to our enemies.

Many came into this business from the mere desire of gaining a little personal distinction on safe terms and at a cheap and easy rate of obtaining petty honours and offices of making a small Dublin reputation of creating a parish fame, or a tea-table fame. They will never suffer the national movement to swell beyond the petty dimensions which they are able themselves to manage and command; and are, therefore, a source not of strength but of weakness and the source of all our weakness. But for them we could walk down the whole force of England in one month.

In a movement of the nature of that which has been going on for years in this country, it was impossible to prevent the intrusion into offices of command of that class of men who mar success instead of making it. Indeed it was into their hands those offices have been almost exclusively confided up to the present hour. This can hardly be called a mistake for it was unavoidable. The movement naturally, and of necessity, belonged to them. It was of the mock heroic order, the machinery of which none but mean hands would undertake or be competent to manage. The class of men who make revolutions, and who doubtless exist here as well as elsewhere, have been altogether disgusted and driven away from the service of their country by the peculiar character of that sort of “struggle for freedom the system of “moral agitation” which Ireland thought fit to adopt, and from which their pride of manhood and pride of country revolted. The staff of leaders which that system created and has left behind it is composed of men utterly unfit and unwilling to take charge of a military struggle, and who ought at once to be superseded and replaced. For two generations may history forget to mention them those men have been working to do this the best work that ever yet was done for tyranny to take from the people the terror of their name and make popular movement a mockery. And what now are they working to do?

To hold Ireland down hand and foot while her chains are being locked and double-locked, and her four noble prisoners sent fettered and handcuffed to a penal colony of England, and hear it, O Earth, and hear it, O God! for saying that Ireland should suffer famine no more. Oh! worse for us than the foreign tyrant is the native traitor; and worse than the open traitor in the enemy’s ranks is the vile trickster and the base craven in our own. Away with them ! They must quit at once or be quashed. One man, and every man, of those now in the prison of Newgate is worth a host of the dastards and drivellers who are bidding you stand by and ” bide your time/’ while your best and bravest are being transported as felons in the face of your city, in the sight of two islands, and in view of all the earth.

But how are you to know them, these menials of England in the green livery of their country? By this shall ye know them. Any man who objects to every plan of armed resistance that is proposed, while he produces none or no better of his own. Or any man who tells you that any act of armed resistance even if made so soon as to-morrow even if offered by ten men only even if offered by ten men armed only with stones any man who tells you that such an act of resistance would be premature, imprudent, or dangerous any and every such man should at once be spurned and spat at. For, remark you this and recollect it, that somewhere, somehow, and by somebody, a beginning must be made; and that the first act of resistance is always, and must be ever premature, imprudent, and dangerous. Lexington was premature, Bunker’s Hill was imprudent, and even Trenton was dangerous.

There are men who speak much to you of prudence and caution, and very little of any virtue beside. But every vice may call itself by the name of some virtue or other; and of prudence there are many sorts. Cowardice may call itself, and readily pass for, caution, and of those who preach prudence, it behooves to enquire what kind of prudence it is they speak of, and to what class of prudent persons they belong themselves. There is a prudence the virtue of the wisest and bravest- there is a prudence the virtue of beggars and slaves.

Which class do those belong to who are prating now for prudence, and against premature insurrection; while rejecting every proceeding and plan for preparation?

Against the advice of those men, and all men such as they, I declare my own. In the case of Ireland now there is but one fact to deal with, and one question to be considered. The fact is this that there are at present in occupation of this country some 40,000 armed men, in the livery and service of England; and the question is how best to kill and capture those 40,000 men.

If required to state my own individual opinion, and allowed to choose my own time, I certainly would take the time when the full harvest of Ireland shall be stacked in the haggards. But not infrequently God selects and sends his own seasons and occasions; and oftentimes, too, an enemy is able to force the necessity of either righting or failing. In the one case we ought not, in the other we surely cannot, attempt waiting for our harvest-home. If opportunity offers, we must dash at that opportunity if driven to the wall, we must wheel for resistance.

Wherefore, let us fight in September if we may but sooner if we must.

Meanwhile, however, remember this, that somewhere, and somehow, and by somebody, a beginning must be made. Who strikes the first blow for Ireland? Who draws first blood for Ireland? Who wins a wreath that will be green for ever?

Obama to bypass congress to achieve agenda



Here is how they say “Fuck you tyrant” in Ukrainian


Here it is translated into American English

(c) Magnum Photos

And here in traditional Irish brogue

Resist.. By all means necessary.

Dinesh D’Souza Indicted, to be arrested Friday


Nothing political here at all. Scumbags. Eventually they will be coming for all of us who speak out. What will you do when they come?

Obama: People don’t like me because I’m black

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine’s Jan. 27 edition.


It’s not about the color of the rice. Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, commies all. That is why we dislike you. Think that we have forgotten this?

(Chairman Mao on the White house Christmas tree, Dec. 24 2009)

Or this?

obama t-shirts

(Obama’s visit to China, 2009)

Do you you think that we have forgotten who the head of the police state is?

It is because you are commie scum that we don’t like you. It is because you are a race baiter who is hoping to bleed out the blood of innocents in the street to achieve your goals.That is why we don’t like you Mr. president. The only color that has anything to do with it is Red; Better dead than Red


NSA tracks using Google cookies



One more reason not to use Google; NSA using Google specific “PREF” tracking cookies.   “In addition to tracking Web visits, this cookie allows NSA to single out an individual’s communications among the sea of Internet data in order to send out software that can hack that person’s computer. The slides say the cookies are used to “enable remote exploitation,” although the specific attacks used by the NSA against targets are not addressed in these documents.”   Google is now clamoring for tighter controls on surveillance but I am sure that they are in it neck deep.They have been in bed with the government for years and are only now speaking out because they have been caught at it.   I use a search engine called Duck duck go because they have no tracking and would not use Google if my life depended on it.








Fukushima update: Highest ever radiation levels detected; Lethal in 20 min.


And now from Fukushima, the forgotten nuclear disaster, we bring you….. Lethal levels of radiation.

As Japan clamps down on reporting about the disaster with it’s new “State secrets law” it is becoming apparent that the disaster is worse than they are letting on. While the media is distracting everyone with the fuel rod removal at the #4 reactor the real and difficult problem lies with the #3 core.  It was postulated in July that the #3 core had achieved re-criticality as the radiation levels were rising and it now appears that that may have been correct.    It is obvious that something is out of containment and is releasing large amounts of radiation. The levels recently detected would be 100% lethal to an unprotected human in approximately 20 minutes.

Attacks on Arkansas power grid over last weekend


Someone has figured it out…. YOU are the revolution.

9/11 in my America

On 9/11 I went to the corner store around 3:00 PM to get a pack of smokes. The store is a rather dingy little deal, with everything under the sun for sale. They have everything you need, from male enhancement to fried chicken , and it is filled with a Victorian display of goods.  The counter is cluttered with energy drinks and pills and an assortment of water pipes and rolling papers.      There was an old woman at the counter when I entered, paying for her goods. She moved almost in slow motion as she pulled the bills from her dilapidated wallet. She was very thin and her clothes hung from her, highlighting her bony joints. She was wearing a worn and faded dark blue sweater in the 90 degree heat and her long hair, dyed brown by cigarette smoke ,fell over it, fanning out in feathered strands.    The proprietor, a young Indian or Paki man, was offering to carry out her groceries for her as he packed them. She repeatedly turned his offer down as she slowly peeled bills out of her wallet. When the transaction was done he started to hand the bags to her, hanging them from her hands and arms. She grasped the bags in her bone thin hands with a slight shake that made them slightly swing.   The last bag had a gallon of milk and orange juice in it and as he lifted it he felt the weight of it. He warned her that it was very heavy and as he did he told her that he would come around and carry it to her car for her. I was about to take the bags  when a weathered and rather gruff looking working guy, in line ahead of me , moved in.  He stepped forward suddenly and  reached out taking the heavy bag from his hands. “Hey, I’ll get them” he said, as he reached past her . He peeled the lighter bags from her hands and guided her towards the door, groceries in both hands.              As he went out the door, the young gentleman at the counter motioned me forward and I hesitated as he did. I didn’t want to line jump on the guy who had just  carried the old woman’s groceries out and looked around awkwardly.  He motioned at me again and I stepped up to the counter and told him what I needed.  As I was paying the rough looking guy  re-entered the store, bringing the heat back in with him through the swinging door.    The proprietor thanked him for helping her and told him that she was very old and ill. He told him that they had to pump her gas when she came and he feared that her condition was worsening. He thought, he said, that she did not have much time left and they tried to take care of her. The man who had carried her things out assured him that it was no problem as I picked up my smokes and walked out.      That is  9/11 in my America; the America that I want to live in.  It really sucks that it only exists in my small town corner store and not across our nation. I write this with a great deal of sadness and it has taken me two days to put this to paper.  Instead of helping the old lady at the corner store, I have to view my fellow Americans as enemies. I arm myself for war as politics, agenda and policy turn us against each other, brother on brother.  We are no longer American, we are left and right, pro and con, for or against.  We have become so divided that 9/12, the day after 9/11, will never exist again; that day when we were all Americans united.      The 9/11 that existed in that store , unfortunately, only exists in that store and maybe a few more here and there. It is a sad day for America when we must become enemies instead of helping each other, but that is where we are today.      Lock and load.


Al Quaeda executing alawite truck drivers:GRAPHIC

They walk to the road side and kneel down before being shot some how thinking that obeying their captors will save them. Don’t take the walk. Don’t kneel down. Fight until they kill you because you are dead already. Make them pay for what they get and make their job a dangerous one. Do not go silently into the night with your hands raised at gun point. Get a little hamburger before they get their steak. Be a man, live like one and die like one

Hillary Clinton implicated in most damaging release of national security information


Oh, the irony of it all as the hypocrites denounce Edward Snowden as a traitor. Of course I knew all along that the shrieking Hiidebeast was a traitor and power and politics was all she cared about.

Chris Christie: Serious as a heart attack, goes after libertarians


“As a former prosecutor who was appointed by President George W. Bush on Sept. 10, 2001, I just want us to be really cautious, because this strain of libertarianism that’s going through both parties right now and making big headlines, I think, is a very dangerous thought,”

Who ever would have suspected that a Bush appointee and republican establishment darling would be against the libertarians in congress?    The problem with the establishment republicans is that they don’t give two shits about the constitution.  They are content in their position as co-rulers and will do whatever they have to, to preserve the status quo.  They allow the media to pick their candidate and then line up behind him.      Think you can vote your way out of this? Think again.

Waiting for my morning drone strike


There is no longer any rule of law when the government can turn it’s power arbitrarily against it’s citizens. 1984 was supposed to be a cautionary tale and instead it seems that it has become a guide book. We have devolved so far past freedom that we can no longer even pretend that we live in the land of liberty.     It is no longer a matter of if , I believe, but when. When the final noose of tyranny begins to tighten on the throats of the remaining freedom loving individuals then, when they have nothing left to lose, the battle will be enjoined. Many think that it is impossible to fight tyranny on the scale of what we have , but I believe that history shows otherwise.      I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a former member of the IRA. We were standing in the parking lot of my shop when a cop drove past. “You see that?” he said in his thick Irish brogue “We never would have let that shit happen” I looked around and then queried “Let what happen?”  “Let that fucker just drive down the street like that.We would have been throwing rocks or bottles at him. We always made those fuckers pay for what they did, everyday. None of that shit was for free.   They used to set up outside of houses that were full of people that they wanted and hide out and wait. They had no intention of capturing or arresting anyone, they would bust in the door and kill everyone inside and then blame it on the UDF, but we knew who was doing it. So when we saw them no matter what we went after them”    That conversation brought me back to something that Tony Blair admitted when he was brokering the peace deal with the IRA. Blair said that they were making peace because the IRA could never be defeated militarily.  That statement was a stunning admission by one of the great military powers of the west.  A group who numbered in the thousands could fight their sophisticated army to a stand still.    There were two things that made this possible : One was the temerity of the IRA; They continued the fight for almost a century. The other was the wide spread support of the populace. Even though they only numbered in the thousands they were aided and abetted by many, many more.   No one would give up information, cars were supplied as needed, money, if available was provided and safe houses and properties were  made available.    Because of this support the IRA was able to operate all across the country. Some areas in the countryside were so hostile that the police would not even enter them because they knew an ambush would be waiting for them behind the closest hill.   The point of this whole thing is that as long as people are willing to fight tyranny then it cannot settle in comfortably. As long as people are willing to resist it , it’s foothold is always tenuous and risks everyday being thrown off. As long as people are not willing to submit to the yoke of subjugation then freedom still persists, even if in a state of war. Resistance is a state of mind as well as being as is freedom.  We all see the police state coming and in the end we all know what it means for all of us. Just remember that freedom isn’t free, nor for that fact is tyranny.   ”  We always made those fuckers pay for what they did, everyday. None of that shit was for free. “

Live free or die free


Nothing in between.

“America has no functioning democracy,” Jimmy Carter


How bad does it have to be for Jimmy Carter to speak out against it?   The police state is in place and fully functioning ; All that is needed now is the trigger to set it in motion. If you still think that this is not being set up for us, then you don’t pay attention to history.   Be prepared to resist.

Herr Goebbels would be so proud: US lifts ban on govt. funded propoganda


Did you think maybe that you were paranoid? You are not. It is just as bad as you think. Be prepared for the worst.