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Drone slayer 5000


Tired of those pesky quadcopter drones?

I have the solution

The drone slayer 5000

The drone slayer is  shoulder fired and operates on compressed air

Charge it up to 85 P.S.I and it’s range is hundreds of yards with a golf ball

Charge it up to 40 P.S.I and switch to the tennis ball barrel for a little less lethalness

Go back to the 1 1/2 ” barrel , charge it up to 100 P.S.I and you can’t even see the golf ball


This is still my prototype

Initially it will have an electronic trigger, but it can be fired entirely manually

You name it, you can pass it through it

Tomatoes, eggs, whatever

Charged to 40 PSI you can shoot eggs with an 1 1/4 ” barrel

Any higher and they fly about 40 Ft. and then break up from the air resistance

I am not allowed to shoot eggs

Annoyed firefighters attempt to take out drone with fire hose

“As the firefighters from Montgomery and Coldenham in New York were working to put out a house that had caught fire on June 4, a local man named John Thompson decided to fly a drone over the scene to film the proceedings. The firefighters put up with the drone for about 10 minutes and then turned their fire house on it, in what looks to me like annoyance. They send another blast its way about a minute later.

You can see the water blast at about the 12-minute mark in the video above — just after one firefighter points out the drone to another holding the hose.

Thompson says that his drone is now damaged and wants the fire company to pay for a new one to the tune of $2,200. (On a side note, the drone looks like a DJI Phantom 2 Vision to me, which really costs about $1,000.)”


What can you say? It’s low hanging fruit.

I couldn’t pass that one up for sure

Damn shame they only damaged it and didn’t down it outright

I know that if I see one low enough to hit I am probably going to be in trouble

Some time today, I am most likely going to be making a pneumatic cannon

If I get it done I will post some pics

I have made numerous ones in the past and they would be a bang up drone hunter


Drop the drone

Drop the drone

Everything from signal jamming to camera destruction by lasers. Links to homemade microwave weapon and EMP device

How to kill a predator drone


I always figured that one morning, as I sipped hot coffee and munched on a doughnut, fermenting discord among the rabble,  a hellfire missile would come through my window and blow me into a bunch of  pissed off little pieces. Now with the help of US crow there is finally hope.  The article is actually on com-blocking the control system, but that would be good enough for me. It would appear that with sufficient knowledge and basic radio electronics, you could actually commandeer it.  I don’t possess that level of skill myself , but if I did, I would have a solution for that little dog that barks all frikkin night long down the street…