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Hey! You’re home !

Hey, you're back!


Always thriving on the misfortune of others






Nothing but air…



Wait for it….

Hell called

They want their dog back


If you love someone….


Not everyone is a dog person


Words of wisdom

If you are not the lead dog…..

The view never changes


Oh yeah…..


Good boy!

Now get Daddy a beer

Jackson’s favorite


Every night I am forced to play frisbee

The second I am done eating Jack pulls my slippers out from under the ottoman one at a time and throws them at me

I WILL play frisbee

Or the torment will begin


Poochie power

How come we never hear about that one?



Jack’s says I have got to get him some

This is where it starts


Next thing you know they are taking the car out

Bad dog


Bad boy! Learn to do that outside!


Please help Trixie survive poisoning


If you are a dog lover then you know that Trixie is more than a pet to her person

I can personally vouch for the people involved and will be throwing something their way myself

In my time of need they did the same for me

If you can help out please do

“My beloved 3 year old rescued pit mix, Trixie, got into a bottle of ibuprofen last Sunday afternoon when we were grocery shopping. She’s the type of girl to chew slippers and remotes, and seasonally the Christmas tree, but never anything like this. We came home to pinkish vomit at the door, and when I went looking for what she might have been eating I saw the chewed open bottle and pills scattered everywhere and knew we had to act fast. The animal poison control line said 4-6 pills is a potentially fatal dose for a dog her size. She ate over 100 pills.
The ride to the emergency vet was the most afraid I have ever felt in my life, we could see her slipping away. The ER vets began treatment immediately. While they were saving her life, we were taken into a room to talk about how to cover her treatment. They estimated treatment would range from 2- 3,000 dollars. I instantly started sobbing even harder, I work at a coffee shop. That’s more than what I paid for my car, I do not make that kind of money.
Without even blinking, I applied for the care credit card and was approved for $3,400. No way I was going to give up on Trixie because of money, my boyfriend and I don’t have human children, our dogs are our whole world.
Anyone who has ever known a pit bull knows how resilient they are, against the odds Trixie’s kidney function started showing signs of improvement late Tuesday night.
They had her on 4x the normal amount of administed fluids to keep flushing her kidneys of the poison. ”

Go fund me here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-trixie-survive-kidney-damage




The difference between dogs and cats


I mean really…


Who can resist?


Out of the mouths of babes…

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