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Does not qualify for side car status

Motorcycle Fail Pictures, Images & Photos

And this guy does not qualify for sidekick status

Poor doggy

Typical for Friday

fail catch fail

You could at least give it your best effort



Talk about amusement

Smartest goofball of a dog I’ve ever owned

Can’t believe this guy spent 9 months in the pound without getting snatched up

He is like having a 60 Lb. squirrel around the house

Man killed by pit bull trying to save owner from heart attack

“WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) – Police in West Virginia say a pit bull attacked and killed a man who was trying to help the dog’s ill owner.

The incident occurred Sunday night at a home in East Wheeling.

Lt. Phil Redford says police believe the dog’s owner suffered a heart attack. The other man was attacked by the dog as he tried to resuscitate the owner.

A police department news release says both people were pronounced dead at a local hospital. Their names haven’t been released.”


That just sucks on so many levels that it is hard to find a starting point. Guess I won’t be whining about my luck today.