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Ends of the earth ministries

New web site

My brother has a new site up and running

He has combined his missions , sermons, his friends of the deaf international

And his blog into one site

Drop in on him if you get the chance He is a man of many things

An Anglican Bishop, a pastor at a Mennonite church

And he is ordained in a couple of other denominations also

He is also a missionary and has missions in Romania, Cameroon, Mexico and Ukraine

But for all of his titles he is just a regular guy like you or I

He’s crazy for fishing and for shooting

And lives very humbly with his wife in the great state of N. Dakota

So check it out and link up with him if you do that sort of thing

He is a man worthy of being in your side bar



Merry Christmas, you Grinch

Yesterday, I stopped at a dollar store after work to get a pack of smokes. When I went up to the counter there was an elderly couple standing in line already. The cashier was ringing them up and putting their goods into a bucket that they had just purchased. They had a bottle of dandruff shampoo, a pack of cheap razors and some soap.

When the cashier finished ringing it all up the total was $10.52. The gentleman expressed surprise that it came up to that much and stated that he didn’t think he had that much on him. He pulled out his wallet and started counting singles out. When it as all said and done, between he and his wife , they managed to come up with $9.00, a buck 52 short.

So, the old guy starts looking around for something to deep six from the purchase so he can afford it. I am looking at the cashier, a young girl about 19 and I can tell that it is killing her.  I didn’t have any cash on me at the time or I would have just ponied the $1.52 up.

Instead I looked at the cashier and told her to grab me my pack of smokes, ring their stuff up with mine and I would take the cash that was short. She caught on right away and started the transaction while the old folks were still searching their pockets for more change.

She kept telling them not to worry about it, but they were both stone deaf and kept asking her the various prices so they could pull something out. Regardless, she finishes the transaction, ringing my smokes up with it. At that point I walk around the couple and up to the keypad to swipe my bank card. When I move into position, the lady looks over at me says something.

The reason I say “Says something” is because I have a perforated eardrum in my left ear. It doesn’t always pick up sound right and I often have to translate what was said if some speaks to my left. There will be times when my wife says “Can you get a log out?” and I have to sit there for a minute until it makes sense….Yes! I can let the dog out!

So, what she said to me was “You know,  nah nah nah to be spected”. I sat there with it churning around in my brain while I swiped my card. The cashier quickly took the bucket, stuffed the goods back in and pushed it at them to take. She then handed me the smokes and cash and said thank you.

At that point I turned around and walked out of the store and got into my truck. As I was backing out of the parking space, the old couple hobbled out arm in arm. I noticed that the woman would not make eye contact with me as I started to pull out. At first I thought it was a little odd and then suddenly I finished translating what she said.

What she said was “You know, he needs to be respected”. Deaf as a rock, she had no idea what was going on. She thought that I was cutting in line in front of her husband because I was in a hurry to get a pack of smokes.

Merry Christmas, you Grinch

Friends of the deaf international / help needed

The following link is to friends of the deaf international. http://www.friendsofthedeaf.net/

Their stated mission is “Friends of the Deaf is a North Dakota based mission society with a passion for bringing the Good News of Jesus to the “forgotten deaf” in Cameroon and other developing countries. The Forgotten Deaf are.those who are isolated by distance, geography, and marginalized socially, with little chance of learning to read, write, or sign unless they receive help”

I know the Rev. Jarrett personally and he is a self funded missionary that goes to many dangerous places to spread the word of God, including Russia, Ukraine and his current mission in Cameroon. I have warned him many times of the dangers that he could face from proselytizing in Muslim areas but he heeds God instead of me.   The good Reverend is far from wealthy and has used the majority of the money he has made in his life to support his work. He lives in a humble abode in ND with his wife and is currently the Pastor of a small local church. The only way that he finances travel, school buildings,farm animals and such is through donations.   He has no bureaucracy that eats funds; He is a man who jumps on a plane to go sweat in the African heat and build schools.    I would ask of you to please host this link in your blogroll or links area as traffic to his site in the long term would be greatly helpful. If not I understand as we all have reasons as to what we have in links and blogrolls. Thanks and pass it around if you get a chance