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Secret call recorded between Putin and Obama

Choom: Vlad, you’re really bringing my buzz down. We really need to talk about this. You have totally busted my buzz with this Crimea thing.

Vlad: Let me call you back, I just speared a shark and don’t want to drop my phone

Choom: Wait! Don’t hang up, I have everyone all over my ass to do something. Even Michelle is pissed off because I look like such a fool. Why don’t we get together for a smoke? Talk about this like men.

Vlad: (uproarious laughter drowned out by the sound of outboard engine powering through a wave)

Choom: What? I didn’t quite catch that (Sound of deep inhaling) Yo’ how ’bout it, got time for a smoke?

Choom: Vlad? Vlad? Hey dude can you hear?

Vlad: Dave’s not home.

Choom: Vlad? Vlad? Dude? Don’t hang up!

Choom: Crap. (Sound of deep inhaling)