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Fake news hacks at #CNN @ChrisCoumo are still at it

While Trump is in Poland making a speech with the Polish president, the fake news hacks at CNN are still blathering on about “The Russia connection”

The moronic idiots forget that our former ass licker in chief gave Russia the biggest gift that he could

On Sept. 17 2009 The Obamatard decided against the missile defense shield in Europe and moved to use short range missiles closer to Iran to deter Iranian missile launches

And I really shouldn’t call him a “Tard” because he is actually quite devious and vindictive

Sept. 17 is the date that the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939 and he chose that because of it’s significance

But the CNN hacks have nothing better to yammer on about than the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia

They have most certainly forgotten Chairman Zero’s hot mic incident about having more “Flexibility” after his re-election

Nor have they remembered the Clinton foundation which received millions of dollars from Russian entities to ensure their acquisition of Uranium one , “A Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West”

All while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of state.

And why have they forgotten this?

Because they are hacks and purveyors of fake news

They do not report news

They make up political headlines to forward their agenda

Haters are gonna hate

Hacks are gonna hack





I don’t know why I torture myself

But I do

CNN has the worst ratings on television because of Hacks like Chris Coumo

Yet I still tune in occasionally to watch the train wreck

CNN actually decided to get out of the news business because they were so bad at it

But they couldn’t

Because deep down they cannot change who they are

Which is a bunch of hopeless hacks trying to be in the spotlight

And Chris Coumo is the worst of the irrelevant worst

He is not only an irritating little twit, but also a self inflated ass who thinks that his petty and trite little opinion is fact

Talk about fake news

It is really going to be fun watching Trump destroy these little media worms