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Love me or hate me

I noticed that I have been picking up a lot of lady followers in the past few weeks so I am re-posting a recipe from Valentines day dinner.

It is exquisitely delicious and easy to make.

You will either love me or hate me… My wife still hasn’t decided which when I push stuff like this on her at 10 O’clock at night..

Dark chocolate covered strawberries

1-Extra large jumbo size strawberry

1- 2″ X 2″ square of 60% cacao dark chocolate ( I use  ghirardelli )

1 1/2- Tbls. pomegranate juice

2 Tsp. of butter

Slice up a large and deep red strawberry; the bigger and the redder, the better.

Heat the pomegranate juice and butter, stirring constantly until the pomegranate juice is reduced by half.

Reduce the heat and add the chocolate square ,cooking until melted.

While still hot, pour over the sliced strawberry and enjoy.

It pairs well with dry red wine.