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JEB proves that he is a full on retard

“Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants the United States to declare war on ISIS.

Speaking on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Bush addressed the recent attacks in Paris and said that he believes America has a responsibility to lead in the fight against what he called “this radical Islamist threat.”

“This is viewed as a law enforcement exercise by the Obama administration. We should declare war,” Bush said. “We have the capabilities to do this. We just have to show the will.”

His desire to call for war could provoke comparisons to his brother, President George W. Bush, who sent troops to Iraq in what became a widely unpopular war against terrorism after the September 11 attacks on the U.S.”

“The former Florida governor listed a number of actions he thinks President Barack Obama should take, including declaring a no-fly zone over Syria and directly arming the Peshmerga forces in Iraq. Bush also declared that he wants to American boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS.”

A no fly zone over Syria

What a genius

Russia is flying hundreds of sorties a week and bombing the hell out of the people that are supposedly our allies

And JEB proposes that we make a no fly zone

In fact he believes that it is the most important thing that we can do to defeat ISIS

That and boots on the ground

So let us do an Iraq replay but this time with Russia adding extra flavor

No thanks Mr. Bush

Between your brother and your father

We have already been fucked to high heaven and back

Don’t run JEB, just walk

America has had enough of Bushes with bad ideas

The Feds want speed limiters and surveillance devices installed in every car, truck and bus

“The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called on commercial bus and truck manufacturers to install data recorders often referred to as “black box” recorders.

NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said that despite “more than a decade of recommendations by the NTSB,” federal regulators at the U.S. Department of Transportation had not required them in large motor vehicles.  If you didn’t know nearly every car manufactured after 2005 has a black box, the NHTSA has an entire page dedicated to Event Data Recorders.”
GPS blocker
Need I say more? Plug it into your power port and it makes you go bye- bye.
They run anywhere from $15.00 to $50.00
Don’t forget to unplug it when you try to use your Garmin and save your self some unneeded aggravation

Scumbag cop pulls woman over for not signaling when he comes up behind her: Later found dead in jail

The video showed the officer pulling Ms. Bland over and their encounter escalating into a physical altercation in which he threatened her with a stun gun.

“I will light you up,” the trooper said, pointing the stun gun at her.

“The video also confirmed an account from the family’s lawyer that the confrontation between Ms. Bland and the trooper, Brian T. Encinia, escalated after she refused his order to put out a cigarette, Mr. West said.

Neither the stun gun nor the confrontation over the cigarette was mentioned in Trooper Encinia’s incident report, which was also made public on Tuesday.

The video showed Trooper Encinia standing outside the driver’s door and explaining to Ms. Bland that she was being written up for failing to signal a lane change.

“You seem very irritated,” he said.

“I am, I really am,” she said. She said she had pulled over to get out of his way and was now getting stopped and written up because of it.

“You mind putting out your cigarette?” he asked testily.”

“I’m in my own car. I don’t have to put out my cigarette,” she said.

When he ordered her out of the car, she refused.

“I’m going to yank you out,” Trooper Encinia shouted.

Before long, Ms. Bland was outside the car shouting insults and obscenities, and the trooper had her in handcuffs.

In part of the encounter that occurred out of the camera’s view, a scuffle could be heard, and Ms. Bland indicated that she was on the ground. “You just slammed me, knocked my head into the ground,” she said.

Addressing Trooper Encinia with an expletive, she said, “I got epilepsy.”

Trooper Encinia responded, “Good.”

The rest here from the NY times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/22/us/sandra-bland-was-combative-texas-arrest-report-says.html

I don’t even want to hear “Well, there are always a few bad apples”

The cure for this scumbag would have been for her to shoot him in the face at the beginning of the encounter

Maybe her family will even it up with him

You can guarantee that when she got transported to the jail he put the word in on her

You want tyranny?

Well folks, look around you, if you haven’t gotten the memo, it’s already here

You don’t have to wait for the Fed, the police state has already closed around us

Your life, your freedom , your security and that of those you love are at risk simply by stepping out your door

Those heroes in blue?

All they are concerned with is their authority and making sure that they go home at night

They now operate with impunity as long as they are not caught on camera

Their superiors are part and parcel of it and will defend their actions until public uproar overwhelms them

NBC News reported that Texas Department of Public Safety authorities “said late Tuesday they were looking into alleged edits” to the 52-minute dashcam video:

At several points in the video of Bland’s arrest, posted Tuesday to the department’s YouTube channel, video of a person walking or a car driving by are cut or repeat themselves as the audio continues uninterrupted.

DPS spokesman Tom Vinger told NBC News that he could not speculate on whether the video was edited. “I will have to check in the morning. I can’t speculate without looking at the CD,” he said, referring to the original recording of the video.

NBC added that “the apparent edits to to the video, first reported by documentarian and writer Ben Norton, raised the suspicions of people following Bland’s story, suspicions authorities sought to allay with the video’s release.”

“Throughout, Bland is questioning why she is being arrested and often shouts expletives. Encinia responds in angry tones that she should obey his orders.

It was unclear whether the video was complete. There are several apparent breaks — after Bland is already out of the car — with cars appearing and disappearing into thin air.”

I no longer have one iota of faith in the system

I believe that the system has become the tyranny that we have fought to avoid

I believe that the state and the police state are a clear and present danger to all of us

What is coming is not going to be reform of out of control P.Ds

This is going to get worse before it gets better

Much worse

Yeah, it is going to be one of those days

Happy fourth of July!


Happy independence day America !

And in true American spirit I want to tell you this : (See above)

That is what I think of my freedoms being taken

That is what I think of the NSA spying on me

That is what I think of the TSA groping me

That is what I think of of DHS classifying me as a domestic terrorist

This is what I think of the police state

This is what I think of politicians and judges who sell me out

This is what I think of my cowardly fellow citizens who will sit on their lazy asses and do nothing but whine as they are absolved of their liberty

Happy birthday America! (See above)

But seriously, to all of those in the 3% community, happy 4th, but you really need to ponder this holiday about what we have lost…

And what we are going to do about it.

One Year After Standoff With Armed Militia, BLM Employees Still Feel Vulnerable

“On April 12, 2014, protestors and some armed militiamen rallied in support of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. In what was intended to be the culmination of a longstanding battle between BLM and Bundy, the agency had rounded up all of the rancher’s livestock he had been illegally allowing to graze on federal land without paying the appropriate fees. The gathering of protestors led to a prolonged standoff, and eventually BLM released the cattle so the crowds would dissipate.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility said BLM has refused to disclose any documents relating to its decision-making process in regard to the incident, or how it plans to respond to similar situations in the future. BLM employees do not know what precautions were taken or how their safety will be ensured moving forward.

Additionally, PEER said, the situation with Bundy is unresolved. This could set a dangerous precedent as ranchers and other detractors feel “emboldened” to challenge the authority of federal agencies and regulations. If Bundy and a rag-tag crew of vigilantes with guns could get a federal agency to back down, what would stop others from doing the same?

The concern appears to have some merit. In July, the Homeland Security Department’s Intelligence and Analysis Office issued a report titled “Domestic Violent Extremists Pose Increased Threat to Government Officials and Law Enforcement.” The investigators said the “perceived victory by militia extremists” in the Bundy case would “likely inspire additional anti-government violence over the next year.”

In the months since the Bundy standoff, many Nevada ranchers have ignored BLM warnings to curb grazing activities while record droughts afflict the state and region. Now BLM employees are unsure where they stand, should new fights evolve.”


You don’t say.  What ever would cause them to worry a year later?

We are like kittens.


I am especially warm and fuzzy.

Zoomie returns!

Funny, I was just thinking about III kitty the other day.

Comment , bitch or complain here:http://walterzoomiesworld.blogspot.com/2015/02/iii-kitty-returns-think-spring.html

Rancher Cliven Bundy’s son gets prison for 2013 felony convictions

Published Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 | 8:35 a.m.

Cliven Lance Bundy

Cliven Lance Bundy

An adult son of southern Nevada rancher and states’ rights advocate Cliven Bundy has been sentenced to state prison for violating probation on two felony convictions dating to 2013.

Cliven Lance Bundy blamed missed court dates and a failure after almost two years to complete a one-year court-run drug diversion program on an addiction to pain medications and heroin.

Clark County District Court Judge Carolyn Ellsworth told the 35-year-old Bundy that he’s out of second chances.

Bundy goes by the name Lance. He was sentenced to two to eight years in prison for his guilty pleas to felony burglary and weapon theft charges.

Bundy’s father, Cliven Bundy, became a symbol for resisting authority after armed supporters faced off with armed federal agents last April to end a BLM cattle roundup.

That kind of mood…….

” They tell us, sir, that we are weak – unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of Hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

Sir, we are not weak, if we make a proper use of the means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.

Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.  The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat, but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged, their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable – and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come!

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, peace, peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun. The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

Yeah, I am in that kind of mood. Our republic is in flames, our freedoms gone and all anybody can do is bitch.

A comment I left on a news article to an irate commenter.

“It is all in the ACT. Who is willing? I know in Olympia Wash. this coming Saturday some folks are willing to act. I know that in Bunkerville there were people that were willing to act. I know that I am willing to act. I know that when my time comes that I am willing to “Act like it”. But my question is with all the angry fed up people out there, are they willing to “Act like it” or just b@tch about it?”

See? This is why I smoked. Because I am an asshole.

Gun confiscation begins in NY via dead relatives


“Gun confiscation has indeed begun in New York.

This is not an over-hyped claim although this confiscation has yet to take the form of kicking down doors and SWAT teams.


Still, rarely do such forms of tyranny come in one fell swoop with all the alarm bells ringing and the requisite flashing neon sign declaring a police state, apparently the only thing that might make Americans wake up and smell the fascism.

In the absence of that presentation, however, Buffalo police are doing the next best thing – tracking down gun owners, investigating their “permits,” and confiscating their guns if possible.

Buffalo police are now checking the records of “pistol permit holders” to see if the holders are still living. If the permit holder is no longer living, the police will investigate “what happened to their gun or guns.”

And so it begins. But liberal New York, the bastion of socialism in the Northeast is on its own. They should have seen this coming a decade ago. Now there is no one to help them but themselves. I have heard a lot of talk about backing up people in Connecticut or Colorado but no one it seems is willing to go to NY.

Focus BLM: from TL Davis

The original here:http://christianmerc.blogspot.com/2014/04/focus-blm.html


In the new reality of freedom fighters and domestic terrorists it is important for militias and freedom fighters not to spend their credibility cheaply. What made the Bundy Ranch a success for the patriot forces was Cliven Bundy himself. I am aware of numerous individuals who would have sold out the efforts of their supporters for a reduced grazing fee, or a better payoff.

This is one reason to take it further, to go outside the individual. We can not always rely on the backbone of those we seek to aid when the feds come calling with stock trailers and military garb. The nation is awake. A great example of this was the interchange between Harry Reid and Dean Heller, the Republican senator from Nevada.

On KSNV-TV, Harry repeated his opinion that the supporters of Cliven Bundy were domestic terrorists while Heller called them patriots.

Harry Reid’s reply was: “If they are patriots, we are in trouble.” Yes, Harry, people like you are in trouble, because those were patriots. That’s what undiluted, undiminished Americans look like when the government abuses their God-given rights.

When the situation exists where one senator can call a group of individuals domestic terrorists and the other senator can call them patriots, the game is already ours. Now, these senators might just be playing politics, but it is the fact that the politics of today allow such a stark divide that enables our cause.

The BLM is taking land all over America. This can be the focus of our patriotic fervor, to counter BLM wherever we can find a person or family willing to accept our help, to stand firm, to display the appropriate backbone. Many of them have been fighting the BLM for several years. Some of these people do not understand the militia/patriot movement. They might not even support our goals, but there are some who do and will and they need to be vetted and then supported.

Focus locally, but embrace the idea of national support. One thing I think should also be done, though I don’t know how to manage it. There needs to be a GoFundMe account, or some other such funding mechanism to help support those willing to take up the cause. Who do you trust to control the funds? That’s a good question. Can there be a means of making such a fund trustworthy enough to be a viable funding source? Beyond reproach?

We need to exploit the weakness the BLM and feds have shown and start to show up at every Bundy-like action. Again, vetting and screening those we aim to defend. This goes back to Kerodin’s point where part of the purpose is to deny surplus boots on the ground, because all of the BLM offices are dealing with their own security issues. I have heard of BLM movements in Texas and Colorado. I will be going to Colorado shortly and repeatedly while I deal with property there. I’ll do some research on that angle.

The reason I find BLM compelling is because their way of doing business violates every single right I can think of. They tried to limit free speech in Nevada, for heaven’s sake. The Fourth Amendment means nothing to them. I know they would like to do away with the Second Amendment.

I am willing to take some direction on where to go and who to talk to in Colorado. 


“We are willing to give our lives”

There are still around 100 armed militia still hanging out at the Bundy ranch.

A witness to history: Bunkerville and the Boston Tea party

We live in dangerous and interesting times that haven’t been seen in our country since possibly the civil war. We live in an era when the first stirrings of rebellion are again landing on Americas shores, disembarking and venturing into the heartland . We live in a time of dissidence against the overwhelming police state that now sits upon the throne of King George and dictates our lives.        Don’t underestimate the significance of what happened over the weekend at the Cliven Bundy ranch. Many thought that it would be the shot heard round the world; But it was not. What we witnessed on Saturday was a replay of another great moment in American revolutionary history. Those weren’t cattle getting rounded up; that was tea getting thrown into the harbor. This event was analogous to the Boston tea party in it’s being open defiance to the King.   As that tea was chucked overboard in the dark night, those brave and rightoeus men were declaring open defiance to the king. They were signaling there intent that open tyranny was not to be abided by free men; That free men would stand and declare their freedom in defiance of the might of the King and his army. They let it be known that would not be taxed unfairly whether it be Kings law or not and damn him and his governors and armies.    That is what we witnessed over the weekend. Those few and brave patriots, who traveled from the safety of their homes and families to the Bundy ranch , have thrown the very same gauntlet into the face of the King. This is the first blow thrown in what may be a long struggle, but it undoubtedly has been thrown. For the first time the powers that be have been given notice of intent. They have found out that there are men who still have enough courage and honor to make a stand against their almighty forces. They have now realized that the spirit of America is not dead; that the sons and daughters of the country birthed in revolution still proudly live here.      Now the eye of Mordor on the Potomac will certainly turn it’s gaze towards them.(I know “Eye of Mordor”, but I couldn’t help myself, what with the NSA spying and all ) The King and his forces have not lost the war or even the battle, they have just been served a gauntlet across the face; Nothing more and nothing less. They now know that there are men who will ride against them when called upon to do so. They are now aware of treachery afoot among the subjects and I am sure that they will do their best to stamp it out.     But the subjects have had enough. This has been brewing for decades and we have suffered insult after insult against us. We have watched as our rights are quietly being taken from us.They have done it slowly and insidiously, strangling the life out of them, under dark cover of night, so no one much notices them as they choke out their last gasps. But gone they are, and in their stead they offer us new rights that they manufacture in their posh marble offices. Rights for gays and rights for blacks and rights for healthcare and so on and so on. But as a free people we have always had these rights all of us, black white or whatever and never needed the Kings dictate to have them. If anything it was they who took those peoples rights in the first place and now they offer them back with the most important ones missing.     Our real and natural rights are being over written by the treacherous pens of our own so called representatives as they codify into self serving law what you can and can’t do. I ,as those who rode into Nevada, am a free man, a patriot, an American and a subject of the King. I have had enough of being told what to do and what to pay. I am sick of being told what my car should emit and how much water my toilet should use and what kind of light bulb or gun I am allowed to have. I have had enough of the spying and intrusion into my life and that of my children and their education. I have had enough of being told where I can live or hunt or graze or swim or boat or work.         Does that sound like freedom to you? It certainly does not to me. Not when our corrupt representatives go to Washington and vote against everything that we as a free people believe in. Not when they vote for the detention of Americans by the military and it takes a filibuster for the attorney general to say it may not be legal to kill American citizens on American soil with drone strikes. Not when they authorize the NSA to spy on every American citizen and collect every call that we make. Not when they pass crony laws simply to fill their pockets and enrich themselves.   Yes, I believe that over the weekend we have witnessed history. I believe that what we witnessed was the collective of freedom loving Americans telling the King where we stand when it comes to tyranny. I think that the point made was amply clear; In defiance of your laws we demand freedom. In defiance of your bureaucratic decrees we will stand our ground and fight.    I am aware that it was only a few thousand people in the desert making the stand but there were many, many, others who were there in spirit. I myself had committed to go if there was bloodshed as had many others.    Cliven Bundy said in an interview that he had faith in the American spirit and in the American people and he was sure that they would show up to help him. He right in his faith, because they did.
We have made our first attempt to breach the walls of the castle. We have thrown the tea into the cold waters of the harbor. We have told the King and his minions our intent; We intend to be free whether you like it or not. To my fellow patriots, MOLON LABE!


Oathkeepers taking donations for Bunkerville logistics


Many more boots on the ground are going to be arriving over the weekend and logistical support is needed. Food , water shelter and essentials are needed.   If you can’t go yourself, support someone who is there.    I know that there is a lot of fugue in the situation right now with the whole cattle deal. If the situation goes hot, that will be gone and things will be crystal clear.     In that case I will be heading out.

From TL Davis

“Now is the time to be in Nevada. It is time to push the struggle of the average American, in this case Cliven Bundy. It should not be enough to just show up and support the family. It is time to start helping Cliven Bundy get his cattle back. It is a chance to give a show of force to the feds and let it start to sink in what would happen if they attempt to impose control over a free people.

Already the feds are guilty of numerous counts of assault and assault with a deadly weapon. It is not just an accident when they use force against citizens for asking questions. It is not just an accident when citizens are hit with a moving vehicle. Those park rangers are criminals and must be held accountable for their crimes.”

Read the rest here: http://christianmerc.blogspot.com/2014/04/into-whirlwind.html


Three percenters, armed militias heading to Bundy ranch

Channel 8 news coverage of Bunkerville. Threepers are starting to roll in and I know that they will be spoiling for a fight.

Bunkerville: Same pig, different lipstick

From TL Davis, original here:http://christianmerc.blogspot.com/


The very essence of what has happened to America is being played out in the Nevada desert near Bunkerville. Cliven Bundy and his family have grazed cattle on federal land since before the formation of the BLM, well over 100 years. His family moved out to settle the wilderness with nothing more than a homestead of 160 acres.

In exchange for braving a very unforgiving environment, ranchers were allowed to graze their cattle on the remaining unsold land. This is not an absentee business, ranching. It requires riding herd, protecting the cattle from predators, calving, moving cattle, managing the range, digging wells for water and a million other chores required to survive the desert.

This is how ranching was done. The federal government didn’t care that the cattle were there. Back then, when this was still a free land, the federal government was just happy there was someone there, anyone, who might be able to help their troops who patrolled the West, securing the land for settlement. When Bundy’s family settled the land, there was no such thing as Las Vegas, or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They were alone, isolated with only the help of neighbors to fight through the worst the desert had to offer.

It was tough and it bred men like Cliven Bundy, who has stood up and refused to be pushed around by bureaucrats and environmentalists. The desert tortoise is nothing but a ruse conjured up by the alliance of a federal government unconcerned for the rights of citizens and environmentalists who think all of humanity is a curse to their precious god: Gaia. Environmental fascism and bureaucratic brute force have been brought together to destroy another American family.

Armed forces of the FBI, BLM and Park Rangers have been sent out to steal his cattle, to harass his family and destroy the ranch. It is the final act in a long-running confrontation between Bundy and the feds. This is how the federal government deals with the little guy, the pioneer, the average joe. If Bundy’s name were Chase, or JP Morgan, or General Motors the $300,000 the government says Bundy owes in back grazing fees would be nothing, a mere accounting error, not even a decent bonus to the Wall Street Bankers this government bailed out just a few years ago. But since the family name is Bundy, a person not unlike any of us, except, perhaps more courageous, he suffers the full wrath of the federal government, complete with “First Amendment Areas” snipers on the surrounding hills and helicopters buzzing the ranch.

The reasons behind the conflict are irrelevant, because it is the tactics, the severity of treatment the people receive at the hands of their government that reveals its open hostility toward freedom and independence. Bundy is the enemy. Whatever actions Bundy took that set the government on this vendetta could easily have been reasoned out, discussed, but that’s not how the feds deal with little guys.

Those in the patriot/liberty community have been seeking a point where a stand must be made. They wonder who will be the one to stand up to these tyrants. Look no further. Cliven Bundy has long made his sentiments known, has for decades argued for the right to do as his family has done for over 100 years. If he will stand, the forces for liberty should stand with him. Run the barricades, video the abuses, label the tyrants for who they are. It doesn’t matter how this turns out, it should be the line that we no longer let slip beneath our feet as we shake our heads.

Rob Mrowka at the Center for Biological Diversity and Terri Robertson of Friends of Sloan Canyon are two of the environmentalists pushing the federal government to take these actions.

Don’t let them put Bunkerville beside the names of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Trumped up, overzealousness ruled the day back then, too. This is the same pig with different lipstick.