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“INDIANAPOLIS — Multiple shots were fired at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Northwest District Headquarters late Tuesday night.

An officer called in a report of shots fired around 11 p.m. Upon further investigation, about 15 bullet holes were found on the outside of the building in the 3800 block of Industrial Boulevard.

Police say the shots appear to have come from a high-powered assault-style rifle.

There were shell casings all over the road on the ground along the street. A vehicle was also struck.”


I’m sure it wasn’t the Amish this time

Student arrested after showing up at #Bowelmovementsmatter protest in Gorilla mask and handing out bananas

“An East Tennessee State University student was arrested Wednesday after going to a Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask and handing out bananas.

Tristan Rettke, an 18-year-old freshman, wore overalls and a gorilla mask and, wandering barefoot while holding a burlap sack with a Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf on it, offered bananas to students who were protesting, according to a report by ETSU police. He was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation.

According to campus police, after being read his rights Rettke told officers that a couple of days earlier he had seen on social media that there would be a Black Lives Matter event in the “free speech” area of Borchuck Plaza on the Johnson City, Tenn., campus. He said he went to a store Tuesday to buy rope to tie to a bunch of bananas. While there he also bought the mask and brought it all to the event on Wednesday.

According to the police report, Rettke said the stunt was an attempt to provoke the protesters.

Rettke did not immediately respond to messages from The Washington Post seeking comment Thursday.

In a video posted on social media, the protesters appear to be trying to ignore Rettke, although one protester says on the video that his hands are shaking with anger. A woman at the protest called police.”


Go to the article and read the comments

Lots there about the “Alt right”

Trump the racist , etc.

But no one seems to take offense at the sign above

“Black lives matter, All lives don’t”

Now that’s not racist at all

Geologist who predicted epa toxic spill alleges EPA did it intentionally

The Silverton Standard published this letter to the editor from Dave Taylor of Farmington, New Mexico, who says he has “47 years of experience” as a professional geologist:

I came to Silverton this summer to enjoy my retirement, appreciate nature and prospect the mountains for unique minerals. I came here to enjoy a simple life with no TV and no politics, but unfortunately, that has changed. Your EPA dilemma has caused my blood to boil.

Based on my 47 years experience as a professional geologist, it appears to me that the EPA is setting your town and the area up for a possible Superfund blitzkrieg.

In regards to your meeting with the EP on June 23, Mr. Hestmark’s (EPA representative) statement “we don’t have an agenda” is either ignorant naivety or an outright falsehood. I am certain Mr. Hestmark’s hyrdologists have advised him what’s going to happen when the Red & Bonita portals [are] plugged and the “grand experiment” begins with unknown and foreseeable results and possible negative consequences.

Here’s the scenario that will occur based on my experience:

Following the plugging, the exfiltrating water will be retained behind the bulkheads, accumulating at a rate of approximately 500 gallons per minute. As the water backs up, it will begin filling all connected mine workings and bedrock voids and fractures. As the water level inside the workings continue to rise, it will accumulate head pressure at a rate of 1 PSI per each 2.31 feet of vertical rise.

As the water continues to migrate through and fill interinterconnected workings, the pressure will increase. Eventually, without a doubt. The water will find a way out and will exfiltrate uncontrollably through connected abandoned shafts, drifts, raises, fractures, and possibly from talus on the hillsides. Initially it will appear that the miracle fix is working.


But make no mistake, within seven to 120 days all of the 500 gpm flow will return to Cement Creek. Contamination may actually increase due to disturbance and flushing action within the workings.

The “grand experiment” in my opinion will fail. And guess what Mr. Hestmark will say then?

Gee, ‘Plan A’ didn’t work so I guess we will have to build a treatment plant at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million to $500 million (who knows).

Reading between the lines, I believe that has been EPA’s plan all along. The proposed Red & Bonita plugging plan has been their way of getting a foot in the door to justify their hidden agenda for construction of a treatment plant.

After all, with a budget of $8.2 billion and 17,000 employees, the EPA needs new, big projects to feed the best and justify their existence.

I would recommend that anyone who owns a home, property water well or srping in the Cement Creek drainage take water samples ASAP to protect themselves from groundwater changes that may be caused by the EPA plugging operation.

God bless America, God bless Silverton, Colorado, and God protect us from the EPA”


That is some pretty damning stuff

Could the EPA be that grossly incompetent?

I doubt it

I am leaning towards Dave’s view

One Year After Standoff With Armed Militia, BLM Employees Still Feel Vulnerable

“On April 12, 2014, protestors and some armed militiamen rallied in support of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. In what was intended to be the culmination of a longstanding battle between BLM and Bundy, the agency had rounded up all of the rancher’s livestock he had been illegally allowing to graze on federal land without paying the appropriate fees. The gathering of protestors led to a prolonged standoff, and eventually BLM released the cattle so the crowds would dissipate.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility said BLM has refused to disclose any documents relating to its decision-making process in regard to the incident, or how it plans to respond to similar situations in the future. BLM employees do not know what precautions were taken or how their safety will be ensured moving forward.

Additionally, PEER said, the situation with Bundy is unresolved. This could set a dangerous precedent as ranchers and other detractors feel “emboldened” to challenge the authority of federal agencies and regulations. If Bundy and a rag-tag crew of vigilantes with guns could get a federal agency to back down, what would stop others from doing the same?

The concern appears to have some merit. In July, the Homeland Security Department’s Intelligence and Analysis Office issued a report titled “Domestic Violent Extremists Pose Increased Threat to Government Officials and Law Enforcement.” The investigators said the “perceived victory by militia extremists” in the Bundy case would “likely inspire additional anti-government violence over the next year.”

In the months since the Bundy standoff, many Nevada ranchers have ignored BLM warnings to curb grazing activities while record droughts afflict the state and region. Now BLM employees are unsure where they stand, should new fights evolve.”


You don’t say.  What ever would cause them to worry a year later?

We are like kittens.


I am especially warm and fuzzy.

Focus BLM: from TL Davis

The original here:http://christianmerc.blogspot.com/2014/04/focus-blm.html


In the new reality of freedom fighters and domestic terrorists it is important for militias and freedom fighters not to spend their credibility cheaply. What made the Bundy Ranch a success for the patriot forces was Cliven Bundy himself. I am aware of numerous individuals who would have sold out the efforts of their supporters for a reduced grazing fee, or a better payoff.

This is one reason to take it further, to go outside the individual. We can not always rely on the backbone of those we seek to aid when the feds come calling with stock trailers and military garb. The nation is awake. A great example of this was the interchange between Harry Reid and Dean Heller, the Republican senator from Nevada.

On KSNV-TV, Harry repeated his opinion that the supporters of Cliven Bundy were domestic terrorists while Heller called them patriots.

Harry Reid’s reply was: “If they are patriots, we are in trouble.” Yes, Harry, people like you are in trouble, because those were patriots. That’s what undiluted, undiminished Americans look like when the government abuses their God-given rights.

When the situation exists where one senator can call a group of individuals domestic terrorists and the other senator can call them patriots, the game is already ours. Now, these senators might just be playing politics, but it is the fact that the politics of today allow such a stark divide that enables our cause.

The BLM is taking land all over America. This can be the focus of our patriotic fervor, to counter BLM wherever we can find a person or family willing to accept our help, to stand firm, to display the appropriate backbone. Many of them have been fighting the BLM for several years. Some of these people do not understand the militia/patriot movement. They might not even support our goals, but there are some who do and will and they need to be vetted and then supported.

Focus locally, but embrace the idea of national support. One thing I think should also be done, though I don’t know how to manage it. There needs to be a GoFundMe account, or some other such funding mechanism to help support those willing to take up the cause. Who do you trust to control the funds? That’s a good question. Can there be a means of making such a fund trustworthy enough to be a viable funding source? Beyond reproach?

We need to exploit the weakness the BLM and feds have shown and start to show up at every Bundy-like action. Again, vetting and screening those we aim to defend. This goes back to Kerodin’s point where part of the purpose is to deny surplus boots on the ground, because all of the BLM offices are dealing with their own security issues. I have heard of BLM movements in Texas and Colorado. I will be going to Colorado shortly and repeatedly while I deal with property there. I’ll do some research on that angle.

The reason I find BLM compelling is because their way of doing business violates every single right I can think of. They tried to limit free speech in Nevada, for heaven’s sake. The Fourth Amendment means nothing to them. I know they would like to do away with the Second Amendment.

I am willing to take some direction on where to go and who to talk to in Colorado. 

Bow down, Dingy Harry speaks

Harry Reid said something interesting yesterday in response to the Bundy ranch drama. He stated that it is not over because “We can’t have an American people who break the law”. What is interesting is the all inclusive “An American people”. He isn’t referring to some people or individuals, but rather the people as a whole.    This flies in the face of everything that America stands for. When the people as a whole reject laws, there is a problem. It is supposed to be our voices in Washington, by proxy, passing those laws, so of course we wouldn’t break them.    Instead, what we have are a bunch of arrogant, self serving, rat-bastards doing as they please and stifling our freedom with onerous laws. It is with complete confidence and arrogance that Reid states this.” Why of course we are going to force the people to do as we say.” You know, I was ambivalent about the whole Bundy thing until I saw the first amendment pens that had been set up. That was the turning point that made me jump on a side. It is that type of unmitigated arrogance that I am talking about. They actually thought that people were going to line up and get into a pen and angrily wave signs in the air. I am sure that this is far from over, but what Reid didn’t notice is that there is a different drum beating that people are marching to. The people couldn’t give 2 craps about Harry Reids laws and the BLM 1st amendment zones anymore. Fuck you Harry, Fuck you very much.

A witness to history: Bunkerville and the Boston Tea party

We live in dangerous and interesting times that haven’t been seen in our country since possibly the civil war. We live in an era when the first stirrings of rebellion are again landing on Americas shores, disembarking and venturing into the heartland . We live in a time of dissidence against the overwhelming police state that now sits upon the throne of King George and dictates our lives.        Don’t underestimate the significance of what happened over the weekend at the Cliven Bundy ranch. Many thought that it would be the shot heard round the world; But it was not. What we witnessed on Saturday was a replay of another great moment in American revolutionary history. Those weren’t cattle getting rounded up; that was tea getting thrown into the harbor. This event was analogous to the Boston tea party in it’s being open defiance to the King.   As that tea was chucked overboard in the dark night, those brave and rightoeus men were declaring open defiance to the king. They were signaling there intent that open tyranny was not to be abided by free men; That free men would stand and declare their freedom in defiance of the might of the King and his army. They let it be known that would not be taxed unfairly whether it be Kings law or not and damn him and his governors and armies.    That is what we witnessed over the weekend. Those few and brave patriots, who traveled from the safety of their homes and families to the Bundy ranch , have thrown the very same gauntlet into the face of the King. This is the first blow thrown in what may be a long struggle, but it undoubtedly has been thrown. For the first time the powers that be have been given notice of intent. They have found out that there are men who still have enough courage and honor to make a stand against their almighty forces. They have now realized that the spirit of America is not dead; that the sons and daughters of the country birthed in revolution still proudly live here.      Now the eye of Mordor on the Potomac will certainly turn it’s gaze towards them.(I know “Eye of Mordor”, but I couldn’t help myself, what with the NSA spying and all ) The King and his forces have not lost the war or even the battle, they have just been served a gauntlet across the face; Nothing more and nothing less. They now know that there are men who will ride against them when called upon to do so. They are now aware of treachery afoot among the subjects and I am sure that they will do their best to stamp it out.     But the subjects have had enough. This has been brewing for decades and we have suffered insult after insult against us. We have watched as our rights are quietly being taken from us.They have done it slowly and insidiously, strangling the life out of them, under dark cover of night, so no one much notices them as they choke out their last gasps. But gone they are, and in their stead they offer us new rights that they manufacture in their posh marble offices. Rights for gays and rights for blacks and rights for healthcare and so on and so on. But as a free people we have always had these rights all of us, black white or whatever and never needed the Kings dictate to have them. If anything it was they who took those peoples rights in the first place and now they offer them back with the most important ones missing.     Our real and natural rights are being over written by the treacherous pens of our own so called representatives as they codify into self serving law what you can and can’t do. I ,as those who rode into Nevada, am a free man, a patriot, an American and a subject of the King. I have had enough of being told what to do and what to pay. I am sick of being told what my car should emit and how much water my toilet should use and what kind of light bulb or gun I am allowed to have. I have had enough of the spying and intrusion into my life and that of my children and their education. I have had enough of being told where I can live or hunt or graze or swim or boat or work.         Does that sound like freedom to you? It certainly does not to me. Not when our corrupt representatives go to Washington and vote against everything that we as a free people believe in. Not when they vote for the detention of Americans by the military and it takes a filibuster for the attorney general to say it may not be legal to kill American citizens on American soil with drone strikes. Not when they authorize the NSA to spy on every American citizen and collect every call that we make. Not when they pass crony laws simply to fill their pockets and enrich themselves.   Yes, I believe that over the weekend we have witnessed history. I believe that what we witnessed was the collective of freedom loving Americans telling the King where we stand when it comes to tyranny. I think that the point made was amply clear; In defiance of your laws we demand freedom. In defiance of your bureaucratic decrees we will stand our ground and fight.    I am aware that it was only a few thousand people in the desert making the stand but there were many, many, others who were there in spirit. I myself had committed to go if there was bloodshed as had many others.    Cliven Bundy said in an interview that he had faith in the American spirit and in the American people and he was sure that they would show up to help him. He right in his faith, because they did.
We have made our first attempt to breach the walls of the castle. We have thrown the tea into the cold waters of the harbor. We have told the King and his minions our intent; We intend to be free whether you like it or not. To my fellow patriots, MOLON LABE!


One step closer to war

     Life lived at any cost is just not for me.  I just can’t accept the concept of “bow down and you will be spared”.   There are greater things in life than just breathing air. Things like liberty and honor , the great ideas of men, are more important than the empty life of a drone worker. There are people who will give up anything, or anyone just to continue living a miserable existence.   Who the hell accepts the life of a slave? Certainly not me. Give me death as I fight you, you tyrant scum.   The innate rights that are granted by your creator? Those are nothing if you are not willing to fight for them. I wasn’t given the right to be free… I was given the right to fight to be free. That was what was breathed into me along with my breath and life; The fire of freedom.  I wasn’t born with a bill of rights in my hand; I was born with a hand that could write them. I was born with a hand that could make a weapon and use it if my freedom is oppressed. I was born with a fire that will not accept subjugation. I was born with a fire that will make me fight to remain free. That fire of freedom will only leave me when the last breath is pressed from my chest.    There may be a lot of tough choices coming up for people here shortly, but not for me. That choice for me was made many years ago, that choice was birthed into this world right along side of me.  “Victoria Aut Mors”     


Bundy ranch -Watch the video- Everybody is taking off because word is something is going down in Overton

Bundy ranch -Watch the video- Everybody is taking off because word is something is going down in Overton

News reporter says that all the “Protesters” are taking off and there are “Rumblings” that something is going down there. Overton is right close to bunkerville