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So your’e dead

Your life summed up
In garbage bags
One full of your
Personal things
A snapshot of your life
That no one wants
The end of the life
Of a thief
Broken and alone
But you stole more than money from me
You stole friendship
And companionship
You stole the breaking of bread
And trust
And care and compassion
You stole things that I can’t get back
Things that I will never place so easily
In someones hand again
But it doesn’t matter to you now
Not that it ever did
Now that you are dead

Calm river

You would feel so much better

If I unleashed my anger on you

Your self pity

Could be buried

By the torrent of my rage

It would be twisted

Into being about you

As you drowned beneath

The roiling current

You could go cold

Beneath the waves

And let the river pass over you

Watching the fading sky

Through the rippling lens of water

“Til you slowly slipped away

But I won’t

I will make you feel

What you have done

I’ll stay the high ground

And not burst the dam

Let the river run gentle

Let the water run calm

Let you remember

The shame

Of your betrayal