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Nasty, crusty ,old lying skank, Hillary tries to unsay what she said about coal


Last month, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vowed to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

On Monday, an emotional unemployed coal miner by the name of Bo Copley confronted Clinton on her promise, asking how she could claim to be friends of the coal miners while also putting them out of jobs.

“I don’t know how to explain it other than what I said was totally out of context for what I meant because I have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time,” she replied. “It was a misstatement because what I was saying is the way things are going now, they will continue to lose jobs. It didn’t mean that we were going to do it. What I said is that is going to happen unless we take action to help and prevent it.”

Clinton continued, “I can’t take it back, and I certainly can’t get people who, for political reasons or personal reasons, very painful reasons, are upset with me. What I want you to know is I’m going to do everything I can to help, no matter what happens politically.”

“I do feel a little bit sad and sorry that I gave folks the reason, or the excuse, to be so upset with me, because that is not what I intended at all,” she told Copley.

And here is what she actually said

“I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, Tim? And we’re going to make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people,” Clinton said.

“Those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. Now we’ve got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels, but I don’t want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy that we relied on.”


Totally out of context for what she meant?


What does that even mean?

Is she having her second childhood and she is three years old again?

Get this line:

“I can’t take it back, and I certainly can’t get people who, for political reasons or personal reasons, very painful reasons, are upset with me”

It’s not what she said it’s “people who, for political reasons or personal reasons, very painful reasons, are upset with me”

Oh, Po Po Hillary, I think she’s going to cry because of the mean people

My kids came up with better excuses than that

And this:

“I do feel a little bit sad and sorry that I gave folks the reason, or the excuse, to be so upset with me, because that is not what I intended at all,”

“Or the excuse”

See? they were just waiting for a reason

An excuse to be upset with her

“Please, don’t beat me anymore. I’m just a poor woman”

Just turn on the waterworks and get it over with already

But now compare that sorry self serving load of B.S. with reality

“I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, Tim?”

“We’re”  *We are


Future tense of the verb

*In the future

*”Put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”

*Right Tim?

Now go ahead you old skank and try to unsay what you said and blame it on all the mean, misogynistic, sexist white men

What a lying crock of shit she is

Should I say now what I really Think?………







JEB proves that he is a full on retard

“Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants the United States to declare war on ISIS.

Speaking on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Bush addressed the recent attacks in Paris and said that he believes America has a responsibility to lead in the fight against what he called “this radical Islamist threat.”

“This is viewed as a law enforcement exercise by the Obama administration. We should declare war,” Bush said. “We have the capabilities to do this. We just have to show the will.”

His desire to call for war could provoke comparisons to his brother, President George W. Bush, who sent troops to Iraq in what became a widely unpopular war against terrorism after the September 11 attacks on the U.S.”

“The former Florida governor listed a number of actions he thinks President Barack Obama should take, including declaring a no-fly zone over Syria and directly arming the Peshmerga forces in Iraq. Bush also declared that he wants to American boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS.”

A no fly zone over Syria

What a genius

Russia is flying hundreds of sorties a week and bombing the hell out of the people that are supposedly our allies

And JEB proposes that we make a no fly zone

In fact he believes that it is the most important thing that we can do to defeat ISIS

That and boots on the ground

So let us do an Iraq replay but this time with Russia adding extra flavor

No thanks Mr. Bush

Between your brother and your father

We have already been fucked to high heaven and back

Don’t run JEB, just walk

America has had enough of Bushes with bad ideas

Can Hillary steal the election?

Just wondering

Here is what happened in Florida in 2012

A super majority of Republicans were elected to the house

A super majority were elected to the senate

A (most hated by the left) Governor was re-elected

Obama won Florida

So all those people that put the republicans in office did this:

House – (R)…… Check

Senate – (R)…… Check

Governor (R)…. Check

You know what?

I think I will vote for Obama on this one (D)….Check

Yeah right, that’s how it went

You couldn’t find an Obama sign anywhere in any part of the state I traveled through

Romney criss crossed the state and any venue he had was so over packed that people literally had to walk miles to get there

Upon arrival they would find out that the event was full and they would be stuck in the over flow crowd

Hillary for president?

They did it once and I don’t find it too far fetched that they would do it again

There were counties here in Florida that had voter roles that were 110% of their population

Go Hillary!!

I have been blocked from commenting on Twitchy

Hahaha! I have been blocked from better sites than that

If you dare to not follow their narrative while they are busy cop sucking they will block you

The narrative that they were following was it was all wrong for a border patrol agent to be charged in a shooting

He shot a 16 Yr. old kid on the other side of the border that he claimed was throwing rocks

All the commenters on Twitchy wanted to give him a medal

My thoughts were more like, Why not move out of range of the rocks seeing how he is on the Mexican side of the border

Apparently those charging him saw it that way too

Hackers post data from infidelity site

“Hackers who stole sensitive customer information from the cheating site AshleyMadison.com appear to have made good on their threat to post the data online.

A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser. The files appear to include account details and log-ins for some 32 million users of the social networking site, touted as the premier site for married individuals seeking partners for affairs. Seven years worth of credit card and other payment transaction details are also part of the dump, going back to 2007. The data, which amounts to millions of payment transactions, includes names, street address, email address and amount paid, but not credit card numbers; instead it includes four digits for each transaction that may be the last four digits of the credit card or simply a transaction ID unique to each charge. AshleyMadison.com claimed to have nearly 40 million users at the time of the breach about a month ago, all apparently in the market for clandestine hookups.

“Ashley Madison is the most famous name in infidelity and married dating,” the site asserts on its homepage. “Have an Affair today on Ashley Madison. Thousands of cheating wives and cheating husbands signup everyday looking for an affair…. With Our affair guarantee package we guarantee you will find the perfect affair partner.”

The data released by the hackers includes names, addresses and phone numbers submitted by users of the site, though it’s unclear if members provided legitimate details. A sampling of the data indicates that users likely provided random numbers and addresses, but files containing credit card transactions will yield real names and addresses, unless members of the site used anonymous pre-paid cards. One analysis of email addresses found in the data dump also shows that some 15,000 are .mil. or .gov addresses.

The data also includes descriptions of what members were seeking. “I’m looking for someone who isn’t happy at home or just bored and looking for some excitement,” wrote one member who provided an address in Ottawa and the name and phone number of someone who works for the Customs and Immigration Union in Canada. “I love it when I’m called and told I have 15 minutes to get to someplace where I’ll be greeted at the door with a surprise—maybe lingerie, nakedness. I like to ravish and be ravished … I like lots of foreplay and stamina, fun, discretion, oral, even willingness to experiment—*smile*”


Below is an excerpt from an old post by Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin.com.

I don’t have anything to add to it

Treat my wife with more respect than you give me. She will let you know by her attitude the level of familiarity she’s comfortable with.

Do not talk shit about my family or friends to me. The very least I will do is call them in front of you and tell them. Plus you might get your ass beat.

If you cheat on your wife, stay away from me. If she can’t trust you, neither can I.

Be courteous to women and the elderly when we’re together.”

The rest of it is here and is worth reading : http://knuckledraggin.com/2014/07/wirecutters-rules-civility/

‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides

“As pressure builds on Hillary Clinton to explain her official use of personal email while serving as secretary of state, she faced new complications Tuesday. It was disclosed her top aides are being drawn into a burgeoning federal inquiry and that two emails on her private account have been classified as “Top Secret.”

The inspector general for the Intelligence Community notified senior members of Congress that two of four classified emails discovered on the server Clinton maintained at her New York home contained material deemed to be in one of the highest security classifications – more sensitive than previously known.

The notice came as the State Department inspector general’s office acknowledged that it is reviewing the use of “personal communications hardware and software” by Clinton’s former top aides after requests from Congress.

“We will follow the facts wherever they lead, to include former aides and associates, as appropriate,” said Douglas Welty, a spokesman for the State Department’s inspector general.

Despite the acknowledgment, the State Department inspector general’s office has left numerous unanswered questions, including exactly who and what is being investigated. The office initially declined to comment and referred questions to the Intelligence Community inspector general’s office, which said it is not currently involved in any inquiry into aides and is being denied full access to aides’ emails by the State Department. Clinton, herself, is not a target.

The expanding inquiry threatens to further erode Clinton’s standing as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Since her reliance on private email was revealed in March, polls in crucial swing states show that increasing numbers of voters say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, in part, because of her use of private emails.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee, wants Clinton and her aides to “come clean and cough up” information about their personal email use.”


Poor Hillary

Looks like a vast right wing conspiracy to me

Sometimes simple is better

The Feds want speed limiters and surveillance devices installed in every car, truck and bus

“The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called on commercial bus and truck manufacturers to install data recorders often referred to as “black box” recorders.

NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said that despite “more than a decade of recommendations by the NTSB,” federal regulators at the U.S. Department of Transportation had not required them in large motor vehicles.  If you didn’t know nearly every car manufactured after 2005 has a black box, the NHTSA has an entire page dedicated to Event Data Recorders.”
GPS blocker
Need I say more? Plug it into your power port and it makes you go bye- bye.
They run anywhere from $15.00 to $50.00
Don’t forget to unplug it when you try to use your Garmin and save your self some unneeded aggravation

Isis attacks Ain al-Asad air base where 320 US troops are stationed, over run nearby town.

“Reuters) – Islamic State insurgents took control on Thursday of most of the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi, threatening an air base where U.S. Marines are training Iraqi troops, officials said.

Al-Baghdadi, about 85 km (50 miles) northwest of Ramadi in Anbar province, had been besieged for months by the radical Sunni Islamist militants who captured vast swathes of northern and western Iraq last year.

“Ninety percent of al-Baghdadi district has fallen under the control of the insurgents,” district manager Naji Arak told Reuters by phone.

Militants attacked al-Baghdadi from two directions earlier in the day and then advanced on the town, intelligence sources and officials in the Jazeera and Badiya operations commands said.

The officials said another group of insurgents then attacked the heavily-guarded Ain al-Asad air base five km southwest of the town, but were unable to break into it.”


JV team at it again. I am not an interventionist but if those scumbags over run one the US populated bases I am all for hitting them with everything we have.

I don’t mean a Jordanian style little ass spanking. I am talking George HW Bush style every fucking asset we have in your fucking dry little desert.

400 missiles stolen in Benghazi


The truth about Benghazi slowly drips out as the whistle blowers begin to speak up. Hopefully the rivulets of info will turn into a river as they come forward.    It is becoming apparent the the original theories about arms dealing out of the consulate were true. Now, 400 missiles, we find out, have fallen into the hands of some “Very ugly people”.  I would assume that means Al qaeda and they have most likely been filtering not only into Syria but also Afghanistan.    In the end I think that this is going to morph into something that the media will no longer be able to ignore . Maybe when some of our troops get killed with our own armaments they will pay attention to this “Manufactured scandal” or maybe when an airliner gets taken down.


Our trip down the road to totalitarianism didn’t start in 1934 but that was the seminal year for the formation of the all powerful federal government. It actually started with Lincoln asserting Federal power over the states by making war on the confederates; but that was on the level of establishing federal supremacy over the states rights.  I use 1934  as the year that it really started because  that is when unlimited   federal  power was given over the citizenry.            With the much flawed ruling that banned machine guns. the fate of our nation was sealed; by ruling that machine guns affected interstate commerce and were therefore subject to the commerce clause the door was opened to the unlimited abuse of the clause that we now have. With the SCOTUS perverted interpretation of the commerce clause every aspect of American life could be claimed to be under Federal Jurisdiction. From what type of crops a farmer may grow to it being illegal to grow pot in your backyard has been ruled to be subject to the commerce clause. The Fed now dictates everything from your toilet and shower to your light bulbs the    Now for the scary part; the Obamacare ruling the National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius . A lot of people really haven’t thought about the implications of the ruling.      In addition unlimited jurisdiction through the commerce clause the federal government now has the unlimited power to tax; and not the power to tax as set forth in the constitution.  That treasonous bastard Justice Roberts has sold our nation into slavery.  We can now be compelled to do anything or pay a tremendous “Tax”.  There is no limit on the amount of the “Tax” that congress can exact for according to the Roberts court congress makes the call on all taxation.     Worried Yet?  If not, you should be. Think of all the possibilities: Register or turn in your guns or face a $15,000 tax, submit your DNA or face $10,000 tax or  a terrorism screening where you would be compelled to submit your work, financial and family history, your IP address, access to your email accounts and phone records.    You See?  The possibilities are endless. Whether you are left or right or center, name your biggest fear of the government and it can be found with this ruling.  Read it yourself if you don’t believe me.      There are no limitations on civil rights or anything else because you don’t have to comply;All you have to do is pay the tax; Congress has the constitutional authority to tax as it wishes according to this ruling.     Just wait until the scumbags in Washington figure out how to use this. Each party will claim to be the champion of the people protecting them from abuse and tyrannical taxation while they are positioning themselves to get both houses and the presidency so they can tax and oppress the fuck out of their enemies.      But my wonderful story of America doesn’t end here, it only starts here. When you couple unlimited federal jurisdiction and unlimited taxation powers with the increasingly militarized police state you can come up with some very scary scenarios. Anything the police state wants you can be compelled to give them, or be taxed to a pauper, anyone that can afford to not comply will find that under the commerce clause the fed has jurisdiction and they can be compelled by law.    To put it plainly and bluntly, we are fucked.        There is no way of voting your way out of this.  I will never cast a vote again; it does not matter. We have been given over to kings and tyrants by the treasonous scum on our highest court.         But in the end the most important questions are: What are you going to do when it begins?  Will you submit or resist? Will you go on as if life is normal or will you become Edward Snowden?

“I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death” Patrick Henry.

Crossing point

“I imagine everyone’s experience is different, but for me, there was no single moment. It was seeing a continuing litany of lies from senior officials to Congress – and therefore the American people – and the realization that that Congress, specifically the Gang of Eight, wholly supported the lies that compelled me to act. Seeing someone in the position of James Clapper – the Director of National Intelligence – baldly lying to the public without repercussion is the evidence of a subverted democracy. The consent of the governed is not consent if it is not informed,” Edward Snowden

What does it take to step over to the other side? As Edward Snowden said “It was no single event” that spurred him to do what he did. It was a collection of ever growing lies and deceit from our government that finally built until he reached his breaking point.  The important question is when will that point be reached for normal law abiding citizens? When will they realize the scale of the tyranny building and cross over themselves?     It is becoming ever more obvious that this administration is flagrantly flouting the rule of law and doing as it wishes. It certainly is not one single event but many; From Eric Holder and his contempt of congress to the IRS scandal. Every level of the government is involved in this lawlessness and corruption.      With the IRS scandal it was not just the IRS, some of the victims involved were not only audited , but also investigated by the FBI the ATF and even OSHA. With Bengahzi , the lies came from state and it is almost certain the white house was aware from the beginning but perpetuated them nonetheless.    Fast and furious involved not only the ATF, but also the FBI and state. Hillary used the guns coming in from fast and furious to try to further her gun control agenda when she used erroneous statistics about the guns coming from the US while standing next to a pile of assault rifles.  When Obama said that they were “working on gun control under the radar” it is almost certain that high level administration officials were aware that the ATF was flooding Mexico with guns and the carnage from those very same guns was going to be used to further their agenda.     Now we are  approaching the crossing point for “Normal” citizens; The point where they begin to rebel against the system. This is the point where righteousness begins to out weigh the threat of consequences and outrage overcomes fear. The enormity of these latest scandals are starting to sink into the public consciousness and resonate; This government is losing it’s legitimacy.     In Syria, when the mass protests first started, Assad’s troops began firing into the crowds to disperse them. When the shooting started the protests accelerated rather than diminished. Outrage overcame fear as the last shreds of Assad’s legitimacy evaporated .When he ordered firing upon peaceful protesters he could no longer be perceived as a legal, legitimate ruler.         People will submit to a lot of things , even if they don’t agree with them, if they feel they are legitimate. Take TSA for an example;  No one wants to go through a humiliating pat down, but as a whole, they submit to it.  They undergo the experience in the belief that TSA is, at least trying , to work for the greater good and are acting in good faith.     As soon as that belief in good faith is gone, such as being singled out unfairly or treated rudely, people immediately begin to rebel and a scene quickly ensues.  The context of the pat down changes as soon the perception of the pat down does.    The IRS is another prime example. The much feared financial arm of the Fed is going to find itself in difficult straits because of their malfeasance. It is simply a fundamental change in the perception of the agency.     Instead of fearing what they might find out, the attitude is going to be “” You are a bunch of frauds, crooks and liars, how dare you audit me. You are only auditing me because I write in opposition to the government”      Instead of fearfully submitting to an audit that type of perception can leave a bunch of agents in an office with the wrong end of a five gallon gas can.     The perception of events is all important and it all comes back to the consent of the governed. Even in prisons, they have the consent of the prisoners.Without that consent a prison could never be run. If no one followed the rules it would be chaos and so costly that no state could have one.   The prisons have the consent to run because most convicts know that they have broken the law and done wrong deeds; Even in prisons they have a sense of fairness. When prisoners feel that they are being mistreated or treated unfairly, riots break out or guards are singled out for revenge. (Which is actually fairly rare)  Once the perception of legitimacy is removed the prison quickly becomes ungovernable.    As more comes out about these scandals, more and more of the governments legitimacy is going to be removed. As it sinks in that the IRS was being used for voter suppression, to cheat the very way that we give our consent, more and more people are going to lose faith in the system and withdraw their consent.   As more information is released about the NSA domestic spying program and the true scope of the lies are revealed, one more layer of the veneer of legality will be stripped away from the regime.    As it becomes apparent that all of the powers of the Fed are being used for lawlessness and corruption and political machinations then more and more people are going to reach the crossing point.  I have already reached mine. How about you?

“Make no mistake about it: because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason,”


Scalia gets it right on his dissent on DNA testing without a warrant. The rest have sold more of our liberty down the river. If you can’t smell where this is taking us, you are asleep at the wheel.      We are in deep and have no way out. The super state has been born. The SCOTUS won’t stop it, the Republicans won’t stop it.  This will end badly. Be prepared.   We are the only resistance.

Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama


From the outset there were rumors that Ambassador Stevens was involved in some type of arms dealing in Libya. It was also rumored that General Ham Carter attempted to send assets into Benghazi and was threatened with arrest if he did not stand down.    On both of these subjects we have gone from rumor to hearsay. If there is in fact truth to these, it will be enough to bring this corrupt administration to it’s knees.    I will withhold further comment until these are sourced and proven true or otherwise.

Is this still America? Obama administration “Drunk on power”

Is it finally starting to sink in what the true aims of Chairman Zero are? Someone in DC finally asked the question that we have been asking all along; Is this still America?  This administration will not be stopped by subpenas, court orders or any normal constitutional methods that the congress may try.

The corruption of the Obama administration finally boils over

The foul stench of this onerous administration has finally begun to permeate into the general population. While the media still attempts damage control for the administration, it has come to the point that they must admit that something is going on or lose their last vestige of credibility .    Right now they are  trying to spin the AP story into a justified intrusion for national security reasons even while writing a joint letter of complaint to the DOJ. Libya is being spun as a political witch hunt while they call for the release of all the emails involved.  NBC news ran a story yesterday about how overworked and understaffed the IRS was in an attempt to soften the TEA party story, but I believe that one is runaway.     The bottom line here, is that this administration is so corrupt , from the top to the bottom , that eventually what they are doing will have to come out. The only problem I see  is that I don’t think the Republicans will be able to do anything about it. In the past it was expected that when congress asked or subpenaed information that it would be provided.  I am sure that this collection of liars, crooks and usurpers have no intention of giving up any incriminating information. They will instead stonewall, lie and destroy anything that points back to them.    The level of corruption in this government rises to the point of illegitimacy. They have thrown off the rule of law and are actively undermining the constitution. They have entrenched themselves in all the position of power and bureaucracy and are “Fundamentally transforming” our nation.     I honestly don’t see them letting go. The only end that I see is for them to be forcibly removed from power sometime in the near future , either at the orders of Congress or by the people.    

Feds tap Associated press phones


Those kids down at the justice department are at it again. Just look at their latest shenanigans. You just never know what those boys will do.


BTW I will have no home internet for some time, so my posting is limited.

The Obama regime: Lessons in how to grow a police state

A police state is about one thing and one thing only ; control. In order to be in control you must first control everything around you. You must control the vote, the political opposition, the media, the armed forces, and lastly the dissenters.   The Obama regime is well on it’s way to achieving those goals. It is obvious to anyone who has eyes that the media is in the bag; Especially so after the Friday secret briefing of hand picked reporters. http://www.whitehousedossier.com/2013/05/10/white-house-holds-secret-meeting-reporters/ . They will report what they are told to report or they will not have access to the white house.   Political enemies are now being targeted by the IRS as well. There is a growing scandal involving the targeting of TEA party and patriot groups as well as Jewish groups by the IRS. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/348013/irs-inquisition-update Don’t make waves or you will be denied tax exempt status or worse.   The military leadership is now being purged http://personalliberty.com/2012/11/16/whats-behind-obamas-military-purge/ for reasons known only to the regime. Top Generals and admirals are dropping like flies (The link is only a partial list) and Christians are being targeted for court martial.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/05/01/Breaking-Pentagon-Confirms-Will-Court-Martial-Soldiers-Who-Share-Christian-Faith .   Lastly the people themselves must be controlled and then the dissenters.  In order to do that you must compile information on them and their activities.  You must have the apparatus in place to garner all that information and catalog it.  http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/05/immigration-reform-dossiers/ .    Then you must able to identify the dissenters http://www.ibtimes.com/what-search-warrant-your-facebook-messages-private-emails-are-not-safe-fbi-surveillance-says-aclu and eventually quell them.      I think that you can read what this all spells. Couple these things with the gun control push, DHS and it’s armor and ammo, TSA and it’s ever expanding power , voter fraud, welfare voters who will vote for their check, and tell me with a clear conscience that I am a whacked out conspiracy theorist.

The war is not only coming; It is already here. Time flies to the end game.

How ambassodor Stevens may have been linked to arms dealing, arming Syrian rebels.


This is old news , but pertinent to the hearings today.  This whole thing stinks to high heaven and my personal opinion is that he was hung out to dry to shut him down. Obama has done everything in his power to back Shia insurgencies, but nothing for Sunni’s.  In  Iran, Egypt, Syria, Yemen , Libya,  intervention falls on the side of Shiites every time.  I think that Stevens was running an operation that had been set up by the military or the CIA without direct approval from the white house and a Sunni uprising was being backed.   I say this bearing in mind the amount of Generals that have been turned over following the fiasco (Link below)