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Here are some hero cops for you : GOP Election trainee arrested for not wearing mask in detroit

There you go. The handmaidens of the politicians. They will not be here to help when it gets really bad. They will do whatever it takes to preserve their power and paycheck and “Enforce the law”

Hope you don’t need help when I am around. I will be taking a pass

“Why do you refuse to wear a mask?” one of the Detroit Police officers asks. “Just asking,” the police officer says. “Do you have a specific reason?’

The GOP election trainee doesn’t appear to answer any of his questions.

One of the Detroit Police officers explains why they can arrest him: “Well, this is private property. So they can institute any policy that they want, and their policy is to wear a mask. So you have to abide by their policy. If you don’t, you’ll be trespassing, which means you’ll go to jail for trespassing.”

Another police officer asks, “Do you want to do that? Or would you like to walk out of the training”

Another officer chimes in, “But you gotta wear a mask.”

“Well, I’m not gonna wear a mask,” the GOP election trainee responds.

“So, what do you want to do?” the Detroit cop asks. “I’ve given you two options. If you want the training, you’ll stay and wear a mask,” he explains.

“That’s intimidation,” the GOP election trainee responds.

“That’s not intimidation,” the Detroit Police officer snaps back, adding, “It’s private property. That’s all it is.”

“Is that part of your training?” that Detroit cop asks, as he appears to be pointing to something on the table.

“It says you have to be vaccinated,” the GOP election trainee responds.

“Okay, are you vaccinated?” the cop asks.

“No,” the trainee responds.

“Then what are you doing here?” the Detroit cop asks.

“Trying to be trained,” he responds.

Why is the Detroit cop asking him if he’s vaccinated and why is he working there if he’s not vaccinated???

“Do you want to walk out on your own accord, or do you want to go with us,” the same police officer asks.

The trainee says he wants to stay and do the training, but the Detroit Police officer tells him, “It’s past that. We already gave you the option to sit down and do the training with the mask. You’re gonna be trespassing if you don’t leave now. You either leave on your own accord, or you leave in handcuffs.”

“Which is it?” the cop asks, as they turn him around and place the handcuffs on his wrists.”

Curiously, none of the 3 Detroit Police officers arresting the GOP trainee are wearing masks. 

Compilation of lying cops 6-22-2017

It is not a few bad apples. It is the very nature of the person who wishes to be in the position of control. Normal people do not wish to control others at the threat of death or arrest. “I joined to help people”. My ass; You joined because you wanted power and control and […]

via Compilation of lying cops 6-22-2017 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Top Cop who left noose for black officers resigns

fg3acb1hj6010k4-mediumNo racism here at all. Plus they do not lie on police reports, beat innocent people or use their citizen granted powers for evil. WALKER- A high-ranking Walker Police officer has resigned after he was suspended for placing a noose inside the squad room of the department. A meeting to review the officer’s conduct and consider further […]

via Top Cop who left noose for black officers resigns — Deborah Lee Jarrett

A few bad apples: L.A. Sheriff convicted of obstructing a federal investigation into corruption and abuses in county jails

Go on, keep saying it “It’s just a few bad apples, most of them are good guys”. Keep saying it when time after time it is shown to be otherwise. This is corruption from top to bottom and everywhere in between. When are the people going to figure out that these people are not public […]

via A few bad apples: L.A. Sheriff convicted of obstructing a federal investigation into corruption and abuses in county jails — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Florida cop caught lying after battering woman during stop

LEE COUNTY – A Lee County deputy was fired after an internal investigation revealed he used excessive force and lied on official documents. Deputy Raymond Gallagher was placed under investigation by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in October. A witness reported to law enforcement that he saw Gallagher use force he didn’t believe looked necessary […]

via Florida cop caught lying after battering woman during stop — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Welcome to Florida : 3 Lying cops charged with evidence tampering after fatal shooting



“JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Three undercover narcotics officers in Florida have been suspended and charged with evidence tampering after authorities say three beer cans were removed from their vehicle the night one of them fatally shot a man during an attempted drug buy.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said during a news conference Thursday that the shooting remains under review, but an attempted robbery that prompted the Feb. 6 shooting of 22-year-old Jerome Keith Allen appeared to have happened, and wasn’t made up. The sheriff identified the officers as Brian Turner, Kyle Kvies and Lance Griffis. It wasn’t clear which one shot Allen.

Williams says no blood tests were conducted after the shooting, because there was initially no evidence of alcohol being involved.”

From here: https://deborahleejarrett.com/2017/02/23/welcome-to-florida-3-lying-cops-charged-with-evidence-tampering-after-fatal-shooting/

With an additional compilation of lying cops from 2017

Police abuse reports for the first 2 weeks of February 2017

Before you read any of the below, be sure you go here : https://www.policemisconduct.net/ This is the mother site of these reports from the CATO institute. Go there and bookmark the page for future use It is unequivocally the most important police abuse resource in the country Here are the seven reports of police misconduct […]

via From the CATO institute :Two weeks of police abuse reports for February 2017 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Arrest reports: Cops arrested in the 1st week and a half of February 2017

Here is this weeks “Heroes in the news”. Looks like the boys and girls in blue have been very, very busy. Instead of “Risking their lives” everyday, they have been “Risking getting caught” everyday. If you enjoyed this compilation, please pass it around and give it some traffic as it is soon to become a […]

via Arrest reports: Cops arrested in the 1st week and a half of February 2017 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

To serve: Florida Sheriff’s Deputy befriends woman, kidnaps her dog,steals $65,000es to kill her


Actual Photo

“A Florida sheriff’s deputy was arrested this week in connection with a series of bizarre crimes involving an elderly woman, whom he allegedly forced to ingest medication and whose dog he allegedly gave away on Craigslist.

Frankie Eugene Bybee, an 18-year veteran of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested Monday for a host of alleged crimes, including grand theft and attempted murder. The 46-year-old is being held at the county jail on bonds totaling over $1 million.

“His actions are a disgrace, not only to our agency but to law enforcement professionals everywhere,” Sarasota County Sheriff Thomas Knight said at a Monday press conference.

According to the sheriff’s office, the investigation into Bybee began last month, when a 79-year-old woman complained that he was harassing her.

The woman told police she met Bybee in October 2016, when he responded to a call for assistance at her residence and helped transport her to a local hospital. Bybee then allegedly began visiting the woman while on and off duty, and introduced her to several members of his family, authorities said.

A friendship quickly developed and Bybee allegedly agreed to temporarily care for the woman’s dog, a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier named J.J. The woman told authorities she wrote Bybee a check for $1,000 that was intended to cover grooming and veterinarian fees.”

“When the woman was released from the hospital, Bybee allegedly refused to return her dog.

Interviewed by detectives, Bybee acknowledged taking possession of the dog and said he’d placed an ad on Craigslist and “rehomed” it, according to authorities.

On Jan. 9, investigators allegedly discovered four checks in the woman’s name made out to Bybee and his three children, totaling $65,000. The woman denied writing the checks, and a forensic analysis of the documents allegedly revealed the presence of Bybee’s fingerprints.

The deputy was placed on administrative leave as authorities continued their investigation.

Three days later, on Jan. 12, the woman contacted the sheriff’s office, claiming that Bybee had entered her home wearing dark clothing and blue latex gloves and tried to kill her.

“Bybee mounted the victim and, while holding her down, forced prescription medication in her mouth,” Knight said.”


Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up

Compilation of cops already arrested in 2017

Ever wonder why your heart races when Cherries pop up in your rear view? It’s just a speeding ticket right? Or maybe you don’t entirely trust the man with the hand cuffs and gun who now holds your life in his hands. But that is just ridiculous, that man is a hero in blue who […]

via Compilation of hero cops already arrested in 2017 : Year Off to a great start — Deborah Lee Jarrett

To serve:‘Drunk’ cop stripped of his gun and badge

‘Drunk’ cop stripped of his gun and badge

A Bronx cop was stripped of his gun and badge amid allegations that he was drunk on the job Thursday — and as a photo emerged of him passed out in the stationhouse locker room with his beer belly exposed, The Post has learned.

Officer Richard Evans was deemed “unfit for duty” during his midnight-to-8 a.m. shift in the 52nd Precinct in Norwood, sources said.

“He was clearly inebriated. He was slurring his words,” a police official said.

Ironically, the first whiff of trouble came as Evans, 44, and his rookie partner checked out a report of a drunken dispute between neighbors, law enforcement sources said.

One of the people there accused Evans of being drunk, which he denied, and the officer summoned a supervisor, sources said.

Someone at the scene also shot video of the allegedly drunken cop and made a complaint to 311, a source said.

A sergeant responded, declared Evans fit for duty, and the cops all left without making any arrests, sources said.

Evans stayed in the field until a short time later, when a duty captain summoned him back to the precinct stationhouse near the New York Botanical Garden.

The captain interviewed Evans, declared him unfit for duty and immediately suspended him, sources said.

Evans was suspended without pay, said NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald.

The officer — who earned nearly $126,800 during fiscal 2016, including nearly $50,000 in overtime — was described by sources as a problem drinker.

The real problem here?
Don’t piss your buddies off
That’s no accident that his shirt is pulled up over his gut

The whole story on the Miami cop who shot the guy laying down with his hands up

According to a police union spokesperson “The cop was actually trying to kill the autistic man holding the toy truck in order to prevent him from killing his caretaker with the toy truck.

At the time, the cop was still under the impression that the toy truck was a gun, so he wasn’t taking any chances.

This despite the fact that caretaker Charles Kinsey had repeatedly told officers that it was a toy truck.

“The movement of the white individual looked like he was getting ready to discharge a firearm into Mr. Kinsey,” said Miami-Dade police union boss John Rivera in a press conference today, attended by WSVN.

And the officer discharged trying to strike and stop the white male and unfortunately, he missed.”

Rivera went on to slam the media for reporting on this story.

“Be responsible in your reporting,” Rivera said in the press conference.

“We’re asking the community to please allow facts — not sensationalism, not politics — facts to allow to work their way through the system.”

But how about being responsible for who you shoot? Is that too much to ask?

The officer’s name has not been released, but he will probably be hailed a hero for trying to protect the caretaker, maybe even receive an award.”

North Miami Police Meant to Kill Autistic Man Instead of Injuring Caretaker (Updated)

“Seriously folks, you have this all wrong

I was not trying to shoot the fat black guy with his hands up

I was trying to shoot the autistic guy playing with the little plastic truck

Any moment and he could have driven all over that poor guy”

How can you miss a shot like that?

All I can say is that this guy deserves a job with the secret service…

From the CATO institute: Police misconduct Monday April 11

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, April 11, 2016:

  • Update: Stockton, California (First reported 01-08-16): An officer is no longer on the force after he was accused of issuing a retaliatory ticket against an outspoken citizen who had complained on social media. The citizen’s car was ticketed while on his private property. ow.ly/10tYFF
  • Indiana State Police: An officer was fired for proselytizing motorists during traffic stops. ow.ly/10uJUP
  • Houston, Texas: An officer arrested a man for pointing a gun at him twice in an off-duty incident at a gas station. The surveillance footage supports defendant’s claim that he his legally permitted gun fell to the ground by accident and that he never pointed the gun at the off-duty officer. ow.ly/10uOlP
  • Oilton, Oklahoma: An officer was charged with child pornography possession. ow.ly/10uOHw
  • Anne Arundel County, Maryland: The sheriff was arrested for second-degree assault against his wife. ow.ly/10wE4y
  • Glynn County, Georgia: A deputy was charged with improper use of county credit card and falsifying records. ow.ly/10x4JO
  • Update: Benton County, Arkansas (First reported 02-26-16): A now-former deputy pled not guilty to having sex with a minor and child pornography possession. ow.ly/10x7cK
  • Benton County, Arkansas: A deputy is no longer on the force after his off-duty arrest for public intoxication. ow.ly/10x7xM
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: An officer was arrested DUI and accidental bodily injury after two car crash. ow.ly/10x9Lw
  • Update: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (First reported 12-05-13): A now-former officer was indicted on federal charges for punching a handcuffed suspect in an interview room.  He was acquitted on state charges related to the incident. ow.ly/10xawo
  • Auburn, Georgia: An officer was arrested by for extortion conspiracy. He took $40,000 from a driver during a bogus traffic stop that was actually a DEA sting. ow.ly/10xbN3
  • Roscoe, Texas: An officer was arrested for DWI and was fired. ow.ly/10xdKx
  • Dennis, Massachusetts: An officer was sentenced to probation for OUI. ow.ly/10xeBz
  • Osage County, Missouri: The sheriff was charged with unlawful use of a weapon while intoxicated for pulling a gun outside of bar while off duty. ow.ly/10xfor
  • All from here: http://www.policemisconduct.net/

To serve: Pasco Fl. Deputy sentenced for child porn

Matthew Bondi

“A Broward man who was fired from his job as a Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy was sentenced Monday to five years in federal prison for receiving child pornography.

Matthew Bondi, 22, of Deerfield Beach, was arrested in August in Davie when authorities said he tried to meet an underage teenage boy for sex.

Bondi pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of receiving a video 15-year-old masturbating.

“I sincerely apologize,” Bondi told the judge Monday. “I understand what I did and I have from day one.”

Bondi was just eight months into what he hoped would be lifetime career in law enforcement when he was arrested. He said he has already begun to try to make “a complete and utter difference in my life.”


What A POS

I hope this scumbag gets his just rewards on the inside

I tell you, I am so far past the whole “Few bad apples ” thing

I did not start out as a cop hater

Some of my fathers best friends were cops, including the Sheriff

I was on the side of the cops for a long time, but slowly but surely I got turned the other way

To tell the truth I did not realize how rampant the abuse was until I started blogging


The song of Emmanuel Tsongranis

He pounded coffin nails
With a hammer forged of fear
Every word of spite nailing in and holding
Badged and vested
Death and bullets resting in his gun
But still frightened by this woman
Standing proud
Whom he could not bully
Nor subdue
Hammer, hammer, hammer
Testimony to the judge
That in all his years
He had never met a woman like her
Who acted like her
No respect
No fear
Of course not you fool
You charged into the camp
Of Boudicea
Come to rape and pillage
And fell beneath her sword
Hammer, hammer, hammer
You can lock her up
But you can never bury fear

From the Cato institute, Worst police misconduct for December: Accident victim shot and paralyzed by cop dies in hospital

“So for December we have selected the shooting death of Andrew Thomas in Paradise, California.  According to news reports, here’s what happened:  Thomas was seen leaving the parking lot of a bar and his vehicle didn’t have its lights on — even though it was late at night.  Officer Patrick Feaster suspected the driver might be intoxicated and so pursued Thomas to pull him over and investigate further.

No problem so far.  We want police to be alert for impaired drivers who endanger other people.

Next, Thomas did not pull over after Feaster was behind him with his police lights flashing.

Moments later, Thomas’s SUV crashed and his wife was ejected from the vehicle.  She died.

Next, things get even worse.  Officer Feaster is seen on dash-cam video walking toward the crashed SUV.  The video shows Thomas trying to climb out of the overturned SUV.  Feaster draws his sidearm and shoots Thomas in the neck and he falls back into his SUV.

After the shooting, Officer Feaster gets on his radio to report that the driver is refusing his commands to get out of the vehicle.  He does not mention that he shot the driver.  Feaster also reports that a injured woman is unresponsive, but the video shows that he is not checking on her condition or rendering aid.

Other police and responders get to the scene, but ten minutes go by before Feaster says he fired his weapon.  It is very unclear what could be the justification for shooting a man after a vehicle crash in these circumstances.  Officer Feaster says he was not threatened, but that his gun went off accidentally.

On a police body camera, Feaster is heard telling the watch commander that his gun went off, but he didn’t think the driver was hit because he wasn’t aiming his weapon in the driver’s direction.  Thomas initially survived the shot to his neck, but was paralyzed.  He died weeks later.

Despite community outrage, the local prosecutor, Mike Ramsey, declined to file any criminal charges against Officer Feaster because he said he lacked sufficient evidence to prove a crime in court.  That’s very odd.  Prosecutors would typically be relieved to know that the incident was captured on videotape.”

View the video for yourself here:

And here is the cato institute police misconduct page: http://www.policemisconduct.net/

If you want to keep up on what the miscreants in blue are up to this is the place to do it. Their page is updated multiple times a week with nationwide reports on our public servants.

Ex-Cop Guilty Of Raping Women While On Duty

Source: Ex-Cop Guilty Of Raping Women While On Duty

“A former Oklahoma police officer has been found guilty of raping and sexually assaulting more than a dozen black women in a low-income neighbourhood he patrolled.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was convicted of rape, sexual battery and other charges.

The trial heard that Holtzclaw preyed on 13 victims aged 17 to 57, most of them with police records, on the northeast side of Oklahoma City.

The 6ft 2in former Eastern Michigan University football player would often give them an ultimatum – sex or jail.

A 17-year-old girl told how he raped her on her mother’s enclosed porch.

A 23-year-old woman told the court he assaulted her while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed, telling her to stay still so that her heart monitor would not activate.”

Talk about “To serve”

He sure served it up to these babes

For scum like him who defile their oath and uniform there should be extra mandatory time

Kind of like enhanced penalties for shooting a cop or his dog

Video: Gardena Ca. Cops gun down two unarmed men for not obeying them

“The city — which had refused to make the videos public — argued during a civil rights lawsuit brought by relatives of the dead man that the recordings show he repeatedly disregarded police orders and moved his hand in a way that led officers to believe he was reaching for a weapon.

But attorneys representing the man’s family argued that the videos show that he and the other man who was shot were unarmed and that officers gave confusing orders.”

So that’s the way it is now?

You can be shot for refusing on order?

It is now acceptable to summarily execute citizens on the street for not doing as a cop says?

I know that they won the settlement , but that is not the point

The point is that the city argued that it was justified

They also suppressed the video for 2 years

They couldn’t have cared less whether it was murder or not

Look at the second view of the shooting and you can see that he was talking and gesticulating with his hands

He was also holding his hat in one hand

There was nothing threatening going on at all

These cowardly scumbags shot him down because he did not obey their commands

Here they are, these heroes in blue

Christopher Mendez, Christopher Sanderson and Matthew Toda

At last they went home safe that night

The story is here : http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-federal-judge-orders-release-of-videos-20150714-story.html#page=1