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Al Qaeda on the run!!


Whats to say? No comment necessary.

Islamic state of Iraq loots $500 billion Iraqi Dinar, now has more money than the Falkland islands


The Islamic state of Iraq recently over ran Mosul, Iraq’s second city, after regular army troops fled. It wasn’t bad enough that they gained all the arms and weapons on the military base that we supplied to the Iraqi army.  After taking the city and government offices they began to loot all of the banks netting an estimated $429 million in American dollars, leaving them richer than small nations such as the Falkland islands.      If anyone thinks that this is not going to come home to roost on us, I think that they are sadly mistaken. Whether through intention or just sheer stupidity, this and the previous administration has now made an Al Qaeda affiliated group the best funded terror organization on the planet. As extremist Muslim insurgencies burn across the middle east, Africa and Asia, ISIS now has it’s hands on more money than Al Qaeda itself.    The “War on terror” is now showing itself as an abysmal failure as we prepare to abandon Afghanistan to our enemies. The entire balance of power has been shifted in the middle east after country after country has fallen to revolutions covertly supported and funded by our own government. Every major government that kept Al-Qaeda at bay is either out, or in transition except Iran.    From Libya to Syria to Afghanistan Al-Qaeda is going to have a free reign. Karzai’s government will not stand a chance  once the Taliban coupled with Al Qaeda start flooding back into the country. As each of these countries fall, more and more money is going to be channeled into terrorist groups. With this destabilization, our own government has almost made it certain that Jihad will fall on our shores.     Once they are done fighting among themselves they will be turning their eyes to us. Don’t think that for one second that they have forgotten one single Sunni death caused by America. They will now have the funding of entire countries to focus their terror on us.   Here at home that will only mean more justification for DHS and NSA to restrict our rights in the name of fighting terrorists. More surveillance, more searches and more infringements.  The gross irony here is that they have made and empowered these enemies for them to be in the position to attack us and we, not them will pay the price.       Have I said this lately? Fuck Obama. Oh yeah, and Fuck George Bush too. Man, have they really screwed us good.