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Hostage situation: Day 9

Yes, I have been slightly absent and there is a reason why. I am 9 days into quitting smoking. Cold turkey, I’m done and never again.

I haven’t had the ability to do much writing as I have been too focused on wanting to kill or maim things or set them on fire. That is a bad mixture when you start writing about politics. (Or maybe not)

Things are improving now and I should be in the clear in a couple of more days. Then I will be back to my usual sunny self, pumping bright and cheery thoughts into the blogosphere…Yeah, right….


She is my drug,

My addiction

She courses through my veins

I consume her

All night long

And forget all around me

I awake

And all I can think of,

Is her

I partake of her love,

I am a slave to it

Her passion,

Her scent

Consumes my thoughts

My passion drives her needle deeper

She punctures my vein

I am flooded with pleasure

She is my drug

She courses through my blood

All I want is her

She is my love

And my addiction

I cannot stop

I will imbibe

Until I die