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JEB proves that he is a full on retard

“Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants the United States to declare war on ISIS.

Speaking on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Bush addressed the recent attacks in Paris and said that he believes America has a responsibility to lead in the fight against what he called “this radical Islamist threat.”

“This is viewed as a law enforcement exercise by the Obama administration. We should declare war,” Bush said. “We have the capabilities to do this. We just have to show the will.”

His desire to call for war could provoke comparisons to his brother, President George W. Bush, who sent troops to Iraq in what became a widely unpopular war against terrorism after the September 11 attacks on the U.S.”

“The former Florida governor listed a number of actions he thinks President Barack Obama should take, including declaring a no-fly zone over Syria and directly arming the Peshmerga forces in Iraq. Bush also declared that he wants to American boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS.”

A no fly zone over Syria

What a genius

Russia is flying hundreds of sorties a week and bombing the hell out of the people that are supposedly our allies

And JEB proposes that we make a no fly zone

In fact he believes that it is the most important thing that we can do to defeat ISIS

That and boots on the ground

So let us do an Iraq replay but this time with Russia adding extra flavor

No thanks Mr. Bush

Between your brother and your father

We have already been fucked to high heaven and back

Don’t run JEB, just walk

America has had enough of Bushes with bad ideas

Cops: Teen Tried To Frame Rival For Gun, Drugs Floridian, 18, planted weapons, marijuana in H.S. student’s car

“SEPTEMBER 7–In a bid to “exact revenge” on a high school student, a Florida teenager broke into his rival’s car and planted a loaded gun, a knife, and a bag of marijuana and then instructed an acquaintance to contact police to report spotting the items in the vehicle, according to court records.

The alleged plot to frame the student backfired after a witness told cops that they had spotted James Harrison, 18, breaking into the victim’s 1988 Honda while it was parked Tuesday in a lot at Clearwater High School.

As detailed in a series of criminal complaints, Harrison placed a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver, a knife, and a “52 gram bag of marijuana” inside the Honda around 9:30 AM on August 31. The gun, cops noted, had its serial number ground off.

Harrison then “directed another person to contact the school resource officer and Crimestoppers to report it,” according to investigators. “The goal was to have the vehicle’s driver…arrested for serious offenses and removed from the school to exact revenge.”


Yeah baby! Go big or go home!

What a dolt

He allows himself to be spotted breaking into the car

Hey, who is going to notice some 300Lb. kid? right?

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son”

Drone slayer 5000


Tired of those pesky quadcopter drones?

I have the solution

The drone slayer 5000

The drone slayer is  shoulder fired and operates on compressed air

Charge it up to 85 P.S.I and it’s range is hundreds of yards with a golf ball

Charge it up to 40 P.S.I and switch to the tennis ball barrel for a little less lethalness

Go back to the 1 1/2 ” barrel , charge it up to 100 P.S.I and you can’t even see the golf ball


This is still my prototype

Initially it will have an electronic trigger, but it can be fired entirely manually

You name it, you can pass it through it

Tomatoes, eggs, whatever

Charged to 40 PSI you can shoot eggs with an 1 1/4 ” barrel

Any higher and they fly about 40 Ft. and then break up from the air resistance

I am not allowed to shoot eggs

Eight mile long convoy of pick up trucks turns out to support fling the confederate flag in Ocala Florida

“An eight-mile convoy of pickups, motorcycles and cars wound through a central Florida town on Sunday in a show of support for the Confederate flag, as a backlash against its banishment from public landmarks across the South picks up steam.

Horns blared and hundreds of the rebel flags fluttered as more than 1,500 vehicles and some 4,500 people turned out for the “Florida Southern Pride Ride” in Ocala, according to police estimates. Vehicles from states across the South and as far away as California participated.

“That flag has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people,” said David Stone, 38, who organized the event. “It doesn’t symbolize hate unless you think it’s hate – and that’s your problem, not mine.”

In Ocala, the seat of Marion County, an administrator had ordered the Confederate flag’s removal from a government complex. But last week county leaders overruled the order and the banner is again flying atop the building.

“It’s just about heritage. I’m upset they want to remove a piece of history,” said Jessica McRee, 29, an Ocala native and employee of a law enforcement agency who participated in Sunday’s ride.”


“No need for alarm” Ebola deaths return to Libera

“Authorities in the West African country are perplexed as to what could have caused the resurgence of the disease that is confirmed to have killed a 17-year-old on June 28.

The boy, who hails from Margibi country outside the country’s capital, Monrovia, died under unexplainable circumstances three days after falling ill. A post-mortem diagnosis revealed that he succumbed to the Ebola disease.

His death is the first since World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the country Ebola- free on May 9. On whether this outbreak could be ringing a knell for yet another full-scale outbreak of the disease, Dr Joa Ja’KkenoOkech-Ojony, a Ugandan epidemiologist and public health specialist leading the Ugandan team of specialists in Liberia says,“There is no need for alarm.”

“Meanwhile, health officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are investigating the possible outbreak of Ebola in Masambio village, according to Reuters.

It is reported that six hunters fell ill last week with symptoms of Ebola including diarrhoea, bloody urine and vomiting, after killing an antelope. Four of the hunters have since died.”


One of the worlds rarest diseases

“No cause for alarm” after the first outbreak that jumps from the bush into major cities apparently makes a come back

“No cause for alarm” as they continue to quarantine possible cases across our country

Foolishness that in the end will be paid for

China’s stock market imploding

“HONG KONG — For nearly three years, President Xi Jinping of China has crushed opposition by silencing and often locking up anyone who dares defy the government. But that aura of invincibility has been shaken by stock market speculators who have made a mockery of efforts to halt a steep slide in share prices.

The losses — Chinese shares have shed more than a quarter of their value in three weeks — pose an added risk, and possibly greater danger, to a global economy grappling with Greece’s difficulties in repaying foreign loans and its possible exit from the euro. About $2.7 trillion in value has evaporated since the Chinese stock market peaked on June 12. That is six times Greece’s entire foreign debt, or 11 years of Greece’s economic output.”


When things go bad, remember who is responsible

They are not the saviors of the nation, they are the ones who caused it

French revolution anyone?

Off tho kidnap some gran chillrens

Stay safe everybody and if nothing else enjoy some happy time with the family. I am off to steal a grand kid for as long a time as possible.

Happy fourth of July!


Happy independence day America !

And in true American spirit I want to tell you this : (See above)

That is what I think of my freedoms being taken

That is what I think of the NSA spying on me

That is what I think of the TSA groping me

That is what I think of of DHS classifying me as a domestic terrorist

This is what I think of the police state

This is what I think of politicians and judges who sell me out

This is what I think of my cowardly fellow citizens who will sit on their lazy asses and do nothing but whine as they are absolved of their liberty

Happy birthday America! (See above)

But seriously, to all of those in the 3% community, happy 4th, but you really need to ponder this holiday about what we have lost…

And what we are going to do about it.

Gallup: Americans sense of freedom drops (Now trails RWANDA)

From: Christian science monitor

This Independence Day, Americans will celebrate the nation’s core values, especially freedom. But according to a new international poll, Americans have become significantly “less satisfied with the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives.”

Seventy-nine percent of US residents are satisfied with their level of freedom, down from 91 percent in 2006, according to the Gallup survey, released Tuesday.

That 12-point drop pushes the United States from among the highest in the world in terms of perceived freedom to 36th place, outside the top quartile of the 120 countries sampled, trailing Paraguay, Rwanda, and the autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Only 10 nations experienced as sharp a drop as the US in terms of the satisfaction of citizens with their level of freedom: Egypt, Greece, Italy, Venezuela, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Romania, Yemen, Pakistan, and Spain.

Among the people most satisfied with their own level of freedom are New Zealanders, who top the list at 94 percent, and Australians, who come in second at 93 percent, according to the report.

I think this decline is interesting in terms of perception,” says Jon Clifton, managing director of the Gallup World Poll. “Certainly the previous numbers make sense in terms of our classic self-perception. The recent numbers do not.”

One possible explanation for the sharp decline in the US is that Americans have been feeling constrained by the economy since 2006 – and their options have declined in a concrete, material way, Gallup says.

“The decline in perceived freedom among Americans could be attributed to the U.S. economy,” the report says. “Many Americans continue to lack confidence in the country and continue to see it as one of the biggest problems facing the country.”

Still, the report notes, there are some problems with this hypothesis: Self-reported job creation has rebounded, Americans are “feeling better about the economy,” and spending habits in the US are near their pre-recession levels.

“Although unclear, the decline in perceived freedom could be more than just economics,” such as how Americans view their government, writes Mr. Clifton.

Since June 2013, confidence of Americans in their government has dropped significantly. In a poll released Monday, Gallup reports a 7-point drop in confidence in the presidency (to 29 percent), a 4-point drop for the Supreme Court (to 30 percent), and a 3-point drop for Congress (to 7 percent, a record low).

According to another poll also released by Gallup on Tuesday, the portion of Americans who believe there to be “widespread corruption” in the US has jumped from 59 percent in 2006 to 79 percent in 2013.

“It’s hard to say why this is,” says Clifton. “It could be due to recent scandals like the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups and the NSA leaks.”

In any case, he adds, Americans are coming to view their government as an obstacle, rather than an enabler.

“Americans not only feel that the U.S. government is performing poorly, as demonstrated by record-low congressional approval ratings, but they also report that the U.S. government itself as one of the biggest problem facing the country today,” the report concludes.

The survey also notes a statistically significant correlation between perceptions of corruption and perceptions of freedom worldwide, with many of the countries with the most perceived freedom also boasting low levels of corruption.

The Gallup poll took place between 2006 and 2013 and included approximately 1,000 face-to-face interviews from each nation. The margin of error ranged from 1.7 to 5.8 percent.

I love the sense of befuddlement as the author tries to hypothesize the possible reasons for the decline. Could it be the economy, which has been faltering since 2006? (2008)    No you asswipe it’s the NSA, TSA, DHS and the rest of the Govt. alphabet soup. It’s the over reach of the federal government and the militarizing of the police forces. It’s the overt corruption of our government and the feckless but evil leadership of our dear leader. It is the intrusion of federally mandated health care. In short, to clear up your befuddlement. It is tyranny. It is the fact that we have lost our representation and now live in a federally controlled police state. What a moron.

Armed march planned on DC July 4


An armed march is being planned on DC as an act of civil disobedience by local a radio host.