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There’s nothing wrong with the neighbors….

There’s nothing wrong with the neighbors

That a few rounds

Won’t settle down

They are Mexicans after all

And understand the brutal language

Of the gun

They only laugh and get louder

Whenever the cops

Come around

But they know that the mix

Of gunsmoke and anger


Turn the damn music down

Enough Fiesta

Night after night

Enough Tequila

Day after day

Don’t piss your neighbor off

Or the next one

Might come your way… Ole’

I got a laugh when I wrote the above . We had some Mexicams move in to the house kitty corner behind ours. For the first couple of months every thing was good, but then more and more people started to move in. Pretty soon it was a party around the clock and it wasn’t just weekends, it was 7 days a week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against partying or having a good time; I am all for it in fact. I have nothing against Mexicans or their living arraingments. I do have a problem though, when the entire cast of characters from Tortilla flats moves in behind me and disrupts my quiet and simple life.

They wouldn’t have bothered me had not they played music 24 hrs. a day. The music had a deep base and penetrated our house and could be heard in every room. Even with the television on there was no respite as the underlying base could even then be heard. I would wake up at 2:00 A.M. on the other side of the house and hear the dull, THUD , THUD , THUD.

It was slowly starting to get into my head. I was starting to think of the heart beat in Edgar Allen Poes “The beating heart”. Day after day and night after night this went on until it started to reach the breaking point. Finally it came; the torrent was unleashed. In the end it wasn’t even the music that caused it; It was something entirely different.

There are two things in life that can really make things happen; A womens voice and a crying baby. Both of those things can bring a sense of urgency to a situation that will in the end prompt you to action, no matter what. Kiss it, put a bottle in it’s mouth , sweet talk it or kill whatevever frightens it; Either way, just make it happy again.

My wife is what you would call a homemaker or a housewife. She stays at home and takes care of things there while I go out and kill green backs to put in the bank. She is not only happy as such,but is proud of her position, making a home and comfort for her family.So anyway, she is being subjected to the Fiesta 24/7 and when she leaves the house, she doesn’t even want to come back because the incessant thrumming is slowly driving her insane.

Let me say this; I am not a call the cops or county kind of guy. I am an extremely polite person and believe that if it were not for rudeness, we would not have war. I believe in the freedom of all, but with that freedom comes the freedom to be left the hell alone. The music was quickly starting to crescendo . This had been going on for almost three months and some sort of resolution had to happen.

I started by leaving a polite note in their mailbox informing them that their music was bothering the neighborbors, to no avail. I went up to the fence and told them through the thick shrubs that they needed to turn the music down and they pretended to not speak English. I called the county and made a noise complaint and when the county rolled up to measure the decibels, thay turned the music off. I called the cops and when they showed up they were silent; when they left, they laughed and turned the music up louder; Three times

So here I am about as pissed off as I can be and my wife is demanding that I put a stop the whole situation. My only problem is that after the great speed bump war of ’99 I had vowed never to be the sheriff again. I vowed that I would let the law or someone else in the neighborhood do all the dirty work. (Don’t even ask) It involved crack dealers, the klan, swampbillies, about 20 of the most fucked up people in the world and me dug in with entrenchments, booby traps and heavy weapons in my yard.

I didn’t take this shit lightly as I had been through it before, but I reached my breaking point. The cops weren’t a 100 ft. from my house after telling us that they just had some family in town for the weekend and were having a little party. They were so sorry and would make sure to keep the noise down. Then the music went back on louder than ever, accompanied by laughter.

My wife is freaking out and I am headed to the back room. I grab an AMD 65 and storm out the back door and light 5 rounds off into the ground. I can smell burned powder , wet grass and damp earth. There is no more than 30Yds. between the neighbors and myself.Now everything is silent; the music is off and there is not even a whisper.

I don’t know if you are familar with an AMD 65 but it is a hungarian tank rifle. It is an AK clone and has a folding stock with a 12″ barrel. Trust me when I say that 4″ barrel cut makes a difference. This is the loudest rifle I have ever owned .They hate me when I go to the range.Even with hearing protection it gets painful after 3 or 4 hundred rounds.

So anyway, my blood is surging, my ears are ringing and in the silence I hear the cop car start backing up. I think to my self “Oh shit” and scrape my brass off the ground and go back into the house. The cops back up and park out in front of my house right at the end of the driveway. They sit there for 15 minutes and all I am thinking is “If you assholes did your job this wouldn’t have happened” In the end they decided for whatever reason to go on their way and I got my sanity and peace of mind back; the music finally and permanently stopped.

Rudeness sucks. I am a good friend and neighbor who is willing to give help when needed. Charity begins at home and your neighbors are the closest to your home. But if you take advantage of that by being rude and inconsiderate then I will return that 20 times over. I will take rude to a level you can never imagine.

BTW This current government is beginning to get quite rude towards me and I am starting to hear that familar beating heart again. … Caaiint we all just get along? No probably not. Assholes

The pomegranate tree

It was a small bit of freedom
Stolen under the dark desert sky
It was counted out
Not by minutes or hours
But kernel by kernel
Of delicious forbidden fruit
Eaten slowly
Like a lover
Savoring every sweet drop
Nothing else existed
For the moment
But the wide open night
And sweet rough skinned fruit
Torn open bit by bit
Slowly anticipating every ruby orb
That would burst it’s sweet juice
In wet pleasure
The nights were hot and dry
The smell of dust
Still hanging like a veil
And it was it all was about the dust
That freedom giving dust
Not from the dry desert
But the dust left on the window sill
Tended in soft careful piles
Next to the bars
To be carefully packed back into place
So they could lie
Lie about the night
Lie about the fruit
And the forbidden trysts
Under the outstretched arms
Of the small twisted tree
But the rough red peels
Left carelessly strewn about
By small unwitting fingers
Eventually told the truth
That the bars wouldn’t
And they started counting the fruits
Every day and every morning
The bounty now left untouched
But the night was still there
With stars close enough to hold in your hand
The hot desert breeze gently breathing
And every moment

Yeah, I was a bad kid. I was locked up when I was 9. What really amazed me was I was the only one who broke out of the place. I would be out there every night, totally alone and free.I not only had the bars on the window rigged so I could remove them, but had also gotten into the attic and by-passed the alarm on the door. I was like a vampire roaming the place at night sucking cans of peaches dry and robbing the cream out of the milk jug.

Yeah, I’m a racist and a hater

I really think at times that a lot of people are convinced that I am over reacting to what is happening in our country. They look at me oddly when I tell them that I think that we are living in a “Post political ” era. In other words our system of voting has failed so miserably that if we want freedom we must use other methods to ensure it. Of course when ever it comes from someone on the left I am just a racist and a hater. I am sure that most of you have read the following, but for my friends and family who read my blog, and at times question my sanity, I would like you read it. If that does not put what is happening in plain and simple terms then nothing will. This was Turley’s testimony before congress urging them to pursue the lawsuit against chairman Zero for his over use of executive action.

The George Washington University law professor — who supports many of President Obama’s policies but opposes their unilateral implementation — expressed his support for the lawsuit and his belief that Congress, as a coequal branch of government, has the standing to sue to presidency.

“Our system is changing,” he warned, “and this body is the one branch that must act if we are to reverse those changes. We are seeing the emergence of a different model of government, a model long-ago rejected by the framers.”

Turley excoriated lawmakers who he believes won’t stand up for their own rights under the Constitution.

“A dominant presidency has occurred with very little congressional opposition,” he noted. “Indeed, when President Obama pledged to circumvent Congress, he received rapturous applause from the very body that he was proposing to make practically irrelevant. Now many members are contesting the right of this institution to even be heard in federal court.”

“This body is moving from self-loathing to self-destruction in a system that is in crisis,” the law professor charged. “The president’s pledge to effectively govern alone is alarming, and what is most alarming is his ability to fulfill that pledge.

When a president can govern alone, he can become a government unto himself,” he warned, “which is precisely the danger the framers sought to avoid. What we’re witnessing today is one of the greatest crises that members of this body will face.”

It has a patina of politics that is hard to penetrate,” Turley explained. “It did not start with President Obama — I was critical of his predecessor, and certainly this goes back long before George Bush. But it has reached a tipping point.”

Professor Jonathan Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar who has written extensively in areas ranging from constitutional law to legal theory to tort law. He has written over three dozen academic articles that have appeared in a variety of leading law journals at Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern, and other schools.

The quote is via the Daily caller here:

The law and loss of moral authority

To put our current legal situation into context you have to ask one basic question; what is law? Is law as we have been lead to believe, the codification of statutes defining what is illegal or not? Or is there some inherent property of moral righteousness that must exist for that law to have force?

I will argue that there is a moral component of law that must be present to make the system of law work. I am, of course, aware that there are many places that laws are passed that have no moral basis at all. There are dictatorships around the world that oppress their peoples and use their codified statutes to imprison and kill any who dissent.

The ultimate example of this is was the Nazi Germany government who made it legal to kill Jews. It was not only legal, but a system of laws was implemented to guide their extermination. But those laws, even though written out with penalties for those who did not follow them by the legislature, were illegal.

It is a basic component of the human being to know right from wrong. It is the reason that human beings set up laws in the first place. They are set up to make sure that innocents are not victimized by the predacious in our societies. In virtually every place that a human society exists, whether on a group, tribal or civilization level, there are always laws that govern behavior. Even those that break the laws have a sense of righteousness. In prison populations, if the prisoners feel that they are being treated in a fair and just manner they will comply with the rules and follow the system. Take away that feeling of just and fair treatment and prison riots and mayhem ensues. The prisoners realize that they have broken the law and when treated humanely will accept their punishment for the most part. The prisoners know that they have committed a wrong and they knew the possible penalty beforehand and knew what they risked. If torture, mal-treatment and other injuries are added to the punishment then a situation of self-righteousness is set up. The only way to control a prison population under those circumstances is with solitary confinement and complete isolation; if left to exist within prison society it would quickly conflagrate into confrontation.

In places where law exists without any moral authority there is always rebellion brewing just under the surface of society. The dictators and bureaucracies of these societies must rule with an iron fist because they know that one moment of slackness will have them swept from power and executed or exiled. Every single individual who is subject to these laws knows that they are illegal. How can they be illegal if they are written into law you might ask; Is that not the definition of law?

My argument is that it is the moral component of the law that is essential for it to work. It has nothing to with writing a statute and everything to do with human nature. We are after all the ones who create the laws, then write them and in the end follow them. It is at the very core of our nature to organize and codify law because we are innately social by nature and always end up forming some type of society that must have rules. It is also our own feeling of self-righteousness that makes us create the laws.

Certain things are innately wrong and one person should not be able to do this or that to another, and that is the basic creator of law. Laws don’t start out as regulations to govern society. They start out as basic rules of moral behavior; don’t steal from those in our community, don’t kill anyone and don’t try to take my wife. It is this same sense of self-righteousness that drives us to rebel when we know that a law is being applied without any righteous basis.

Take traffic laws for an example. Someone is driving down the highway when they suddenly see blue lights in the rearview. They were oblivious to their speed, lost in thought, and look down at the speedometer and see that they are doing 70 M.P.H. When the cop walks up and gives them a speeding ticket for doing 70 M.P.H. in a 50 M.P.H zone, there is little room for self-righteousness. Most people knowing that they broke the law, and one enacted for public safety, will accept the ticket and pay it without even showing up in court. The next example is the opposite.

Someone is rolling down the highway and the only difference in the scenario is that when they look down they see that they are only doing 45 M.P.H. They continue on for a while, waiting for the cop to go around them. When they eventually pull over, part of it is curiosity as to why he would be stopping them. In this case when a 70 M.P.H. ticket is handed out the reaction is going to be entirely different. That person will go to court. In addition to going to court, if not resolved there, they will spend large amounts of time and money to right the injustice. They will actually spend time and money far out of proportion to the actual injustice that happened because they are self-righteous.

Now imagine that the law was written like this: If you are driving down the highway you can be pulled over and issued a speeding ticket at any time no matter what your speed was. That is the point where the law goes against human nature. People would naturally begin to rebel against it because of its inherent injustice. In the second case it is not only that person’s right to rebel against the law, but also their moral obligation. They have a moral obligation to rebel because they should be seeking to re-establish moral law. If they live in human society then moral law, compatible with human nature should be the rule. If this is not the case, then they are being set up to have very bad things happen.

The Jews in Nazi Germany also had a moral obligation to fight and for the most part they did not (With the notable and heroic exception of the Warsaw ghetto and a few others) and were led to their slaughter. They had a moral obligation not just to themselves, but to their fellow Jews and compatriots. They were obligated to save their children, their mothers and fathers and other humans and in the end, for the most part did not.

Instead they followed the laws of Nazi Germany. (Just as the German soldiers at the Nuremberg trials did) They agreed to be registered because to not do so would be breaking the law. They showed up in groups to be transported away because to not do so would be breaking the law. They gave up their goods and businesses and money because not to do so would be breaking the law. There were, of course, severe penalties for breaking the law such as being imprisoned or just disappearing into the night and that drove most to comply.

I know that faith also played a part for many and I am not judging their actions or inaction. I am simply stating the results of what happened by their following the law and putting forward the fact that we are all morally obligated to act when law becomes illegal or immoral.

When law has lost its moral authority and becomes nothing more than something punitive to arbitrarily punish enemies then it is not true law; or at least not true to human nature , by which we all act. In that case all the law becomes is a fear of retribution. No one cares if they break the law for they feel no guilt about doing so and we humans, for the most part, are moral beings. Personally I don’t rob people because it is against the law. I don’t rob people because of the fact that it is morally wrong and I have no desire to violently take from another to gain wealth. I will die before I take the sustenance of another to live.

Once the moral component of law is removed only fear of punishment remains. If someone follows the law it is only because they don’t want to be fined or imprisoned; It I not because they have a moral imperative. But fear only goes so far; when the law becomes illegal its moral authority is transferred to those against whom it is used. They now have righteousness on their side and righteousness has a way of cancelling out fear.

Counter-intuitively, the more injustice that is piled on the more it is met with resistance. The IRA is an excellent example. By the 1960’s their membership was flagging and their armed struggle against the British was at very low ebb. That all changed on bloody Sunday when British troops opened fire into a crowd of demonstrators and killed and wounded a number of them. Instead of being frightened by this, they were outraged and active resistance against them doubled. A vicious cycle was started as the British escalated their actions in response to the increase in attacks and therefore caused even more.

The result of the British crackdown was the highest membership in the IRA in history and the start of a real shooting war. The level of violence escalated to a point never seen before and eventually drove the Brits to sue for peace. The danger of enrolling in the outlawed organization was more than offset by the sense of self-righteous outrage that was generated by the deaths and military lock down of entire neighborhoods. When one joined the IRA it was not a matter of if you would die or be imprisoned, but rather when. Still, even knowing what the outcome would be the ranks of the IRA swelled to enormous numbers. When the British military began a covert assassination program to kill suspected IRA members and affiliates, instead of instilling fear it just added to the sense of outrage and drove more to join and fight.

It was the (Legal) injustice of what was being done that gave the moral righteousness to the IRA and drove them to war. I bring this all up because we are now, in our own society, entering an era of legal lawlessness. We will be forced to make choices about how we respond when confronted with these laws. From the patriot act to the NSA spying, the NDAA authorization of indefinite detention, the IRS and the DOJ it is becoming clear that we are living in an increasingly lawless society.

The lawlessness is not on the part of the people, but rather on the part of those writing the law. The irony is that as the laws become more illegitimate the numbers of them are increasing exponentially. There are already so many federal laws on the books that at any given time any given individual is guilty of a crime. We have now become beholden to the very institutions that are supposed to be serving us as a society. Instead of serving us, the people, they now serve the bureaucracy instead. The bureaucracy and the institutions thereof have become the center of law giving rather than we as citizens. The law, rather than protecting us has become an instrument to protect the bureaucracy and punish those who disagree with it.

We have come to the point where our laws are becoming as corrupt as any given banana republic and if we do not actually want to become one, then we need to make a stand and say enough is enough. I am sure that while I have been writing this that I have committed at least three crimes; either by what I have written or done or thought or possibly what type of lighting I used. Do I care? No not at all. My sense of self- righteous indignation has grown to the point that I have no fear. I have no fear of death or imprisonment. The level of outrage has grown in me to the point that I will go to war.

Will they put me in prison? Go ahead lock me up with a captive audience and let me speak the truth to them; I will leave with an army of self-righteous individuals. Of course the speaking of this truth is illegal in prison, but at this point what is law? We all have hard choices coming up in the future; choices that could affect the rest of our lives and need to decide how to act. In the end how we act is going to be influenced by how the legal system acts. Let me end this with a question: If you receive a letter from the IRS informing you that you are subject to an audit, is your hard drive going to crash? I know that mine is.

And no this is not a 2200 word paragraph..All of my indentations disappeared…Again!


I will disappear in fog and night
Subdued in sound sleep
And surprise
Blinding lights
Overwhelming might
They will spirit me away
And charge me with my crimes
They will call me many names
Even some that I may claim
But none will be my own
Traitor or subversive
Criminal or defendant
Or maybe
Even something worse
But I refuse to swear allegiance
To the police state
And fealty to the men
Clad in black
I will not submit
Nor ever kneel down
Though they may lay me
On the ground
But they don’t know
That I stole into the great hall of Valhalla
In deepest dark of night
And took with me
One of their mighty spears
Usurped their valor
And added it to my might
Now they will have to carry me
Proudly on my shield
Though my burning bier
Be but a lonely cell
It will be my burial
And tonight I will dine
In the great hall of Valhalla
That place that still lives on
In the mind of men


This is the edited version. The first was in free form

And now, just because I’m a nice guy…

My secret Guacamole recipe

2-soft ripe Avocados

Heavy salt, pepper and garlic powder

(When I say heavy, I mean heavy, it has to taste salty to work)

And now the secret part that I don’t divulge when the Guacamole hater suddenly becomes a Guacamole liker

2- Tablespoons of finely shredded lettuce

It’s a simple recipe and killer good. The lettuce adds a texture to it that gets rid of the gooiness that seems to so offend some palettes. Hope someone tries it out and enjoys it. I got it as a teenager from the grandmother of a Mexican friend.  If any one else is involved in the culinary arts as I am and needs Mexican recipes, let me know. I have Huevos rancheros, enchiladas, sopapillas, tortillas and Tamales with the pork roast roasted on the grill.

So your’e dead

Your life summed up
In garbage bags
One full of your
Personal things
A snapshot of your life
That no one wants
The end of the life
Of a thief
Broken and alone
But you stole more than money from me
You stole friendship
And companionship
You stole the breaking of bread
And trust
And care and compassion
You stole things that I can’t get back
Things that I will never place so easily
In someones hand again
But it doesn’t matter to you now
Not that it ever did
Now that you are dead

Poems of love

Her kiss

Spoken softly

Onto my lips

Recites me poems of love

Wild with passion

Told to my tongue

And I listen

And listen