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Weekly standard: Fake Law- How Trump-hatred warps the judiciary.

“Something ugly is happening to the First Amendment. It is being contorted to enable judges to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. The perennial impulse of judges to manipulate the law to achieve morally and politically desirable ends has only been exacerbated by the felt necessity to “resist” Trump. The result: Legal tests concerning the freedoms of speech and religion that in some cases were already highly dubious are being further deformed and twisted.

Welcome to the rise of fake law. Just as fake news spreads ideologically motivated misinformation with a newsy veneer, fake law brings us judicial posturing, virtue signaling, and opinionating masquerading as jurisprudence. And just as fake news augurs the end of authoritative reporting, fake law portends the diminution of law’s legitimacy and the warping of judges’ self-understanding of their constitutional role”

What’s this?

It  seems that the mainstream of America is finally getting it

They given up their worship of all things law and order no matter how totalitarian

They seem to have lost the idea that “You must follow the law”

Maybe they have thought about some of the precepts of ruling now that it has turned on them

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”

There it is plain and simple

If we don’t agree to your laws, they don’t work


You can’t arrest us all, jail us all, penalize us all

In the end we far outnumber those “Lawmakers” who rule our daily lives, telling us what we can eat, what type of light bulb we can burn, how much water we can flush and how our children are to be raised

When it comes to the point that tyranny outweighs the security that comes with it, the consent of the governed is withdrawn

When our consent is withdrawn all the petty laws that are passed become meaningless

When meaningless laws are used to penalize people who refuse to consent then real trouble is set to start

Fear is not a good motivator in compliance with the law

It is about respect for that law and the fact that we as a people participate in it

“I know, I was doing 60 in a 30” is a good example

Take away the aspect of participation in the public good and that law becomes nothing more than a penalty that is imposed for being caught

Laws don’t stop robbers, thieves and murderers

Fear doesn’t stop them from committing crime

Nothing does

So, let’s see what happens when you de-legitimize the law for the mainstream of America

Let’s see what happens when all of the law abiding citizens of what is called “The silent majority” become disenfranchised from the law

It will not be pretty





A farewell to the idiot that brought us #ISIS

“OBAMA: I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. I said so last week. He keeps on proving it. The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family, that [General] Hayden — had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he does not appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in Europe, the Middle East, in Asia.

It means that he is woefully unprepared. This is not just my opinion. What’s been interesting has been the repeated denunciations of his statements by leading Republicans. Including the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, prominent Republicans like John McCain.

The question they have to ask themselves is if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? What does this say about your party, that this is your standard bearer?

This isn’t a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. This is daily, and weekly, where they are distancing themselves from statements he’s making. There has to be a point in which you say, this is not somebody I can support for president of the United States. Even if he purports to be a member of my party. And, you know, the fact that that has not yet happened makes some of these denunciations ring hollow.”

My God, talk about unfit and unprepared

This  is the guy who gave us:

Corpse men





The Arab spring

The part time Obamacare economy

The Iranian nuclear deal

A worldwide Muslim insurgency

The loss of Iraq

Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants

The Zika virus and a host of other central American diseases

The NDAA 2012

Cash for clunkers

The loss of the shuttle program

The largest tax hike in the history of our nation

A national debt that exceeds all other presidents COMBINED

And he claims that Trump is unfit?

Seriously, my dog is more qualified to be POTUS than Obama

Look below and tell me he is not


That is one serious ass Alpha dog that is firmly in charge where ever he goes

Look at that face and you tell me whether you think that Iran would have pulled any shit on him

“Woefully unprepared”

The only thing that Chairman Zero was ever prepared for was to subvert our constitution and try to wrest control of our country and turn it into a leftist utopian dream

Now his panties are in a wad because there is a serious chance that some guy who won’t play ball with the globalist elite is going to undo everything that he spent a lifetime dreaming about doing

What a dose of reality this narcissistic jerk needs

A community organizer turned politician who had the world laid at his feet and was so incompetent that he has managed to fuck up every endeavor that he has attempted

Talk about incompetent?

This asshole has been trying to lead us into a European style socialist state even as Europe collapses from that very same socialism

Even as it is proven not to work this Man boy who would be king is still stuck in the moldy tenets of what was spewed at him by his leftist college professors when he was twenty years old

When faced with the reality of a worldwide Muslim insurgency all this idiot can do is blather on about bigots and the “Religion of peace”

Talk about a lack of basic knowledge?

Look at this PARTIAL list of insurgencies:

Southern Philippines
Southern Thailand
West Turkestan
Northern India

Yes, this list is from 2012 and does not even include such notables as China, Indonesia, Nigeria, central African republic , Libya and a bunch more

The worst president in the history of our nation who has done more to damage morale, race relations, social relations , our world standing, our military and us as a people has the audacity to claim that someone is unfit for the presidency?

This bumbling idiot would have been forcibly removed from his position as president years ago if being unfit was actually a criterion for not serving

What an arrogant, egoistical, self inflating, pompous ass he is

And the best part about all of this?

He did this at a joint press conference with the prime minister of Singapore

That’s right

A sitting president trashing the Republican nominee for president

With a foreign leader.

I have to to stop now


Before my head explodes

I’m a bad patient

I was at the doctor yesterday and he would say something and I kept adding on to what was supposed to be my already complete medical history

“Do you ever have chest Pains ? ”

I make a funny face “It’s hard to say”

He looks at me a little perplexed

“You know I have myofascial pain disorder , what used to be trigger point syndrome, along with intercostal neuralgia,  So I always have chest pain. But I don’t think that’s what you mean”

“When did that start?”

“After I broke my neck”

“You broke your neck? When?”


He is poking around my back and hits a spot

It’s obviously tender

“That hurts?”

“Yeah have a break at T10 too”


“No, that was a different time

He moves me around a little

“Can you sit up straight for me?”

“Uh, not really I have lumbar scoliosis”

“Lumbar? That’s a kind of rare area”

“Yeah, that’s because I’m all crooked because my pelvis was busted in 3 places”

He makes me lie down and starts feeling pulses in my thigh

He doesn’t catch one at first in my left

“Does this leg or foot ever go numb?”

“No, even though that’s the hip that was broken it is usually the other one that goes numb”

“That was broken?”


“Well why would the other one go numb?”

“Oh that’s the one I dislocated. Every now and then it tries jump out on me and after it hurts like hell it gets all numb and tingly”

“Anything else down here? (He is starting to catch on)

Yes, I have two inguinal hernias”

“Two, how do you know that?”

“I had a CAT scan”

So now he starts doing the regular hernia check

I am flinching after coughing

“That’s pretty tender huh?”

“Yeah but I can’t be sure why. My bladder was detached from my pelvis and healed back into place”

“Is there anything else that you forgot to tell me? I mean I have your two knees surgeries on file?

“Well I did get hit by lightning in 94”

“Lightning? What do you mean?” (I am serious about that response)

“You know, POW, comes out of the sky. Left the house and never made it to the car.

They told me they could never tell what the long term ramifications would be health wise.”

“And that’s it? Anything else that may have effected your General health?

“Well, I did tak an intra venous hit from a 6 ft. diamond back that damn near melted all my organs”

“Did they give you anti venin?”

“Yeah, 25 vials, I was paralyzed in 12 minutes since she shot me in a vein”

“They gave you all of that?”

“Yeah, I used Florida’s up. They had to fly the rest in from Georgia”

Now he is shaking his head

I can tell that he is half assed amused and irritated at the same time

Then he finds out I had two ER trips this year

One for the amputated finger tip and one for the leg that got hit by the 16′ 2 X 6

Then he asks me “Weren’t you going to tell me any of this?”

Now he seemed like he was definitely leaning more toward irritated

I kind of shrugged like ” No big deal”

The guy is a G.I. doctor

What the hell does he need to know any of that for?

Next time they ask me I going to send them here to this page

I know , I am a dick and a bad patient






A trip to see my father

I look at him
Illuminated  by the dim yellow glow
of warm lamplight

He smiles
reclined and comfortable
in the chair of my youth

His rough unshaven face
carries the lines
of a million good times

His warmth makes
the slightly tattered furniture
look better, more comfortable

He stays up late into the night
telling worn old jokes
still funny

He basks in the love of his family
come to see him
and is warmed

I am carried back
carried to my place
in that chair

Loved and protected
rough whiskers on my skin
always safe with him

Sitting in that chair
always with a laugh
always with a smile

Now the oxygen tube snakes
’round his neck
while he tells stories

But his laugh
is still deep
and loud

The hour is late
and I drink his fine whiskey
that he no longer can

I look deeply
into his sparkling eyes
and know that he will die

But not when he can laugh
and still feel
like a child



One of the best, now gone

Happy Father’s day Pops

Gotta break a few eggs…..


My wife is amazed at how I can destroy a kitchen just to make a couple of sandwiches

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette

And sometimes you have to make a mess to make something good

Yes, that is an actual photo from making just two sandwiches

She does start to get irritated if I do it three times a day

But especially in this case it is worth it

Don’t believe me?

Try the recipe below

I know ,Wirecutter would think it is one of those gay sandwiches

But I believe that I have achieved culinary perfection


Baked chicken breast that is pull apart tender (Warm)

Cooked Bacon marinated at least 10 Min. with liquid smoke before cooking (Warm)

Edam cheese (Gouda can be substituted)

Ciabatta rolls (The more tender the better)

1- Ripe Avocado mashed *

1/4 C. finely chopped Spinach*

3- Large red globe grapes minced*

2-TBLS Cream cheese*

1-slice Edam cheese 1/4″ thick

1-Tsp. Grey Poupon or similar mustard*

1/2- Tsp. salt*

1- Tsp. pepper*

2-tsp. Garlic powder*

1/2 Tsp. lime juice*

1 -Tsp. 1st cold pressed olive oil *

1 -TBLS red wine vinegar

1-TBLS Balsamic vinegar

1- 1/4″ sliced Tomato for each sandwich


Start by marinating the Tomato slices in the Balsamic and red wine vinegar for at least 10 minutes

Mix all of the asterisked ingredients together making sure the cream cheese gets mixed in well with the avocado and dry ingredients

Slice the Ciabatta rolls and butter the cut side and grill at medium heat until golden brown

While the rolls are grilling put butter on the grill and lay the Edam cheese directly on the grill removing when it begins to soften

Put the Edam on the top of the roll and then the bacon

Take chunks of of the chicken breast and put on the bottom of roll adding a very liberal amount of the Avocado mix on top

Add the marinated tomato slice and then assemble the sandwich




I don’t know if it’s good luck or bad

That is how it goes with me

Take my truck for instance

I drive a 1998 Toyota Tacoma for work

One morning I pull into the parking lot, coming off the highway, and the drivers side wheel falls off as I pull into my parking spot

It’s a bad ball joint and it just fell apart

So I get a new one and replace it

Just as I am finishing up a couple of my guys come in and offer to finish up for me

Having paperwork to do I let them wrap it up

About two months later I pull into the parking lot and as I pull into my parking spot the drivers side wheel falls off

The ball joint has fallen apart because the nut fell off because my guys forgot to install the retention pin

So I buy a new joint and install it start to finish myself making sure the pin is in

About a week later just as I am pulling out of my driveway I blow out the drivers side front  tire

Back in the driveway and switch cars

About a month later I run up to the office to let one of the guys in for something he forgot

I am driving home and I am in my neighborhood

I just turned onto my street with about 5 houses to go and Bam!

Drivers side front wheel falls off and rolls up into the neighbors yard

I don’t even hesitate , I just floor it shooting sparks and carving a groove down the road and into my drive way

Now I have to go and retrieve my wheel

I look at the truck and I don’t have lug nut one

I found the whole pile of them right where I turned the corner 2 days later

Oversized lugs nuts, who would have guessed?

The repair consisted of a set of new lug nuts

Sounds like bad luck right?

Except I have that truck on the highway every single day

There is busy highway between my home and work

If any of those events happened on the highway, I would have been toast

Good luck?

Not really, but it sure could have been a whole lot worse bad luck

Book of poetry

Clods of dark brown earth break
With each determined thrust of boot and blade.
Revealing in the core of warmed embrace
Some small and welcome fruit of labour made.

Roots of month-long summer toil
Lie exposed in conquered disarray
And sit, hard won, on frozen winter soil.
I smile. We shall be fed yet again today.

Fay Slimm


This is Fay Slimm a poet from Cornwall U.K

In the online poetry world we go way back

I have associated with her for many years

And although we have never met, I consider her a friend

The above poem is a sampling of her work

I assure you that it is far from her finest because she  is a talented and prolific poet

It just happens to be one of my favorites because I am a gardener

She just achieved what all writers and poets strive for and has her first book of poetry published

I have a link below

If you like poetry, please check her book out

She is a wonderful woman and a wonderful writer

American patriot radio

This is run by Jason W. Hoyt and he can be found at

I met Jason at a freedom works event a few months ago along with Ted Cruz’s father and a number of other notables and authors. (Ted’s father is really cool by the way).

I had a fairy lengthy conversation with Jason and he gave me an overview of his recent book “Consent of the governed”

I was in complete agreement with him on all points and I told him that when I had the time, I would pimp his book and his website for him

Well , it is better late than never

He has a quality blog that has a very lengthy and detailed breakdown of the whole Bundy/Maheur event recently posted

A link to his book is here:

Please put a link to his blog in your sidebar after checking it out and pass around the link to his book

We need liberty minded authors and we desperately need liberty minded books

Give a patriot a boost and help him sell something that our country really needs

Mother’s tears

He is gone now
Returned to dust
All that is left of him
Are his mother’s tears
Tears that she cries in torrents of pain
Late at night when all others sleep and dream
She rocks in the old rocking chair
Weeping and sobbing
There is no comfort for her
Knowing that he is gone
His place on this earth vanished
The life that she gave no longer existing
All that is left of him now
Are his mothers tears

Some things make the world feel better

Fast cars

Smart dog

Bag full of money

Really nice gun

A curse


Layla M. Conley

Let your children grow cold
Cold and hard as stone
Let your hot tears never fall on their skin
Let them go to the ground
Alone and without you
May your sorrow and grief
Never see them again
Never give the last goodbyes
May you be given as you have given
Not a measure more
Nor a measure less
May grief and misfortune
Follow you for what you have done
For you have forsaken a mothers love
And denied her
Her dead son

There is nothing more despicable than to deny a mother her goodbye to her only son. A funeral held in secret with the only intent being harm while she weeps into a baby blanket. Sometimes I can’t believe the depths of depravity that people will go to to be vindictive.

Modern birds

I was at a customers house yesterday installing a new irrigation zone for his hedges

I was using a ditch witch vibratory plow to pull the piping into the ground

The homeowner was sitting on the back porch with an African grey parrot on top of his cage

The bird was making all kind of electronic noises like the cell battery going dead warnig

Then as soon as I fired the Ditch witch up e would start making back up beeper noises


The homeowner said that when they acquired him they were in a subdivision that was under constant construction

Now what would really be a cool trick is if he could train him to do that while walking backwards

FYI: I tried to post this and some other things yesterday but WordPress was broken and wouldn’t let me

Classical/bluegrass quartet made one of my poems into a bluegrass song

Geeked? Yeah, a bit. It is why you write after all isn’t it?

Below is about the quartet which is named Invoke

“If the goal was to make classical music relevant, it couldn’t have proven the point any more clearly.”

– Columbia Free Times

Described by one pretty important radio guy as “not classical…but not not classical”, bowed and fretted string quartet invoke continues to successfully dodge even the most valiant attempts at genre classification. The multi-instrumental band’s other not-nots encompass traditions from across America, including bluegrass, Appalachian fiddle tunes, jazz, and minimalism. invoke weaves all of these traditions together to create truly unique contemporary string quartet repertoire, written by and for the group.


Invoke’s 2015 debut release “Souls in the Mud” begins with original works that conjure images of America, including the fast-paced opening track Travesty and The Trace (inspired by bourbon whiskey). The third and title track, Souls in the Mud, is an American transformation of a 16th century motet featuring banjo, mandolin and a bluegrass-influenced boot-stompin’ finale. The EP is rounded out by invoke accompanying a historic recording of a haunting traditional English ballad and two compositions by prolific American composer Danny Clay.


Since its inception in 2013, invoke has been selected as Artists in Residence at Strathmore, Emerging Young Artist Quartet at Interlochen, and Fellowship String Quartet at Wintergreen Performing Arts. invoke has shared the stage with some of the most acclaimed chamber groups in the country, including the Enso Quartet and the U.S. Army Field Band. Other performance highlights include appearances in Columbia, SC as honorable mention recipients at the Savvy Musician in ACTION workshop, on two consecutive seasons of the Common Tone concert series in Maryland, and as part of the Radical Sound collective.”

And here is a link to the track:

And the original poem:

Beneath the mountain

Leave alone what lies beneath the mountain

The labyrinthined caves and deep burning fire

Take instead the cold stinging creeks

The summer pines and pale blue sky

Take the rocky trails and sharp stone

And all the beauty for your eye

But don’t stray below and leave alone

What lies beneath the mountain

Chumley the cat

Whilst strolling through the woods one day to while away the time
I came across a creature, orange furred and fine
He had pointed ears and bright green eyes
And a tail that kept in time

He sat on the path quite relaxed and squarely in my way
He did not move, he did not budge, he would not let me pass
“Good day to you and how do you do?” Said I in my merry way
“But please move aside, as you’ve broken my stride
and let me continue with my day”

“Hello”  Said he, as he sat on the path, in a soft and purring way
“Let me introduce myself, my name is Chumley and I am your cat
I’m pleased to meet you, pleased to see you, so glad to be your cat”

“It’s a fine thing you’ve done and a fine man you are
to walk your cat through the forest
A cat could ask for no finer master, could find no better man.
So, let’s finish our stroll on this beautiful day and continue on our way”

“Hold on!” Said I, quite taken aback ” For surely you are mistaken.
I have no creatures great or small and most certainly not a cat. You are wrong good sir, a mistake I,m sure, for I know that we’ve never met.”

“Oh master!” Said he, with a sorrowful cry “What is it that I’ve done? Whatever would make you treat me so, the pet who has been like a son?”

“Step aside!” Said I, becoming irate “The day is fading, the hour is late.
You are not my pet, I know for sure, your mind is muddled, go find a cure! Now move from my way and allow me to pass. I’ve had enough of you blocking my path!”

A tear seemed to form in his green hued eyes
and next when he spoke he asked me why; why after all these years
would I forget a pet of mine

I’d had enough and told him so “Move from my way and let me go!
I’ve things to do and things to see, begone from my path and let me be!
You’ve wasted enough of my walking time, now out of my way, you are not mine!”

The cat finally spoke in a wavering voice ” I will leave you alone you give me no choice.
But I will always remember our time together, long nights in bed and walks in the wood.
I will always remember the love and the good

Later that night, I’d dined and I’d supped, I’d closed the curtains
and turned up the light
I thought of that cat I’d met earlier that day
The thought of him would not go away

I sat at my table, full from my meal, of bread and cheese and wine and veal
I wondered if he hungered, whether he had any meat.
So just to be sure I put a bowl at my feet……
For my cat Chumley

Ever run into that cat that insists it is yours just because you petted it?

Yeah it’s that cat

This is a children’s story I wrote about 20 yrs. ago at work

The entire thing was written on post it notes

Boy, I sure was a productive employee back then

Half the battle is admitting that you have a problem

I think I have a problem

I can’t stop

Even though I say I’m going to

I am up late at night and still doing it

About a month ago I got a 150 LB. heavy bag for my birthday from my lovely wife

My hands are bruised

My wrists are swollen

My elbows are blue

Every night without fail

But man, does it feel good

I was actually surprised at  how quickly my conditioning returned

My wife just shakes her head

She didn’t know that I had a problem……

Bow down before your new masters

Those civil consequences—and the public approval that conferring the name of marriage evidences—can perhaps have adverse social effects, but no more adverse than the effects of many other controversial laws. So it is not of special importance to me what the law says about marriage. It is of overwhelming importance, however, who it is that rules me. Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. The opinion in these cases is the furthest extension in fact— and the furthest extension one can even imagine—of theCourt’s claimed power to create “liberties” that the Consti-tution and its Amendments neglect to mention. This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves” Justice Scalia in his dissent

There it is and boy did he say a mouthful. Scalia knows how big this one is and that there are going to be consequences.

The Govt. via the supreme court has just repudiated Christianity in our country.

God is no longer the giver of law, the Govt. is via supreme court rulings.

Forget the mumbo jumbo written in that book of yours the SCOTUS will decide what is what.

You know,  just like those inalienable rights endowed on you by your creator.

The SCOTUS gives you your rights….Or takes them away

Bow down now before your new masters

Your new Gods.

Bow down

Is this enough? Has not every insult been hurled at us? Have we not petitioned and entreated our grievances according to law ? Have we not voted representatives to office only to be boldly betrayed?

Have we not time and time again been sold, almost as chattel, to lobbyists and monied interests who fill the pockets of those we elect?

Is this not enough when men wearing robes put themselves above God and millennium of holy tradition?

Is this not cause enough, the total sum of the injuries and insults that we have endured, to spur you to action?

If not  then no cause will ever be great enough.

You will endure the chains of servitude imposed by  them and gladly at that, if you balk now

I make the case that our liberty is already gone and hard tyranny comes next

Our choices have been made for us both by fate and men and the way forward is clear

Look around you, is that freedom? Is that what our forefathers died for?

We must now be bold and decisive

There will be no better time coming

No set of circumstances more opportune in the level of outrage provoked

Our masters have spoken and we must let them know that we are not happy

We need to put a gauntlet across their faces as they have ours

But we must unite and have a unified face of resistance


The law and loss of moral authority

I thought it would be timely to re-post this bearing in mind the recent SCOTUS decision. We are now entering the era of the Reichstag fire and the rubber stamp court will rule , not by what is written into law, but instead by what they desire.

I know that some of you will be inclined to look to the recent second amendment rulings to say that it just isn’t so…. but it is.

Remember the first Obamacare ruling? Congress has the power to tax? Elections have consequences?

Well , a lot of people haven’t realized it, but that ruling gives the tyrants unbridled authority to tax anything, anywhere.

Sure it is legal to own a gun, you just have to pay a $5000.00 a year tax, kind of like the $200.00 tax stamp on silencers.

We have now officially been fundamentally transformed

Anyway, I have work to do so I leave you with the below.

Happy Friday everybody

The law and loss of moral authority

To put our current legal situation into context you have to ask one basic question; what is law? Is law as we have been lead to believe, the codification of statutes defining what is illegal or not? Or is there some inherent property of moral righteousness that must exist for that law to have force?

I will argue that there is a moral component of law that must be present to make the system of law work. I am, of course, aware that there are many places that laws are passed that have no moral basis at all. There are dictatorships around the world that oppress their peoples and use their codified statutes to imprison and kill any who dissent.

The ultimate example of this is was the Nazi Germany government who made it legal to kill Jews. It was not only legal, but a system of laws was implemented to guide their extermination. But those laws, even though written out with penalties for those who did not follow them by the legislature, were illegal.

It is a basic component of the human being to know right from wrong. It is the reason that human beings set up laws in the first place. They are set up to make sure that innocents are not victimized by the predacious in our societies. In virtually every place that a human society exists, whether on a group, tribal or civilization level, there are always laws that govern behavior. Even those that break the laws have a sense of righteousness. In prison populations, if the prisoners feel that they are being treated in a fair and just manner they will comply with the rules and follow the system. Take away that feeling of just and fair treatment and prison riots and mayhem ensues. The prisoners realize that they have broken the law and when treated humanely will accept their punishment for the most part. The prisoners know that they have committed a wrong and they knew the possible penalty beforehand and knew what they risked. If torture, mal-treatment and other injuries are added to the punishment then a situation of self-righteousness is set up. The only way to control a prison population under those circumstances is with solitary confinement and complete isolation; if left to exist within prison society it would quickly conflagrate into confrontation.

In places where law exists without any moral authority there is always rebellion brewing just under the surface of society. The dictators and bureaucracies of these societies must rule with an iron fist because they know that one moment of slackness will have them swept from power and executed or exiled. Every single individual who is subject to these laws knows that they are illegal. How can they be illegal if they are written into law you might ask; Is that not the definition of law?

My argument is that it is the moral component of the law that is essential for it to work. It has nothing to with writing a statute and everything to do with human nature. We are after all the ones who create the laws, then write them and in the end follow them. It is at the very core of our nature to organize and codify law because we are innately social by nature and always end up forming some type of society that must have rules. It is also our own feeling of self-righteousness that makes us create the laws.

Certain things are innately wrong and one person should not be able to do this or that to another, and that is the basic creator of law. Laws don’t start out as regulations to govern society. They start out as basic rules of moral behavior; don’t steal from those in our community, don’t kill anyone and don’t try to take my wife. It is this same sense of self-righteousness that drives us to rebel when we know that a law is being applied without any righteous basis.

Take traffic laws for an example. Someone is driving down the highway when they suddenly see blue lights in the rearview. They were oblivious to their speed, lost in thought, and look down at the speedometer and see that they are doing 70 M.P.H. When the cop walks up and gives them a speeding ticket for doing 70 M.P.H. in a 50 M.P.H zone, there is little room for self-righteousness. Most people knowing that they broke the law, and one enacted for public safety, will accept the ticket and pay it without even showing up in court. The next example is the opposite.

Someone is rolling down the highway and the only difference in the scenario is that when they look down they see that they are only doing 45 M.P.H. They continue on for a while, waiting for the cop to go around them. When they eventually pull over, part of it is curiosity as to why he would be stopping them. In this case when a 70 M.P.H. ticket is handed out the reaction is going to be entirely different. That person will go to court. In addition to going to court, if not resolved there, they will spend large amounts of time and money to right the injustice. They will actually spend time and money far out of proportion to the actual injustice that happened because they are self-righteous.

Now imagine that the law was written like this: If you are driving down the highway you can be pulled over and issued a speeding ticket at any time no matter what your speed was. That is the point where the law goes against human nature. People would naturally begin to rebel against it because of its inherent injustice. In the second case it is not only that person’s right to rebel against the law, but also their moral obligation. They have a moral obligation to rebel because they should be seeking to re-establish moral law. If they live in human society then moral law, compatible with human nature should be the rule. If this is not the case, then they are being set up to have very bad things happen.

The Jews in Nazi Germany also had a moral obligation to fight and for the most part they did not (With the notable and heroic exception of the Warsaw ghetto and a few others) and were led to their slaughter. They had a moral obligation not just to themselves, but to their fellow Jews and compatriots. They were obligated to save their children, their mothers and fathers and other humans and in the end, for the most part did not.

Instead they followed the laws of Nazi Germany. (Just as the German soldiers at the Nuremberg trials did) They agreed to be registered because to not do so would be breaking the law. They showed up in groups to be transported away because to not do so would be breaking the law. They gave up their goods and businesses and money because not to do so would be breaking the law. There were, of course, severe penalties for breaking the law such as being imprisoned or just disappearing into the night and that drove most to comply.

I know that faith also played a part for many and I am not judging their actions or inaction. I am simply stating the results of what happened by their following the law and putting forward the fact that we are all morally obligated to act when law becomes illegal or immoral.

When law has lost its moral authority and becomes nothing more than something punitive to arbitrarily punish enemies then it is not true law; or at least not true to human nature , by which we all act. In that case all the law becomes is a fear of retribution. No one cares if they break the law for they feel no guilt about doing so and we humans, for the most part, are moral beings. Personally I don’t rob people because it is against the law. I don’t rob people because of the fact that it is morally wrong and I have no desire to violently take from another to gain wealth. I will die before I take the sustenance of another to live.

Once the moral component of law is removed only fear of punishment remains. If someone follows the law it is only because they don’t want to be fined or imprisoned; It I not because they have a moral imperative. But fear only goes so far; when the law becomes illegal its moral authority is transferred to those against whom it is used. They now have righteousness on their side and righteousness has a way of cancelling out fear.

Counter-intuitively, the more injustice that is piled on the more it is met with resistance. The IRA is an excellent example. By the 1960’s their membership was flagging and their armed struggle against the British was at very low ebb. That all changed on bloody Sunday when British troops opened fire into a crowd of demonstrators and killed and wounded a number of them. Instead of being frightened by this, they were outraged and active resistance against them doubled. A vicious cycle was started as the British escalated their actions in response to the increase in attacks and therefore caused even more.

The result of the British crackdown was the highest membership in the IRA in history and the start of a real shooting war. The level of violence escalated to a point never seen before and eventually drove the Brits to sue for peace. The danger of enrolling in the outlawed organization was more than offset by the sense of self-righteous outrage that was generated by the deaths and military lock down of entire neighborhoods. When one joined the IRA it was not a matter of if you would die or be imprisoned, but rather when. Still, even knowing what the outcome would be the ranks of the IRA swelled to enormous numbers. When the British military began a covert assassination program to kill suspected IRA members and affiliates, instead of instilling fear it just added to the sense of outrage and drove more to join and fight.

It was the (Legal) injustice of what was being done that gave the moral righteousness to the IRA and drove them to war. I bring this all up because we are now, in our own society, entering an era of legal lawlessness. We will be forced to make choices about how we respond when confronted with these laws. From the patriot act to the NSA spying, the NDAA authorization of indefinite detention, the IRS and the DOJ it is becoming clear that we are living in an increasingly lawless society.

The lawlessness is not on the part of the people, but rather on the part of those writing the law. The irony is that as the laws become more illegitimate the numbers of them are increasing exponentially. There are already so many federal laws on the books that at any given time any given individual is guilty of a crime. We have now become beholden to the very institutions that are supposed to be serving us as a society. Instead of serving us, the people, they now serve the bureaucracy instead. The bureaucracy and the institutions thereof have become the center of law giving rather than we as citizens. The law, rather than protecting us has become an instrument to protect the bureaucracy and punish those who disagree with it.

We have come to the point where our laws are becoming as corrupt as any given banana republic and if we do not actually want to become one, then we need to make a stand and say enough is enough. I am sure that while I have been writing this that I have committed at least three crimes; either by what I have written or done or thought or possibly what type of lighting I used. Do I care? No not at all. My sense of self- righteous indignation has grown to the point that I have no fear. I have no fear of death or imprisonment. The level of outrage has grown in me to the point that I will go to war.

Will they put me in prison? Go ahead lock me up with a captive audience and let me speak the truth to them; I will leave with an army of self-righteous individuals. Of course the speaking of this truth is illegal in prison, but at this point what is law? We all have hard choices coming up in the future; choices that could affect the rest of our lives and need to decide how to act. In the end how we act is going to be influenced by how the legal system acts. Let me end this with a question: If you receive a letter from the IRS informing you that you are subject to an audit, is your hard drive going to crash? I know that mine is.

I swear it wasn’t me

We were sitting in a Mexican restaurant last Thursday about 5 minutes after leaving the courthouse. We had just finalized the last case against my wife and were directly across the street waiting to order when we heard screeching tires and a horn blowing.

We assumed that someone had almost gotten into an accident and concentrated on ordering from the menu. After a while our food arrived and we settled in to eat. After a few minutes though, we saw cherries in the street and a crowd of people forming outside.

Assuming that there had been an accident, we went about our business and ate our food as more and more cops and people showed up. Pretty soon it became obvious that this was no car accident. Cop after cop arrived on the scene along with fire trucks and a growing throng of people.

In no time at all, there were at least 25 squad cars and hundreds of people in the parking lot of the court house across the street. Something was up and as the waitress approached my wife inquired if she knew what was going on.

She informed us that someone had just come in from the crowd outside to use the restroom and had told her that the court house had been evacuated because of a bomb threat.

A bomb threat? The street was crawling with squad cars with their cherries on and cops were forming up in groups now to cordon everything off. My wife looked at me and leaned forward “Do you think this is for us?”

I thought about it for a moment before I replied. Mere minutes earlier we had been in the courthouse. They had us confined in a hallway waiting to be processed and pay a fine. We had to pay the woman in the closet sized office $3.00 and we had been waiting in this stinking hallway for 3 hours.

Sit here and wait until they call your name.

3 hours.

I was less than happy.

Much less than happy.

I was in the courthouse, which to me, is the belly of the beast. The only worse place to be forced into by the state is a prison. I am in a place into which I have been forced and now I am being forced to pay them money at the threat of my wife being jailed.

I can hardly think of a time that I had been less happy.

I looked across the table at my wife as she inquired and responded slowly “I never said bomb. I mean, I said a lot, but I never said bomb ”

As a matter of fact my final words as I left, turning to address all present  were “Fuck this place and these assholes”

Yeah, that was my finale on the way out the door, but that was nothing compared to what was going on in the hallway. By the 3 hour mark I had an angry crowd of people gathered and was relentlessly pounding the system and everything that it stood for.

I was in rare form and I had a captive audience that was just about as happy as I was. I was especially pissed because I knew that the very money that I was paying was the only thing that keeps the system functioning.

As the time passed the crowd grew uglier and uglier and what had been a bunch of calm people just waiting to pay a fine, became a group of outraged people being raped by the state.

This of course did not go unnoticed. There was a desk set up at the end of the hall for probation and PTI and the woman sitting there who had been happy and laughing now wore a dark scowl.

She had been apologizing and joking  with everyone as she set them up to take their money and freedom in monthly increments. She appeared to be happy and care free and enjoying her job as she set everyone up for periodic payments.

I think that all changed when I walked over to her desk and informed everyone that this was just like a prison and if everyone refused to go long with it, that they could never afford to make it work. That If everyone was non-compliant that the system would collapse under the weight of trying to enforce it.

I then went on a diatribe about the prison system, the police state,and how many people were imprisoned in this country. There was a guy there that was a sovereign citizen and he was like my cheering team, chiming in at one point that the only good cop was a dead cop.

But I never said bomb.

We wandered out into the street after eating and as we walked towards the parking lot, the cops started blocking all of the roads off adjacent to the court house. There were now squad cars and groups of black vested cops everywhere. We both agreed that this would probably be a good time to exit stage right and get out of the area.

We got into the car and as we drove out of town, feeling a little nervous, my wife looked at me and inquired again” This can’t be for us , can it?”

I assured her that it wasn’t us. We had spoken to the lady at our attorney’s office as we walked by and she said specifically that someone had called in a bomb threat.

I immediately thought of the sovereign citizen.

And then the guy who got fired via telephone while waiting in that hallway to dutifully pay his fine.

And then my wife says “Wait a minute, You did say it!”

What? I said what?

She then reminded me of what I had said.  She cut a plea deal with no time, no judgement and no record and I said that if it the judge would have given her time, that I would have laid siege to the place.

That’s not a bomb threat.

Besides that, I had used it in a what if context, not saying that I was going to do it, but rather, would have.

Laying siege is a pretty broad term and can be interpreted many ways.


But now she had me nervous. When I say that I was in rare form, I really mean it. I was sitting right in front of a camera, not 4 feet away the whole time as incited my fellow citizens.

I didn’t care, it was principle . Here we were, paying money out because of some lying scum bag cop and they confine us for 3 hours waiting to pay $3.00 in a hallway.

We finally hit our limit and went up to the window and demanded her paperwork back. At first they couldn’t find it but they finally located it in a basket all by itself, totally unprocessed. At this point we figured that it would be easier to have our attorney pay it instead.

That was when we had exited and I left them my parting words which my wife followed up with “And fuck this whole system too”

It couldn’t be for us.

The entire drive home, which is about 40 minutes, we were wondering if we had caused the scare and to tell you the truth, I half ass expected to see squad cars parked at our house when we arrived. But we got home and everything was quiet and peaceful and we were done with the police state and the court system.

Until the phone rang.

It was the attorneys office. They couldn’t pay the fine. It had to be paid in person.


Before 4:30 or an arrest warrant would be issued.

For $3.00.

It all smelled like a set up to me.

It was us

And now they wanted us to walk right into their clutches.


What a choice. It is now 3:15 and we have to drive all the way back there.

Yes, I said “Egad”.

It smelled like a trap

But what to do? If it wasn’t paid by 4:30 an arrest warrant was certain.

Back to the court house.

We went to the attorneys office and the girl that works there walked across the street with us to the courthouse. She took us to a down stairs office where we could pay our $3.00 and be done. It was take your kid to work day and the nice lady who processed our paper work had her young son with her.

It took her all of 5 minutes to accomplish what the incompetent idiots upstairs couldn’t do in 3 hrs. It ended up that it wasn’t a set up and soon enough we were all paid up and back on the road heading home.

The next day I read that there were a number of court houses evacuated because of bomb threats, including the one in my own town. Someone had called in with very specific and credible threats that closed a number across the state.


I told you it wasn’t me.

Diminished liberty

It is amazing how far the perception of liberty in our nation has been distorted. I had a few thoughts about it the other day and it really reinforced my thoughts that there is no possibility whatsoever of ever voting our way out of this mess. I stumbled out of bed Saturday morning, shuffled off to get a cup of coffee and as I sat down, the first thing I thought of was liberty and it’s rightful application.

Yeah, I am that guy; I just can’t turn this shit off. It isn’t because of something that happened that I get all wound up and get my panties in a wad. Liberty isn’t an event, it is a continuum and its presence or lack there of is a constant. It is a state that we exist in no matter what else may be happening around us.

So anyway, I am about to put a cup of coffee to my lips and I think to myself  “What would the founders, or for that fact, anyone born to that generation, think if they were told that they could not ride their horse down the street without first obtaining a license to do so ?”

That is when it dawned on me how far our liberty and our perception of it was distorted from its original inception. I knew what the answer to the question was before I even finished thinking it. These men had just fought, bled, died and survived for the sake of rightful liberty. They had just instituted a system that would insure the individual liberty of Americans; just thrown off the chains of tyranny.

That tyranny was a system that taxed, tolled, papered, regulated and controlled all those who were under it. A system that required the subjects to carry papers at all times so they could be investigated at any whim as to what their business was and where they might be going.

So, where are we in this whole scheme of things? Where do we sit on the scale of freedom?

Let me say it without  bringing in such obvious things such as the TSA, DHS, FBI and the other multi- letter agencies. I will leave those out and simply deal with our distorted perception of freedom and liberty on a more basic level.

We abide daily injustices that would have brought open rebellion and revolution in former generations.  We have been so conditioned to conform to our lack of liberty that we barely notice its absence anymore.

At age 15 we are eagerly awaiting the chance to be taxed, regulated, licensed and allowed by the state to drive. We have been told by our parents, our schools and our society that this is how it works and we blindly accept it; accept that this is freedom.

We accept what we are told ,that driving, like so many other things, is not a right, it is a privilege granted to you by the state that can be revoked at any time.

Also, while you are in the act of driving your normally allotted rights are at diminished capacity. There is a different bar set for search and seizure of both your vehicle and person. In a vehicle you don’t have the “Reasonable expectation” of privacy that you do in your home.

Any time that your vehicle is stopped you may be asked to exit your vehicle for the officers safety. He may then handcuff you and pat down your person for weapons before the traffic stop continues.

This is what passes for freedom today and with our twisted perception of liberty we blindly except it.

All of this is done in the name of safety, in the name of the greater good . From the handcuffs and pat down, to the search and licensing , it is all ostensibly done for the safety of others.

Just imagine if people were allowed to travel willy-nilly wherever they wanted without the state making sure that they were licensed and able to operate up to the states standards.

Oh, the horror! Can you imagine? Free people just driving any which way they want? How could we survive such  dangerous freedom?

But in this system that is set up for the “Safety” of all, the individual liberty designed into the system at its inception has vanished. It is so far gone that most of us never even notice it. I know that at the moment a lot of people are aware of what is happening, but they are not looking at the most basic precept of the loss.

Our liberty was lost generations before we were born and we, as did our fathers, and grandfathers, just accepted it as the status quo. Most of us never questioned it until it got so far out of hand that it could not ignored any longer. But it isn’t the current situation that is at the heart of the matter.

It is what we used to accept as liberty in our distorted perception of freedom. A return to that state from the current tyranny is not acceptable; Not now that most of us now view it through a clearer lens.

A return to lesser tyranny is not an option, if we intend to exist in a state of rightful liberty as our nation was designed .Is that what we should strive for ? Lesser tyranny?  Not the unbridled tyranny  of the 2000’s but that lesser one from 1960?

I think not.

But, does anyone actually think that no matter who runs for what, that there is any chance of actually voting true liberty back into our nation?  I think that the answer to that is a resounding no. The pigs in D.C. that are feeding at the trough of public money have no interest in liberty.

Liberty gets in the way of what they need to do, which is to insure their place at that trough. More laws and more control grows their bureaucracy and pours the slop in so they can continue to fatten.

The serfdom of the American people has been so institutionalized on so many levels, that there is no chance that anything other than fundamental structural change will be able to restore liberty in its actual form.

And how can that be accomplished? A revolution perhaps? Shall we Storm the Bastille?

Well, I don’t believe that it can happen without some type of event that spurs it. But at the same time,  I don’t think that in our cowardly, status quo driven society that we, as a people, will ever rise up in arms to recapture our stolen freedom.

We will instead accept whatever it is that the tyrants have to offer us. Yes, we will bitch, whine, moan and complain about it , but only until that is banned and made illegal.

I think that it would take something on the scale of total economic or societal collapse to put people in the position to they realize that can seize back their liberty.

I think that on a wide enough scale the powers that be, would be so diminished, that people capable, willing, organized and able , would be able to have a foothold in establishing a free society.

The most important part of the whole equation would be the ability to recognize the event and have the fortitude to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

While everyone clambers for help and begs for assistance and servitude, those willing to be free could use the opportunity to establish a state that has the actual goals in mind that our founders had.

Economically we have built a house of cards and somewhere in the not so distant future it is going to come tumbling down. What would happen in D.C. if the slop suddenly stopped pouring into the trough? Where would the pigs run and what would they do if their political existence was threatened?

They would do whatever was necessary to keep it coming and the result of that would be unbridled tyranny and a tyranny so great that no free man could abide it.  They are the rulers, and using history as a guide, the rulers will commit any act to continue their rule.

Now here is the important question: If opportunity presents itself, will you seize it? Is dangerous  freedom and liberty more important than the security offered by tyrants? Is danger and death preferable to existence without freedom?

I know it is to me.

But who am I anyway? Just some guy who thinks too much, sees too much and patiently awaits his drone strike while drinking his morning coffee.

This is a second draft of a previous post. In the previous draft I ran out of time and rather truncated the ending.