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Illinois careens into financial meltdown

How surprising; The crookedest state in the union is going broke.

If you don’t know anything about Illinois history look it up

Mayors, Judges, Reps and more than one governor sitting in prison

It is also the birthplace of real gun control in our country

Couldn’t see it happen to a better place

“Illinois is grappling with a full-fledged financial crisis and not even the lottery is safe – with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner warning the state is entering “banana republic” territory.

Facing billions in unpaid bills and pension obligations, the state is hitting a cash crunch that is rare even by Illinois standards.

A top financial official just warned 100 percent of the state’s monthly revenue will be eaten up by court-ordered payments. Rauner is calling a special session of the Democrat-led General Assembly in a bid to pass what he hopes will be the first full budget package in almost three years.

And Illinois will – literally – lose the lottery if the budget fails.

The state lotto requires a payment from the legislature each year. The current appropriation expires June 30, meaning no authority to pay prizes. In anticipation of a budget deadlock, the state already is planning to halt Powerball and Mega Millions sales.”


There’s no winning

70 Lbs. of meat

That moves like lightning

I know, I suck at sports photography




My dog is a a squirrel hater too

Not yet, but close


Now this deserves a Darwin award

Good morning to someone

Came in this morning and found a wrecked Mustang convertible in the parking lot

Grill, clip, all that crap is out on the highway

The drivers side front is smashed in and covered in blood

Inside both airbags are blown and a bouquet of flowers are splattered all over

Right outside the drivers door is a red ribbon from a gift on the ground

Time to check the messages