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Who didn’t want Chicks with bagpipes?

Good morning my fellows…

Turn it up


And here it comes

Oh, wake the Hell up

Music for the Monday

Kentucky church goers face 14 day quarantine after cops take down license plate numbers at Easter service

“Kentucky State Police recorded the license plate numbers of those who attended in-person church services on Easter Sunday.

Maryville Baptist Church hosted a service for 50 worshipers on Easter Sunday in violation of Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s executive order barring public gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. Pastor Jack Roberts, the leader of the church, said he did not tell his members to break the law or to follow it.

“Everybody has to do what they feel comfortable with,” Roberts told the Courier-Journal.

In response to the service, Beshear ordered state police to record the license plates of those who attended the service and had officers place notices on the windshield of each car, mandating that each worshiper enter a 14-day quarantine after attending the service. Most members, however, told the Courier-Journal that they would not abide by the order.

Many have been critical of the church’s decision to hold the service. Prior to the 11 a.m. worship, volunteers were called to the church to clean up buckets of nails and other sharp objects that vandals had poured over the parking lot in hopes of popping the tires of those who attended.”