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N.J. bans gun device used in Las Vegas shooting after Christie signs bill

Go figure, the bloviating RINO, cap and trade proponent and Global warming hoaxer signs gun control legislation that makes residents criminal. Go have a big fat ass heart attack.

“It’s now illegal in New Jersey to sell or posses a “bump stock,” the controversial firearm accessory allegedly used by the gunman in last year’s Las Vegas massacre.

Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican set to leave office Tuesday, signed a Democratic-sponsored bill Monday outlawing the devices, which can be affixed to semiautomatic riffles to allow them to fire bullets, mimicking automatic weapons.

Christie — who took action on more than 150 bills on his final full day in office — made no statement on the legislation (S3477/A5200), which takes effect immediately.

Anyone who owns a bump stock or “trigger crank” now has 90 days — until April 15 — to surrender the accessories to law enforcement authorities. Retailers who sell them have 30 days.

Sale or possession of a bump stock is now a third-degree crime that carries a sentence of three-to-five years in prison, a fine of up to $15,000, or both.”


LAPD violating concealed permit policies

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has repeatedly failed to follow its own rules for issuing concealed weapon permits, the state auditor concluded in a report released Thursday.

L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell disputed some of the key findings of the audit, saying state officials misinterpreted the policy.

The department policy requires applicants to provide “convincing evidence” of a “clear and present danger to life or of great bodily harm” to get a license, but the audit found the department issued 24 licenses during the last few years without sufficient evidence.

Most of the 197 active licenses in L.A. County as of August went to current or former law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors, the audit found. The lieutenant in charge of reviewing applications told auditors that people in law enforcement satisfy the department’s requirements by the nature of their jobs.

“However, making that decision based solely on the applicant’s profession both directly contradicts Los Angeles’s written policy — which specifically states that no position or job classification in itself shall constitute good cause for issuance — and has led the department to treat applicants inequitably based on their occupations,” the audit says.

McDonnell said the audit identified some legitimate issues, and the department has added a checklist to the application process in order to show requirements have been met. But he disagreed on the report’s sweeping conclusion that the department consistently failed to follow its own policies.”



It is about people control

Retired military commanders urge Congress to address ‘gun violence crisis’

“Sixteen of the nation’s top retired military commanders are urging Congress to pass gun control legislation, arguing that there are many steps that can be taken to curb gun deaths that do not violate the Second Amendment.

In a letter they plan to send to Congressional leaders, the retired commanders, including Army Gens. Wesley Clark and Michael Hayden, Navy Admiral Eric Olson, Air Force Lt. Gen. Norman Seip and Marine Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney, argue that Congress is “no longer speaking or voting for the majority of Americans, including gun owners” when it comes to the issue of firearms.

“There is no acceptable excuse for our elected leaders to avoid addressing this as a national crisis,” they write.

The group is part of the veterans coalition of a gun control group founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly. They laid out their arguments in a letter they plan to send to Congressional leaders.

The retired military men and women said that, as military leaders, they defended the Constitution and have considerable firearms training. As Americans, they said, they find the level of gun violence across the country unacceptable, calling the shootings that killed 58 people in Las Vegas in October and 26 in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in November “but the latest instances of shocking horror” that the nation has experienced in recent years.”




Surrender Your Guns, Police Tell Hawaiian Medical Marijuana Patients

Turn ’em all in Mr. and Mrs. America

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I’m ‘gonna snipe his ass….

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Somebody at USA today has watched one too many Zombie flicks