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Florida “Hero in blue” arrested on 16 counts of perjury for lying on reports

Remember this guy when you hear sworn testimony in court. “Hero” is an action, not a color. Countless citizens are arrested and convicted on false testimony sworn to by LEO every year. The courts will often times overlook tainted testimony because it keeps the revenues flowing and their paychecks rolling. Whether a prosecutor, […]

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The hero files : Cops arrested compilation June 5 2017

Graft, corruption, rape , child porn and senseless beatings. That’s right, these are the Roid popping, road raging domestic warriors that we call our public servants. They are heroes one and all because every day they put on a uniform and gun everyday and “Put their lives on the line”. Oh that’s right , I […]

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Off duty cop directing traffic fires into van full of children

And who would have guessed? The cowardly scumbag lied about the incident to try and justify it. He tried to use the old “Feared for his life” on a van full of children. What a hero this guy is. The report states that he ran along side of the van and shot after it went […]

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Heroes of the week: Deputies pair with disgraced ex cop to distribute Marijuana

Marijuana, Meth and a multitude of crimes. It’s a good these these “Few bad apples” were taken off of the street . Now we have nothing to worry about, right? I am sure that they are going to throw all the cases out that these degenerates testified on, right? Unfortunately it is no on both […]

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To serve: Cop ran security for Gangster disciples drug shipments

“Former Crockett County Sheriff’s Office deputy Calvin Fields pleaded guilty to counts of distribution of cocaine and possession of a firearm during drug trafficking in U.S. District Court on Friday. As part of the plea agreement, Fields waived his right to appeal his sentence, meaning the sentence he is given will not change. Federal Bureau […]

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To serve: Cop with K9 forces man to jump from rooftop

This is what happens when cops begin to think that they are better than those that they serve. This is the action, not of a public servant, but rather a domestic warrior carrying on a fight against corrupt citizenry. The cop, pictured below, gets to now become what he hated so much. Hopefully some other […]

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A few bad apples: L.A. Sheriff convicted of obstructing a federal investigation into corruption and abuses in county jails

Go on, keep saying it “It’s just a few bad apples, most of them are good guys”. Keep saying it when time after time it is shown to be otherwise. This is corruption from top to bottom and everywhere in between. When are the people going to figure out that these people are not public […]

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Florida cop caught lying after battering woman during stop

LEE COUNTY – A Lee County deputy was fired after an internal investigation revealed he used excessive force and lied on official documents. Deputy Raymond Gallagher was placed under investigation by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in October. A witness reported to law enforcement that he saw Gallagher use force he didn’t believe looked necessary […]

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Police abuse reports for the first 2 weeks of February 2017

Before you read any of the below, be sure you go here : This is the mother site of these reports from the CATO institute. Go there and bookmark the page for future use It is unequivocally the most important police abuse resource in the country Here are the seven reports of police misconduct […]

via From the CATO institute :Two weeks of police abuse reports for February 2017 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Arrest reports: Cops arrested in the 1st week and a half of February 2017

Here is this weeks “Heroes in the news”. Looks like the boys and girls in blue have been very, very busy. Instead of “Risking their lives” everyday, they have been “Risking getting caught” everyday. If you enjoyed this compilation, please pass it around and give it some traffic as it is soon to become a […]

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Florida: Cop gets busted robbing people by his own body cam

“Volusia County, FL — Body cams, according to some studies, may serve to reduce corruption and violence from certain police officers. However, as a recent body camera video out of Florida illustrates, a camera on this cop didn’t even deter his desire to commit theft. Deputy John Braman, with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, has […]

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To serve: Florida Sheriff’s Deputy befriends woman, kidnaps her dog,steals $65,000es to kill her

Actual Photo

“A Florida sheriff’s deputy was arrested this week in connection with a series of bizarre crimes involving an elderly woman, whom he allegedly forced to ingest medication and whose dog he allegedly gave away on Craigslist.

Frankie Eugene Bybee, an 18-year veteran of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested Monday for a host of alleged crimes, including grand theft and attempted murder. The 46-year-old is being held at the county jail on bonds totaling over $1 million.

“His actions are a disgrace, not only to our agency but to law enforcement professionals everywhere,” Sarasota County Sheriff Thomas Knight said at a Monday press conference.

According to the sheriff’s office, the investigation into Bybee began last month, when a 79-year-old woman complained that he was harassing her.

The woman told police she met Bybee in October 2016, when he responded to a call for assistance at her residence and helped transport her to a local hospital. Bybee then allegedly began visiting the woman while on and off duty, and introduced her to several members of his family, authorities said.

A friendship quickly developed and Bybee allegedly agreed to temporarily care for the woman’s dog, a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier named J.J. The woman told authorities she wrote Bybee a check for $1,000 that was intended to cover grooming and veterinarian fees.”

“When the woman was released from the hospital, Bybee allegedly refused to return her dog.

Interviewed by detectives, Bybee acknowledged taking possession of the dog and said he’d placed an ad on Craigslist and “rehomed” it, according to authorities.

On Jan. 9, investigators allegedly discovered four checks in the woman’s name made out to Bybee and his three children, totaling $65,000. The woman denied writing the checks, and a forensic analysis of the documents allegedly revealed the presence of Bybee’s fingerprints.

The deputy was placed on administrative leave as authorities continued their investigation.

Three days later, on Jan. 12, the woman contacted the sheriff’s office, claiming that Bybee had entered her home wearing dark clothing and blue latex gloves and tried to kill her.

“Bybee mounted the victim and, while holding her down, forced prescription medication in her mouth,” Knight said.”

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up

Cop charged after 2 Yr. old shoots mother with his gun

“WAXHAW, NC (FOX 46) – A Waxhaw police officer has been charged after his 2-year-old son accidentally shot his mother, officials said. Officer Jeremy Ferguson is charged with failing to store a firearm to protect a minor– a misdemeanor violation. The shooting happened about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 4 at the officer’s home along Bigham Road in Waxhaw. […]

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Poll: 93% Of Officers Fear For Their Safety While On The Job

“Most police officers believe their job has become more dangerous in light of recent fatal encounters between cops and black people, a poll reveals.

A Pew Research poll released Wednesday surveyed 8,000 male and female officers across the country to get their opinions on policing, the recent protests against officers and their thoughts on using force against civilians.

Eighty-six percent of officers surveyed said the recent high-profile encounters between police and black people have made their jobs more difficult. Only 12 percent believed the encounters did not make a difference.

In light of these encounters, 93 percent of officers are also more fearful for their safety while on the job.

Seventy-six percent of officers said they were more unwilling to use force when necessary, while 72 percent are less willing to stop and question someone who seems suspicious.

Officers also gave their thoughts on the protests surrounding fatal police shootings. Sixty-eight percent of cops believe the protests are due to an anti-police bias. Only 10 percent think that the protesters really want police to be responsible for their actions.

When it comes to the job, some of the officers expressed frustrations with being a cop. Fifty-one percent said being a cop vexed them, while 56 said they had become more callous because of the job. About 66 percent of officers described being verbally abused while on the job by a citizen.”

The little punk bitch cop that put his hands on my wife was warned where all of this was going

This shit isn’t for free anymore

It’s really bad when you start turning the honest law abiding citizens against you

They have turned an ally into an enemy

And I am not a good enemy to have

‘Bully with a badge’ sentenced to prison

The Telegraph By Amy Leigh Womack After one woman accused then-Bibb County sheriff’s deputy Jeffery Brian Prestridge of physical abuse, several more came forward. The women were afraid, even after Prestridge was locked up, that he’d hurt them or their loved ones, prosecutor Nancy Scott Malcor said at a Wednesday court hearing where […]

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You must submit to my Auhtorita!!@! —

Evanston police officers on leave after arresting man collecting signatures Pioneer Press “Two Evanston police officers are on leave and the department has launched an internal investigation after a 24-year-old African-American man was arrested Sunday while collecting signatures to run for local public office, according to Evanston Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan. Devon Reid, 24, was […]

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To Perve: Man alleges that cop who sparked Milwaukee riots raped him

“A Milwaukee police officer who shot and killed a man in August — setting off protests in the city — allegedly sexually assaulted incapacitated victims, tried to pay for sex and snapped nude photos of unsuspecting acquaintances, according to authorities. Dominique Heaggan-Brown, 24, a two-year department veteran who once performed as an amateur rapper, […]

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It seems like certain people did not like me abusing their copyrighted thin blue line flag image

Therefore I have made my own using a 48 star flag image

My desktop scanner

A #2 lead pencil

A strip of blue painters type

So, go ahead and fuck off and take your ball and go home



From my police site

From the comment section on DLJ


“I’m guessing after after looking at quite a few of your “posts”, that you are completely anti law enforcement. I’m also going to make another educated guess that you are for BLM.
Here’s the problem with your “blog”. If McDonalds has 20 employees, and one (1) of them drops your beef patty on the floor, picks it up, puts it on the bun, and gives it to you, does that mean all 3 million McDonalds employees do the same? (It’s probably happened to you if you’ve ate fast food a few times in your life. Or at least, someone has scratched their balls, then touched your food).
You might have been wrongly accused of something you didn’t do. But you’re no better than the cop that arrested you, by falsely saying that all cops are bad, and telling people to fear for their lives when getting pulled over. Police Officers have a stressful job, just because one does wrong doesn’t mean they all do.
Final thought, ( i’m going to guess that you’re on welfare and probably never held on job ever), since you’re so critical of every police officer, why don’t you do some good for the world and become a police officer yourself? Or maybe write a positive post about Police Officers. Like how some of them use their own money (on a very low salary) to buy individuals needed items like food, gas, toys, etc. Have you really ever bought anyone you didn’t know anything to help the out? Only a small percentage of these good deeds the cops do are noticed, 99% of the time you don’t hear about it. But when one stressed out cop loses his temper, the entire liberal United States makes it known that all police officers are evil pigs”

My response

You are quite incorrect about BLM which is based entirely on a false narrative. If you look at the body of material that is here you will see that this is a whole lot more than just a few bad apples. Go back a few pages and look at the compilations of rape, child porn and less than one months worth of arrests. Look at that and realize , when I do these posts I pass up 20 stories just to post one. Jump off of here and go to the CATO institutes police abuse site. That is right, the abuses have gotten so bad that the CATO institute has it’s own site called (BTW, the gentleman who runs that site is the son of a cop who greatly respects his father) Scroll down page one and you will find 114 links to articles and that is less than a 3 week period. Bear in mind that the site has only been there a couple of years and it has 251 pages.These cops are creating a climate of violence and fear and they don’t like it now that it is turning back on them. The people that they are hiring have more in common with wife beaters, bullies and thugs than they do with the common person on the street. As for being on welfare.. Well not quite. I am the one who provides the welfare. Last year I hired a vet who was an M.P. and kept him on for almost a year when I didn’t really need him because his funds had run out. He went on to become a Deputy in my county. Not admitting that there is a problem is being part of the problem. I support and campaign for a local sheriffs candidate. Why? Because he knows there is a problem and will admit it. He is constitutionally minded and is as much concerned about rights as he is law.So, you make a whole lot of assumptions about someone simply because they are anti police abuse. You have to realize that I expose myself to these disgusting degenerates daily through my news feeds. Maybe if you were a little more exposed to it you would be a little less predisposed to fall back on the old “Few bad apples”