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Cops in Minnesota slashed car tires during protests

Having your tires slashed is an infuriating experience, typically followed by a call to the police. But who do you call when it’s the cops doing the slashing? That’s just what’s been happening in Minneapolis, amidst widespread protests there over the death of local resident George Floyd at the hands of police.

Evidence of the police slashings is presented rather plainly In several images and videos posted by Mother Jones. Officers in tactical gear can be seen walking up to cars and stabbing their tires with knives. Many believed these mass tire-slashings were the result of rioters, however, that is not the case. Both the Minnesota State Police and deputies of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department openly admitted to being responsible, saying they were slashing tires under the direction of the state-led Multi-Agency Command Center.


Minneapolis : Third precinct burns


Who is pulling you over ? : MD. Cop arrested after shooting handcuffed man belted in squad car — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Beware; any contact you have with LEO can end either your life or your freedom. Read the following and then ask the question “7 shots ?” That’s right 7 shots into a man who at the very least had his hands cuffed behind his back. Color does not a hero make. Do not trust a […]

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Just a few bad apples : La. Deputy arrested for filming rape after coercing woman to perform sex act on her 1 Yr. old child

You just can’t make up some of the sick. twisted shit that people on power trips will do. From beating old ladies to shooting dogs and children, their is no end to their feeling of self empowerment. Think I am exaggerating? Go to this site’s search bar and enter the term “Rape”. […]

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And one more on cops..


And more on the Heroes


Coward of Broward arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor counts relating to hiding during Parkland Florida shooting

It’s real easy being a tough guy when you are all vested up and dealing with an unarmed person. As long as you have forty others to get your back, being the big dog is fun. Old ladies, teenage girls, speeders and the occasional shop lifter give cops plenty of room to feel empowered […]

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Rained in.. a rare Sunday post ..“I always win in court” : Lying cop who shot Oscar Grant used racial slurs and beat him before shooting him in the back

Now let this sink in…. They had this information in hand when he was charged and went to trial. The cops knew, the D.A knew, the prosecutor knew and so did the judge. They covered the best they could for this state sponsored psychopathic thug….. His only undoing was that there was raw video of […]

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Why I love cops: Cop shoots chihuahua in the head (Graphic)

Why I love cops: Florida police chief sentenced for framing black men for crimes they didn’t commit

MIAMI — The former police chief of a small Florida city will serve three years in prison for a conspiracy in his department to frame black men for crimes they did not commit. A federal judge in Miami imposed the sentence Tuesday on ex-Biscayne Park chief Raimundo Atesiano, who had faced a maximum 10-year sentence.

Three other former officers have also pleaded guilty in the case, which centered around efforts by Atesiano to improve his department’s crime-solving rate.

Atesiano’s lawyer says the victims were not randomly selected but were known to police as having criminal pasts. The judge allowed Atesiano to remain free for two weeks before surrendering so he can care for his mother, who is dying of leukemia, according to The Miami Herald.

“When I took the job, I was not prepared,” Atesiano told the judge, the newspaper reported. “I made some very, very bad decisions.”

Prosecutors say the crimes for which black people were falsely arrested included burglaries and vehicle break-ins.

Two ex-officers were sentenced to a year each in prison, while the third got just over two years behind bars.

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Scumbag James Comey : Just another lying cop

“Washington (CNN)James Comey used a personal Gmail account for official government business while FBI director, after leading the investigation into the Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the Justice Department’s inspector general said Thursday.

The report contains several examples, including times Comey sent himself drafts of a testimony he planned to deliver to Congress and drafts of bureau-wide updates he planned to send to mark milestones during the year.
Using personal email for work purposes is “inconsistent” with DOJ policy, given a lack of “exigent circumstances and the frequency” at which the use occurred, the report says.”

Cop arrested in Golden state killings

Fucking scumbag cop; Go figure

“SACRAMENTO — The ex-police officer charged with a dozen murders across California appeared before a judge Monday, walking into court for the first time after previously appearing in a wheelchair.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, is charged with 12 murders in four counties that have been linked to the assailant known variously as the Golden State Killer, the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker. He has not entered pleas to any of the charges.

At Monday’s hearing, Judge Michael Sweet of Sacramento County Superior Court said a motion by several media outlets, including The Chronicle, to release arrest and search warrant records will be taken up May 29. The defense is seeking to keep the records sealed.”

“DeAngelo allegedly committed 12 murders and dozens of rapes from 1976 to 1986, a period that included years when he was a police officer in Placer and Tulare counties. Prosecutors have not decided whether to charge him with any of the rapes as they sort out whether the statute of limitations has run out.

In Sacramento County, DeAngelo is accused of shooting a young couple near their Rancho Cordova home in 1978 as they walked their dog. Detectives said Air Force Sgt. Brian Maggiore and Katie Maggiore were shot and killed seemingly at random.”

“After 40 years, we never thought it would be solved,” said Deanne Helton, a family friend of the Maggiores who attended Monday’s hearing. “It’s just been unreal.”

Detectives arrested DeAngelo last month after they plugged DNA evidence found at a murder scene into an open-sourced genealogy website to identify relatives. Investigators then narrowed the field of possible suspects using factors such as the presumed age and geography of the serial killer and rapist.”

‘I can’t breathe’: Asheville police video shows white officer beating, choking black jaywalking suspect

Another scumbag cop busted by body cam. No wonder they turn them off and mute them all the time. This is typical behavior for the boys in blue. The officer (Suspect) very non chalantly describes to his superior how he bashed him in the face with the Taser “Just about as hard as I could; […]

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Yeah, it’s my fault because I own an AR 15


The coward of Broward : Sheriff Scott Israel has heated exchange with reporter

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel frequently spoke to the media in the hours after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, but following a tumultuous interview on CNN in late February, he has rarely has spoken to the press since.

“The Florida sheriff who’s dodged the media amid heavy criticism of his department’s handling of the Parkland school shooting appeared agitated this week when a reporter asked if he will ever take responsibility.

In the hours following the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel frequently appeared on television channels and news websites, as he criticized everyone from local politicians to the NRA to one of his own officers for failing to respond.

But after calls to resign from lawmakers due to a failure to notice warning signs regarding the shooter, a rocky interview on CNN in late February and the subsequent release of a video showing Broward Deputy Scot Peterson standing idle outside the high school as the attack unfolded, Israel has kept away from the media — until he was tracked down earlier this week by WPLG Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman.

“How do you have time to politick when you got all these problems?” Norman asks Israel as he’s seen leaving a meeting of the Weston Democratic Club.

“As I’ve said before, your stories have never been balanced,” Israel responds, adding he is “very disappointed” with the reporter.

“This isn’t about me sheriff,” Norman says, cutting Israel off. “I’m sorry this isn’t about me. No. There’s 17 dead people…You haven’t heard about the country being disappointed in you and the BSO?”

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The tables are turned: Fake cop pulls over and shoots real cop

Well now, if you are a cop, it really makes you want to pull over doesn’t it? How does the shoe fit the other foot?

“Kentucky State police said Decoursey was impersonating an officer when he tried to pull over 38-year-old Hopkinsville officer Phillip Meacham Thursday afternoon. Police said he shot and killed the officer, then fled on foot before taking off in a pickup truck.”

Next time you need a cop— call the NFL

That is the dumb ass comment I got the last time I posted a compilation of scum bag cops that had been arrested

No, the next time you need a cop, call this asshole or one of his buddies

Don’t be a copsucker

Hero is a deed, not a color


“A former Baltimore police detective shared revealing testimony Wednesday about the crimes committed by members of an elite gun squad.

It’s the first time details of the corruption that went on were made public. Momodu Gondo pleaded guilty earlier this month to robbery and overtime fraud, and now he’s a government witness in a drug case.

Gondo, who is nicknamed “G-Money,” laid out in detail on Wednesday what members of the Gun Trace Task Force were really doing under the color of law.

In a clear, steady voice, Gondo described for a federal jury how he used his position as a Baltimore police officer to steal money and drugs, and lie to cover his crimes.

Prosecutor: “Did you rob citizens when you executed search warrants?”

Gondo: “Yes.”

Prosecutor: “What did you steal?”

Gondo: “U.S. currency, drugs, firearms.”

Prosecutor: “How much did you steal?”

Gondo: “Over $100,000 probably.”

Gondo is one of eight former members of the gun squad who were indicted on federal corruption charges. He shed new light on how easily they stole overtime, saying, “Half the squad might be off, the other half working. If they got a gun, we all got paid.”

Now a witness for the government, Gondo described how he used his police power to hook up with and protect an accused drug dealer, one of his friends. He and his partner, Jemell Rayam, who testified Wednesday afternoon, teamed up with an accused dealer to pull off a home invasion of another drug dealer in 2015. Why Rayam?

“Home invasions were his M.O. He had experience running into people’s homes to rob,” Gondo said.

Rayam also pleaded guilty in the federal corruption case earlier this month.

Gondo said a Baltimore police tracking device was used to know when the home invasion target was away. Money and drugs were taken, and some of the drugs were later sold in a nursing home.”

Heroes in blue : Rape, child porn, theft, beatings- Compilation of cops arrested 10/10/2017

Hey kids! They’re back! Those wacky boys and girls in blue are once again here to grace the pages of the news reports. Just a few bad apples right? Yeah, sure thing, just read on. Page after page and offense after offense. And just remember this….. The day before they were busted they may have […]

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Police Union Complains That Public Got to See Them Roughing Up Utah Nurse

“The head of the Salt Lake Police Association has watched the country’s outrage over the videos showing a nurse getting arrested for refusing to draw a man’s blood without a warrant and has decided the correct response is to complain that the public got to see what its officers did.

Union head Stephen Hartney sent a letter to the city’s mayor and police chief to complain video of the brief arrest of nurse Alex Wubbels has made “pariahs” of Det. Jeff Payne and his watch commander at the time of the incident, Lt. James Tracy.

Wubbels became an insta-celebrity on Labor Day weekend after she released police body camera footage showing Payne very forcefully arresting her at University of Utah Hospital because she refused his demand that she draw blood from an unconscious victim of a nasty high-speed car crash. The patient, William Gray, was not a suspect, nor involved in the chase, and Payne didn’t have a warrant. Wubbels, surrounded by staff at the hospital, explained that she was not permitted to draw the man’s blood. Payne arrested her, in what appeared on video to be sheer frustration at having been defied.

Payne and Tracy have been placed on leave while the case was investigated. A couple of weeks ago the city revealed an internal investigation and a civilian review board determined the two officers violated department policies.

Hartney this week complained the police body camera footage should not have been publicly released until the investigation was completed. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

The letter said the union was, at this point, not arguing or even discussing the merits of the allegations raised against the officers. “Rather we are solely concerned… with the ‘investigatory process’ which we believe has been corrupted.”

The letter claims the city has not followed an “agreed upon and carefully scripted process” for investigating the conduct of police officers. At the news conference, Hartney focused on if the city should have released the footage so soon under the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), considering the release could have interfered with the internal affairs investigation.

The release of the body cam footage and information from the disciplinary investigation “has created a public furor which makes reasoned determinations difficult, if not impossible,” the letter states.

The city, however, didn’t release the videos. It agreed to a request by Wubbels to release the footage to her, following the law Hartney referenced. The city said it had no good reason to deny the video footage to Wubbels.

The two officers weren’t even put on administrative leave until after Wubbels went public with the video footage.”

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Police shooting body count: 633 citizens killed so far in 2017

White – 254 Black – 137 Hispanic – 97 Other – 18 Unknown – 127 Body camera present – 63 Body camera not present – 570 Under 18 – 29 18 – 29 – 192 30 – 44 – 215 >44 – 166 Unknown- 41 Male – 607 Female – 26 There […]

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