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Stop resisting!!! Aviation Police Officers who Forcibly Removed United Passenger fired for lying on report

“Two aviation police officers who were captured on video April 9 forcibly removing a passenger from a packed United Airlines flight in Chicago have been fired after video of the incident went viral around the world, showing the passenger bloody and bruised.

The reason: they lied in their reports about the incident.

Footage from another passenger’s cell phone camera shows the officers dragging 69-year-old Dr. David Dao by his arms and legs down the aisle and off the plane bound for Louisville, Kentucky before it departed the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Dao suffered a broken nose and lost teeth during the incident, which sparked widespread public outrage.

Now, Dao’s attorney says there’s a lesson to be learned for the fired officers.

“It is unfortunate the conduct of these two city aviation employees has resulted in their losing their jobs,” Dao’s attorney Thomas Demetria said in a statement.

“There is a lesson to be learned here for police officers at all levels. Do not state something that is clearly contrary to video viewed by the world,” Demetrio explained. “But for the video, the filed report stating that only ‘minimal’ force was used would have been unnoticed.”

A City of Chicago of Inspector General Investigation found aviation security employees made “misleading statements and deliberately removed material facts from their reports.”

Acting on the inspector general’s findings, the aviation department recommended firing the officer “who improperly escalated the incident.”

Officials said the sergeant “involved in the deliberate removal of facts from an employee report” was also fired.

“The use of excessive force caused the passenger to hit his face on an armrest, resulting in a concussion, a broken nose and the loss of two teeth,” aviation officials”

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Heroes in blue: Compilation of cops arrested 9/22/2017

San Francisco Police Officer Arrested On Misdemeanor Charges CBS San Francisco Bay Area–10 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco police officer was arrested Thursday and charged with using false vehicle registration stickers … SFPD Officer arrested, charged with filing false police report Mission Local–9 hours ago View all Lawyer: Utah […]

via Heroes in blue: Compilation of cops arrested 9/22/2017 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

Dallas’ interim police chief fires 4 employees, including officer charged in fatal shooting

Wow! What a bunch of degenerates these guys are. Child abuse, failure to render aid, aggravated assault and lying. But where the problem lies is that they are just now getting fired. These are long time “Heroes” who have been on the force for decades. Only now under media scrutiny for blowing the Holy Hell […]

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Compilation of lying cops 6-22-2017

It is not a few bad apples. It is the very nature of the person who wishes to be in the position of control. Normal people do not wish to control others at the threat of death or arrest. “I joined to help people”. My ass; You joined because you wanted power and control and […]

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To serve : Five Inglewood cops who killed unconscious couple fired

Surely when the truth comes out we will find out that they all feared for their life and they will be vindicated. Maybe, knowing that they were sleeping in a bad neighborhood, the couple had painted eyeballs on their eyelids with marker. How else can you explain the volley of bullets unleashed by these fearless […]

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Lying cop fakes body cam footage; Prosecutors drop charges

Believe me when I say this; You are never safe when you have an encounter with LEO. They will lie, cheat, steal and make fake body cam videos to prosecute you. It is not the gun nor the badge that makes them dangerous. It is the man. It is the type of person who chooses […]

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To serve: Cop with K9 forces man to jump from rooftop

This is what happens when cops begin to think that they are better than those that they serve. This is the action, not of a public servant, but rather a domestic warrior carrying on a fight against corrupt citizenry. The cop, pictured below, gets to now become what he hated so much. Hopefully some other […]

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