It’s time. Stand up

4 responses to “It’s time. Stand up

  1. Ok…wanna force the issue? There’s room for Michael’s at the bottom too. The corporate handlers that force these companies to chase social credit scores are the enemy of society.

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  2. Nigh two yrs ago I went into a Target look for a road atlas. The place gave me the creeps. The store was well lit, things in order. But it was a pervasive feeling of ill ease. I think it was how the ailes seemed to funnel into the women’s ‘beauty’ section.

    Sounds weird, I know, but all of that homo promotion is weird. And evil.


  3. I quit shopping at Target back when they adopted their gender-neutral restroom policy. Using public restrooms is bad enough without having to deal with some psychotic guy in a dress and a wig using the ladies room.


  4. Just turned off my Target account:

    Go Woke, Go Broke………


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