Holy redneck shit, Batman…

8 responses to “Holy redneck shit, Batman…

  1. A twofer, takes some skill to do that shit. I bet the driver of that car is still going “WTFF?”

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  2. I bet the driver of that car is stone cold dead. And this looks like a very good reason to have a curb scraping air damn on the front of your car.


  3. Also, while the durability of the truck’s aftermarket rims is impressive, those tires may have been illegally wide – exposed tread is a no-no in some states – and the rims obviously were not mounted properly. Super wide tires put stress on all the parts around them. Trucks like that usually has 6 bolt hubs. A rim does not simply fall off. But the axle nut can come undone if it isn’t pinned, and (if that’s a GM truck) the new design axle nut uses barely half the torque of the old nut; using the earlier torque can shatter the nut. So either piss poor maintenance/install or it’s photoshopped.


  4. guessing he bought cheap offsets for his wheels


  5. yeah, that tire is definitely gloating, gleefully.


  6. First off, I’m never ever driving a car with initials that mean killed in action.


  7. That’ll buff out.


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