#Denver schools removed cops, want them back after school shooting

How about the cops stop being asshole cops and just guard the building they are in and it’s occupants? Don’t cower when shooters come and don’t abuse those you are hired to protect. Is that too much to ask? (Short answer yes, hire private security)

In 2019, Denver Public Schools safety officials handcuffed a seven-year-old at a Green Valley Ranch elementary school. Police pointed a gun at a teacher during a search at Rise Up Community School in 2018, prompting students to stop attending class as they didn’t feel safe.

Tools like metal detectors gave officers the chance to search a student’s belongings and catch them for small infractions that sometimes led to arrests or worse.

Black and Latino children were statistically the most likely to face consequences, ranging from tickets to arrests, and so justice-minded parents and advocates successfully pushed to remove those officers from schools in 2020, arguing that police were not actually keeping kids safe in the classroom.

But after Wednesday, when a 17-year-old East High school student, who had a previous weapons charge and had been expelled from Cherry Creek’s Overland High, shot two deans at East High School and later killed himself, parents, students and educators are asking how officials can keep them safe while at school.

5 responses to “#Denver schools removed cops, want them back after school shooting

  1. I can’t think of any particular reason you would want your kid in public school in the first place.

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  2. Yet another reason to homeschool, as if more reasons are needed.


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