Rolling stone Magazine covered up for Perv editor raided for child sex abuse

An NPR report documented how the Rolling Stone misled readers on a story about an FBI raid on a prominent journalist’s house by hiding accusations of child sex abuse against the reporter.

The Rolling Stone report implied that the April 2 raid on the home of ABC News national security producer James Gordon Meek might be a case of the government going after journalists out of political motivation.

The report from October lionized Meek, who had worked for ABC News since 2013 but left the organization after the raid and had a book deal cancelled.

Almost a year later, it was revealed that Meek was being investigated for child sex abuse, and NPR says the Rolling Stone covered up the information.

“Why did Rolling Stone suggest Meek was targeted for his coverage of national security, rather than something unrelated to his journalism?” asked NPR reporter David Folkenflik.

Folkenflik documented from many sources that Rolling Stone editor in chief Noah Shachtman appeared to influence the framing of the story to mislead readers.

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