#Biden mocks the Irish on St. Patrick’s day

“I’ve been to Ireland many times, but not to actually look up, to find my actual family members and there are so many, and they actually weren’t in jail,” Biden, a lifelong grifter and criminal said to laughs.

“I’m the only Irishman you ever met, though, that’s never had a drink, so I’m okay. I’m really not Irish,” Biden said.

Fuck you Biden. I am Irish and my ancestors were arrested, imprisoned and hung in every revolt in Ireland. Not to profit as you do off of the lives of other people, but to fight oppression and tyranny for the freedom of their home land, so their wives, mothers and children could live in peace. Fuck you and your life of state privilege. Laugh while you can, you rotten bastard. May the rest of the enemies of the Irish meet you in Hell.

11 responses to “#Biden mocks the Irish on St. Patrick’s day

  1. I’m not a Yank, Jay, but one of my Grams came from Ireland before even the Seperation at independence. I hope that your wish for Biden comes true, and I also wish that it happens while he is mentally competent to understand what is happening to him, and why.

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  2. Wild, wild west

    Richard Harris on the English in Ireland, you’ll want to fast forward to about the 2:25 mark:

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  3. There was a book written about “The Troubles”, 30 or so years ago, that detailed that war throughout last century. I can’t remember the title. The book was 5″ thick. Took me a month or so to get through it reading an hour or so every day.

    The men that fought on the side of the IRA, were some of the most ruthless people ever written about. Not without justification, in most cases. The English Army were out and out bastards, at least as portrayed in the book, committing as many or more crimes as the IRA.

    I traveled to England on business in the early 90’s. I had to wait for the rest of the people in my party to arrive at Heathrow. During the wait, about every five minutes or so, an announcement came over the PA system to beware of any unattended bags that may have been left in the open or stuffed under a unoccupied chair and to report it to the nearest ticket counter. Kinda sobering.


  4. Read Leon Uris’s book “Trinity”. And Fuck joe biden and all the rest of his family as well.


  5. You forgot to say Fuck Biden.


  6. Stewart Hawkins

    I was amused to hear a couple of Irish friends refer to some Americans as ” plastic paddies”. I asked what they meant by it. They told me it refers to people who have ancestors (or claim to) from Ireland but have never lived there and probably had never visited either. The plastic paddies were mainly American they said.


    • Those “Plastic Paddies” funded the Irish revolution and the IRA for many years. That funding bought as much Irish freedom as did Irish blood, BTW, my ancestors hailed out of County Cork. They came to America in 1748. My Grandfather to nth power and his brother fought so meritoriously in the revolutionary war that they were award 150,00 acres of land in Georgia .


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