Who wore it better?

5 responses to “Who wore it better?

  1. That’s DOCTOR Taco, to you, loser.

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  2. Just don’t ask which one tastes better, OK?

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  3. The burrito definitely wins.

    Pretty sad when a real person has worse fashion sense than the fictitious character Dr. Amy Farrah-Fowler on “Big Bang Theory” played by Mayim Bialik. She was just frumpy. She never wore drapery, wallpaper, or table cloths like “Dr.” Jill

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  4. …and the left criticized Melania Trump, for what.

    At least Melania had the decorum to stay in the background like almost all previous First Lady’s. It seems to be the wives of Demonrat presidents for some reason. Recent of note in the almost category, Hitlery and Moochelle.

    WTH is Jill Bribem doing hosting at the Grammies? Is Mrs. Bribem auditioning for a TV gig after Joe leaves office? Game show host? That’d be about her speed.

    Maybe she thinks she’s going to follow in Jen Spitaki’s footsteps and get a gig with CNN, MSDNC or any of the rest of the loser networks. Like the Bribems need another salary in their retirement years despite the laundered billions in grift that they’ve acquired over the years. Oh wait, they’re SO POOR they just had to take out a loan on the beach house.

    Come on man, er Jill! Get a freakin’ grip.

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  5. At least you could eat the burrito…..


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