Time to say “No”

State employees receive death threats after news of sex offenders moving into Tenino home

ENINO, Wash. — Employees related to a transitional home in Tenino that recently received pushback after news it may house multiple sex offenders are now receiving death threats, according to Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO).

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Up to five Level 3 sex offenders who have completed their prison sentence could move into the two-story home as soon as this week. That news caused a public outcry which led community members to speak online and at meetings due to the fact that Level 3 sex offenders are considered most likely to re-offend.

Residents told KOMO News they learned about the Less Restrictive Alternative (LRA) and its potential residents via a community Facebook post on Jan. 11, nearly three weeks before the offenders would be able to move in. LRA houses residents by court order who are approved for homes like the one in Tenino to serve out their civil commitment.


12 responses to “Time to say “No”

  1. This is a two layered issue. One if they have served their penance and are rehabilitated then there should be no restrictions placed upon them. Two if they are unable to be rehabilitated then they are mentally deficient therefore they belong in some kind of an insane asylum. My thought is turn them over to the families that have been harmed and let justice prevail. And my final thought why the outrage when child raping fagots are permitted to spread their legs exposing their genitals to children and signs that display “it won’t lick itself”. As if moral outrage exist anymore.

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  2. Looks like a pile of soot, waiting to happen.


    • There was one of those moving into our county. Our Sheriff assembled the citizens at a meeting with about 2000 people present, showed everyone where is was and how to get to it through the woods. He also informed us how fire trucks could never get there in time. The developers cancelled the project

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  3. Two months after moving into our house, a “clean and sober living facility” popped up in the house across the street. There was no safety net for the people of the neighborhood. There was no discussion; no chance for the people who LIVED in the neighborhood to voice opposition. These people just settled on in; nine halfway housers in a 1800 square foot house. Before long, there were people coming and going from the place all day long. One of the residents actually engaged in “he-in’ and she-in” right there on the front lawn. We chased another one off who just decided to set up camp in her car in front of the place. The sheriff became a regular visitor to the neighborhood. He told me “I never knew this street existed before this place opened.” Things went downhill from there. The halfway house finally closed, its proprietor having died of, you guessed it, a drug overdose. By that time though, the neighborhood had been “discovered.” Section Eight renters moved in, including one who was running drugs and whores out of “his” place. We bailed. We had to leave to make room for this “vibrant” community’s expansion.

    I don’t blame the people who live around these “transitional” facilities! I’d be right there protesting with them if I lived there!

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  4. Strong men make strong communities . Cower and so it shale be.

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  5. burn the place to the ground, with them in it.


  6. Personally, I think the death threats were too much. They should’ve been threatened to have to endure an intimate visit from every one of those perverts.


  7. “Night & Fog” is a better style of community opposition. Allows proposed occupants something to think about.


  8. These things can only Happen with the ‘government’ doing them.
    Pursuing those ‘government employees’ and making them feel Unwanted in the Community is the way to Stop it. I’m Surprised that none of the ‘government officials’ involved in allowing the ‘fag queen story hour’ stuff have no been treated… appropriately.


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