Nice time is over

6 responses to “Nice time is over

  1. Some friends and I watched the Trump speech in SC yesterday and we watched with utter disgust and disbelief as Trump vowed yet again to “drain the swamp” and then added in a bonus “go after RINOs” while he had a huge warmongering RINO hack standing to his left (Lindsey Graham) grinning from ear to ear and then introduced another one, Joe Wilson. You might remember Wilson from when he yelled “You lie!” to Barack Obama then meekly apologized a day or so later. Drain the swamp? Go after RINOs?

    # Not Buying It

    And spare me the “keep your friends close & your enemies closer” BS, it was a line from The Godfather. We’re talking about our country, not some Hollywood movie.


  2. Yep. More of the same


  3. This particular T&F doesn’t look too awful bad – looks to be fully clothed and also appears to be wearing some head and face protec…
    Uhh — never mind

    But seriously, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether republican or democrat, it’s all part of the same snake.


  4. Come on baby, light my fire.


  5. Whoever wrote the sign misspelled Demonrat.

    They call us Nazi’s, racists and all kinds of other vile descriptors at their whim which is OK according to them.

    It’s time Demonrat enters the Lexicon for them.

    They are, for the most part, EVIL after all, thus Demon before Rat.

    ‘Course the reason it’s NOT in the general lexicon for descriptors of them is social media and the MSM would ban it as “failing community standards” or some such invented BS to suppress free speech, not to mention them having a general meltdown hissy fit over “language”.


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