The hidden cost of inflation

5 responses to “The hidden cost of inflation

  1. I noticed the same thing recently. Rolls used to fit on the roll holder with maybe an 1/8″ space on each side. So, I measured one. Rolls from before the Covid TP shortage were 4.5″ wide (I have an old one left in the back of the closet where I store my TP). Newer rolls purchased after TP became readily available again are now 4.0″ wide.

    Kleenex, I buy the store brand, is the same. The box is bigger than the tissues inside. The tissues now measure 6×7″. The box, same size as it always was, is 9″ long.


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  2. Notice that the hole is bigger also.


  3. Wait for the “hair cut” at your local bank.


  4. Downsizing! It’s screwed up so many of my wife’s recipes that it isn’t funny. For most of her recipes that use cake mix as a base, I have to keep an extra box on hand of each variety she uses. When she goes to make it, I have to measure out 3 oz of additional mix from the open extra to makeup the difference. Otherwise the mix is 17% short of what it needs to be to be in proper proportion to the other ingredients. They downsized from 18.25 oz to 15.25 oz several years ago.

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  5. Maybe it took the pandemic toilet paper “shortage” for more folks to notice, but the downsizing has been going on since before Covid. This is one reason why there are now so many different sized rolls; jumbo, mega, double mega, ultra jumbo mega, not to mention thicknesses and strengths. It’s all a con to sell you less for more. Used to be one physical size, one or two ply, and a standard number of sheets per roll. Now it’s almost impossible to comparison shop; the packages ought to list how many grams of tissue are in the package and the shelf sticker should list price per gram. That would settle the whole thing.

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