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11 responses to “More from Disney

  1. And those of us that might’ve been customers of Disney are happy to tell you to FOAD

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  2. People like Mr. Iger need to have a sudden tragic fatal accident.


  3. Iger you can stick your gun control in the same place that Gov DeSantis stuck your tax free gig and tranny pedophile park attendants. How’d that work out for you?

    Oh, lost a couple billion this year? Sucks to be on the wrong side of politics don’t it?


  4. I’m willing to bet that Richard Head owns several firearms. and of course, has a 24/7 private security.


  5. You’d have fewer Freedoms with out guns and might be speaking a foreign language without them. See Pol Pot, Castro and or Maduro for examples. BTW who’s the first the tyrants decimate?


  6. That place was always too gay for me, and I remember when it was more like an amusement park where you had to stand in line for ticket’s and Space Mountain was the latest in rides. I wish a damn sink hole would swallow that fagot rodeo in.


  7. That Corporate Americas Biggest Problem….
    They gulped the Idea of The Village BS.
    They are nothing more than Leftwing Activists.

    As for Disney the Globohomo Palace…


  8. Push it up your ass PEDO.


  9. Reason # 1,093,173,993 that I will never go to another Disney park or buy their crap.


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