German police arrest 25 suspects in plot to overthrow state

In a nationwide raid, 25 suspected members and supporters of a terrorist organization in Germany were arrested early Wednesday.

Officials said the network, part of a wider right-wing movement, was already well established with a concrete plan to overthrow the German state by force and install a new government.

What we know so far

The raids were announced by Germany’s federal prosecution agency and German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann. The minister said the investigations were directed against a suspected terrorist network with known ties to the Reichsbürger movement. He said that the raids had taken place on individuals suspected of planning an armed attack on state institutions.

“The suspicion exists that an armed attack on constitutional organs was planned,” Buschmann wrote.

6 responses to “German police arrest 25 suspects in plot to overthrow state

  1. Was it started in a beer hall?


  2. Those pesky “Far Right” boogeyman are at it again huh? Ha!
    Another feeble attempt by the Globalist to force feed you shit and tell you it’s sugar.


  3. Stewart Hawkins

    This will be total crap to cover up the police state takeover.


  4. Sure. Like 25, or even 100 people could overthrow a government in a violent coup. This is dumber than the Whitmer kidnapping plot. The mainstream media was also sure to call them far-right white nationalists, with ties to the Qanon movement. What a joke. Jan 6th style media circus and show-trials are incoming, and the obedient populace will do whatever they are told…


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