Meanwhile in Brazil….

They are not giving it up. Reports are that ships are backlogged in the port unable to be off loaded.

Truckers all across the country are striking and farmers aren’t bringing their goods to market.

In the meantime the US media has instituted a near total black out

3 responses to “Meanwhile in Brazil….

  1. Our media is worthless, but we all know that.


  2. …media blackout… funny how that works. One might think that .gov and their media minions don’t want the contagion to spread. Big, BIG unrest in China, too over lock downs. They are reporting that to embarrass Xi.


  3. It’s on ! Big prayers for our global brother’s and sister’s. I’ve been watching Brazil and Pakistan and Indio-China closely. God save these people because their on the right side of history. We’re next ! The global elitist are anticipating our reaction they are determined to genocide us by any means. Please keep in mind the banks have all turned into IRS snitches now. Maybe Florida might have to set up their own monetary funds to set up banks in the state. I’m not and will never be comfortable with people snooping about my private finances.


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