Walmart manager opens fire on employees

Seven people are confirmed dead following a shooting at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, where a gunman – believed to be the store manager – opened fire just days before Thanksgiving. 

According to witnesses at the scene, one of the managers entered the break room and started shooting at people inside the Sam’s Circle Walmart, located just off Battlefield Boulevard, at around 10.10pm on Tuesday night.

Police said the gunman was dead when they arrived on the scene but did not confirm whether he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound – though a Walmart employee claimed the shooter turned the gun on himself.

First responders found multiple deceased victims when they arrived at the scene as well as several wounded. One victim’s dead body was discovered outside, beside the store’s entrance.

The official Chesapeake city social media account said there were seven confirmed fatalities, citing police sources. Chesapeake police is preparing to give more details in a press conference on Wednesday morning at 8am ET.

5 responses to “Walmart manager opens fire on employees

  1. So, is going postal now changed to going Walmart?


  2. Does it fit the pattern of more wounded than dead? Not from what I read, even though early reports are the shooter was a ginger.


  3. Well, THAT didn’t take long…


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