Turkey went on the smoker at 10:00 PM sharp

He’s a little guy at only 14 Lbs.

I injected brine with garlic in the breast and soaked it overnight in a seasoned brine solution

Now it is over cherry in the smoker which should top out in a couple of hours at 180

By around noon tomorrow I should be ready to bump the temp up to 250

The wife has made pies from some of her double apple canned stuff from the other night

Steamed and buttered cauliflower

Cornbread stuffing with cranberries and walnuts

And canned (Yes canned) yams. Even though I have a tub of sweet potatoes growing, none have been harvested and cured yet


Happy Thanksgiving all. Truly be happy for what you have in the here and now; It may not be here tomorrow

Feast and enjoy what you can with your family

My best regards to all of you

10 responses to “Turkey went on the smoker at 10:00 PM sharp

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! I get a rare day off tomorrow so it’s the single old guy’s traditional Thanksgiving 7 course meal for me…turkey sammich & a 6 pack. Thanks for the daily stop!

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  2. …and the same to you Jay.

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  3. YUM !
    10 lb prime rib here !!

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  4. Sounds delicious! We’re having Surf & Turf. Just doing our part to eliminate the cow farts that are supposedly destroying the planet. Or something….

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  5. rightwingterrorist

    A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Just finished making stuffing, gibblets and all.


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  6. Ham for me this year. Good Regards back to you, and also for everyone that stops by in your corner of the electrons.

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  7. Had a wonderful stress free dinner with good company. And a God bless to P2.


  8. Wife and I are having dinner with friends from the Caribbean. Doing island style Thanksgiving barbecue.


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