Irony : Cops being cops

An off-duty Vermont sheriff’s deputy was shot multiple times by local police responding to an early-morning altercation Sunday in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Deputy Vito Caselnova IV, the off-duty deputy, was apparently involved in some kind of argument with a group of people in the small town about 35 miles north of Albany, WTEN-TV reported.

James Montagnino, the Saratoga Springs commissioner of public safety, said in a Sunday afternoon news conference that Caselnova and a group of people got into a verbal disagreement around 3 a.m. The fight became physical when Caselnova was knocked into a parked car, WTEN added.

After that, Caselnova allegedly showed that he was armed with a gun.

Another person involved in the fight was also reportedly armed. Montagnino reported that seven or eight shots were allegedly fired between Caselnova and the other person.

Saratoga Springs police were nearby and heard the shots, WTEN reported.

Montagnino said that when officers ran up the hill and around the corner to the scene of the incident, according to the body cam footage, they saw Caselnova standing on the sidewalk “and moving from side to side, pointing the gun.”

The police officers “[r]epeatedly, loudly, direct the deputy, ‘Drop the gun. Get on the ground,’” Montagnino said.

The Vermont deputy allegedly ignored these instructions. As he turned with the gun in his hand, the police fired on him, Montagnino said.

The whole incident was less than a minute long, he added. The officers then rushed to give aid to the injured.

“And by the end of that minute, our officers are providing aid to both the individual who was apparently shot by the deputy and is lying on Broadway, and they also provide aid to the Vermont deputy as well,” Montagnino added.

Caselnova ended up with 10 bullet wounds.

4 responses to “Irony : Cops being cops

  1. I’d like to know the hit %. Did they cumulatively fire 100 rounds? Wouldn’t doubt it. Surprised they didn’t hit a few bystanders and a dog or 2.


  2. Make sure all the shooting is done, all the right people good and dead, all the other people somewhere safe, the gun cleaned, freshly loaded, re-holstered, before calling the cops. If possible, simply walk off and let the cops figure it out by themselves. For fuck sake, having cops roll up on an active shooting scene is more hazardous than having cops never show up.


  3. As far as cops are concerned ANYONE not wearing a uniform and badge is automatically a bad guy….and they act accordingly. Plain clothes cops get shot…and killed…by uniforms… Frequently. When your only tool is a gun every problem requires you shoot it.

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  4. Cop’s being cop’s doing what they do best, I guess he shouldn’t have resisted. The price you pay for not following a lawful order. No tears for any of them. Clowns with badges.


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