Fag flick “Bros” Flops at box office

Who the Fuck would have ever expected?

8 responses to “Fag flick “Bros” Flops at box office

  1. Yeah that’s because normal people are still in the majority (96%) and do not want to watch two sodomites, go figure. 🖕

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  2. The continual bombardment of gay theology [yeah,It’s a religion now] is working on the normies . Many churches in my backwater flyover hill country homestead are flying the rainbow colors . Trouble is these ignorant hill folk just keep on either stealing or burning those darned signs . Can’t we all just get along ? ANSWER: NO! I ain’t sucking no weiner dude ! You ain’t pokin’ me in the pooper ! Homey don’t do that sheeeit !


  3. After all of the negative press going back a decade and a half or more, about the woke propaganda from Hollyweird, you’d think they’d get the message. They should rename Hollyweird to Dumb f**ks are us.


  4. Yeah, even when/if that comes out on DVD/Streaming I’m going to take a hard pass on buggery.


  5. They are vain, stupid, conniving, whore’s that will lay down for anything. The entertainer’s are part of “Bread and Circus.” Technically they are over paid gypsy’s . Their very livelihood depends on how well they can deceive people into believing in their charade. And how are they a national treasure somehow ? Oh am I talking about politician’s or actor’s hard to separate the two.


  6. Oh I forgot just turn the clown show off . Say bye to it all and just be human and only deal with human’s. It’s time now really turn it off and tear it down; this is war. Not for one moment give them quarter.


  7. I liked it better when the homosexuals in Hollywood hid their proclivities and became pretty good actors.

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